Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brainwashing ....

Ooh deep! Well, not really, but maybe. LOL.
I was just thinking on my was home today about music, and how much I love it, and crave it, and thrive or wither under it's influence.
This month is a tough one for me, from past experience and recent events, people lost at this time of year, and events that changed me ... I tend to get introspective, withdrawn, and frequently dip back into the depression mode for a while. I know it's coming, I try to ward it off, but somehow, it just always surprises me. Music soothes the soul!

Brainwashing, where was I going? Ah yes, I am a firm believer in GOD, I do things in my faith walk now, not because I should, not because it is 'godly' or 'Christian' or even expected of me, but because I believe God wants me to, I believe that in an effort to give my kids a home that speaks His name, does His will, and wants to follow Him for Life, I need to have some 'brainwashing' going on. Lemme splain, :)

TV ... growing up, (well it a Loooong story, so i sum THAT up ) but it was a *bit* strict in my house, also, we had lots of kids, one working parent, not alot of spare money, and lived in rural NH. These things all added up to minimal TV. Partly due to content, mostly due to a lack of channels. We watched PBS mostly, and I must say, it served me well! Levar Burton gave me a love of books. Mr rogers taught me to zipper my own coat, and that my imagination was a gift to be treasured, Sesame Street, oh c'mon it taught us all LOTS! When we were younger, and in a bigger town, we watched cartoons, care bears and Gi Joe, and so on, but yeah PBS was our mainstay for most of our life, and seriously, growing up didn't know we were "missing out" on anything. My initial thought with my kids, was "Let them eat cake!' Give them all kinds of TV. I mean after all, look at what we have now! Nick Jr and Disney and on and on.... but ahh yeah, problems! First of all, commercial hell! My kids got into the "Mom look at THAT toy! I want it! I GOTTA have THAT toy! "
now it is .... "I want that for my birthday" ..or..."Maybe mom, someday on Christmas?" or ... "do you think Santa knows about THAT Barbie? Or Lego set or ... AH ENOUGH!!" The things they teach on some of these "kids" shows, good greif! Sponge Bob is of the devil, I would let my kid watch the evil purple Dino over that nasty creation of filth. :P Even young drama, like Hannah Montana have dating themes and jokes that I don't want my kids to get! GEEZ!
PBS, you have always been good to me! :) Now, we watch PBS, Samantha watches Disney in the mornings, no commercials, well precious few anyway.

MOVIES .... classics, so many old movies my kids have not seen, so much to catch up on. We like to stick to Disney, good classic themes, good role models, always parents dying, LOL! Some things never change!

CDs ..... My son loves Odyssey, and so for Easter this year, we bought him a box set of 16 episodes, he has gone through them over and over time for more! He loves them, can't get enough, and who's to argue? Such good current and timeless messages on those shows! Also, I have made him a mix CD of some loud rockin' Dc Talk and FFH and Jars of Clay and and the W's and Newsboys and so on, he loves it, LOVES the loud God music.

MUSIC ... I'm back .... we spend so much time driving in the car, and what is on the radio, will come out of my children's mouths, and stick in their heads. What do I want in their heads? Now when I'm alone, or with just adults it's different, usually, maybe. Sometimes, we talk to much to care, but just me, I need uplifting music, even country sometimes depresses me way too much, and I go back to the Christian station. My initial thought was, if they are going to keep it in their heads, and sing it, make it gospel! The rewards, make me cry! My daughter 4yrs old, LOVES to sing, and she sings along with all the music, word for word, and then I can't sing cause I'm all choked up. Now, they ask me questions about the songs, like "who is the devil?" "what does Glorious mean?' "God loves us always?" "Is no one ever perfect? How do we be good enough?You can't buy that stuff! You can't Stuff that into their brain. It's a subtle thing, it's setting the atmosphere. I know I can't keep them in a bubble, it doesn't work, never will. I cannot control a lot of things in their lives, but My Home and My Car I can control. I can wash their brains of the negativity, the anger, the confusion, the pain of "out there" I can wash their minds with God's love, grace' peace, and mercy. His words will stick in their heads, and the messages are there, for later on in life when they will need them. Someday, they will read something, or hear something and it will take them back to their childhood when they first heard that message and it will CLICK!
You know how I know that? Cause it did for me, all the music and messages my parents washed my brain with, STUCK. The classic Christian music, the old hymns, the verses read from the Bible by my Dad, the REAL Christmas story read from Luke every Christmas eve, STUCK. And now, it is part of who I am.

So, while driving today ... I was thinking about a girl who died 2 yrs ago today .... and she is missed, and I was thinking a friend who died almost a year ago, and my past, and so on, and on the radio ...... "You will be safe in His arms" and OMG, it's now playing as i type! God sends us messages! If we happen to have the radio on, maybe it will come in music. :) Also, on the way home I was thinking, "well it IS that time of year, i DO tend to get down" and on the radio? "This is where the healing begins." Who is to say when we are totally healed? Or 100% well, we wouldn't need a great physician if we were ever 100% now would we?
I will leave you with the thoughts of a 4 yr old .....

"Mommy what is Glorious?"
"well, it means, wonderful, awesome, beautiful, another word for those things."
"So, that means ... I AM Glorious!"

Oh my precious child YES YOU ARE and don't ever forget it!!

Later, long after the radio was off, Samantha was singing to herself and says ....

"Mommy, is it really never to late to get back up again?"

o.0 I dunno, do you think God knew what I needed to hear today?

Monday, May 03, 2010


Introducing .......
Yup, I'm gonna sell baked yummies, starting with cakes. This latest one has a lot of people asking me if I will do cakes for them, seems like moving to a bigger area, a busier neighborhood, more people, gets you more attention! :) So, yes, I started by putting my ad on our neighborhood website, under the business directory, HERE
Mike D gave me a new website and I have spruced it up to my liking ..HERE
This morning I have gotten nothing done, except for digitalizing my little penguin logo, that i drew with sharpies, and I also worked out my pricing list, mostly, and my delivery area, mostly, and am working on an inventory list, but thinking these wide eyed children look hungry, lol and laundry needs a kick-start ... so back to the mundane, but I wanted to give everyone a peek into what's new over here in Ohio-land. :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Y...M..C>.A ... :)

So, today was day # 1 of our "spring Schedule" I've signed the kids up for Gymnastics, and myself for a work out class. Sam is Mon. after school, Grant is Thurs. evening, and I am Tues and Thurs mornings for "Total Body Conditioning" weewt! Today I watched Samantha do her Gymnastics, and the poor kid! :P
Almost a year ago, she was diagnosed with "Hypotonia" which basically means she has very low muscle tone. I have noticed it for some time, not knowing what it was, but when she started Pre-school her teacher noticed it, and suggested I get her checked out, so we did, and now we know that she really has a reason for being so sluggish, and well, floppy! I mean, if you just watched her you would think she is just not a mobile kid, but she LOVES to move and run and jump and try to keep up with Grant, she just cant. We were told to get her into programs, targeted at strengthening muscles, try to work things out with her, like mastering steps, and better balance, and making her walk more, to build up her stamina. It all seems so easy, and normal, but it's not normal, I could tell by watching her in the gym, she is slower, much further behind the other kids in normal things, like hopping and running.
At first I felt bad for her, but then as I watched, she is just a determined little thing! She wants to do it, no matter how hard, she wants to try at least once, and see if she can do it. She tried her best to keep up with everyone, and smiled the whole time. It was cool, so I said all that to say, I think she will do OK. She may have to stay in this class a couple rounds, but she loves it, so lets keep going!

I have a feeling, when Grant hits the mats, it's gonna be a TOTALLY different story! ;)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ohio River Crud. seriously, look it up, it's fo' real yo!
Anyway, yeah I'm sicker than a dog today, which SUCKS. I had grand plans to go work out, take my kids to library, get library cards finally, but now, I can barely get them food to eat, let alone looking decent enough to go outside. :P

this is a rambling post really ..... almost boring? :D

I went to the doc recently, just a yearly check up, refreshing prescriptions and stuff. A couple things of mention,

Every time I do something like this, I think, wow, I really live here, I really don't live in Vermont anymore, I really need a new doctor, new drugstore, eventually new license! I'm holding out on that last one :P

Another thing, one that helped that homesicky feeling, when I was checking in at the front desk, I saw the back of a doctor's coat standing in the hall, and my eyes were drawn to her SHOES! She had these fabulous bright yellow HIGH heel sandals on. I thought, man, I hope she's my doctor! She is! :D She was wearing a simple purple dress, apparently she spends little on her clothes, since they are only there to compliment her shoes. I liked her immediately! Also, she has Twins, a boy and a girl, that are 6, and had a very similar delivery to what mine was with Samantha, and so we talked about how our husbands are perfectly happy with one of each, and a healthy mommy, and neither of them cares to "try again" LOL. It was nice, I felt like i made a friend, which is REALLY good, since I have a bad habit of avoiding the doc. :)

Last ... sorta, I talked to her about my Migraines. I have had bad headaches as far back as I can remember, but they never seemed as bad as My Aunt's, she had migraines, and my friend down the road got killer ones, so i figured, no big deal. As I have gotten older, they progressively get worse, I am at the point now where they knock me down, I need darkness, quiet, sleep, LOTS of Excedrin. :P So I talked to her, and got real Migraine Medicine, and OMG! I take it, and it goes away! Mostly, I still get the side effects, but those are NOTHING compared to the pain.

On that note, it brings me back to the crud, This morning I woke up with the allergy face, you know, the 10lb hammer slamming into the whole front of you face, you feel like it is puffed up to 10x it's size, your eyes burn, runny nose ... yeah you get it. So I take Sudafed ....... and it helps ... but the crud is almost like flu, so I'm still dragging, and i have a headache that won't quit, so I take ONE of my new pills, and lay on my bed ..... thinking ..... so non- drowsy will make my shaky, but the Midrin will make me sleepy, and the crud makes me ucky, so .... i hope my kids get lunch today .. LOL. OH, yeah .... and 2 hours later ... DOH! I never ate anything, not so good, so as I type I'm trying to down toast, and water .... and .... UGH Crud. :P

**don't give me that look, i warned you it was going to be boring!**

Monday, March 08, 2010

My turf

**This posts explains the reason I picked this new layout for my blog.**

So, I live in the suburbs. I never imagined myself doing that, as I grew up in the country, THAT is where I imagined living out my life, simply, in a simple place, with a simple life. Not so! I married a guy who works hard for his company, and they like him, so they move him forward and upward, and Ohio-ward.
I will follow him anywhere mind you, but moving to the "burbs" was NOT an easy thing to come to terms with. First of all, the houses all look the same! You go into these neighborhoods and it looks like a cookie cutter massacre of the landscape.

( I have also found out that from living in NE so long, i have turned into a little bit of a tree hugger. Scoffing the smog, being mad at people for driving ridiculously big vehicles for no reason, demolishing of the rolling hills and grasses, it all bothers me WAAAY more than I ever realized. )

But, back to the matter at hand, Cookie cutter houses on postage stamp lawns is NOT what I preferred for my first house, but I knew this move was God's will, and so I followed, and I trusted that if God wanted me here, He would give me something I could latch onto, and feel "at home" here in the flatlands of Suburbia.

My neighborhood, is awesome, it is cleared from farmland, so they didn't do a lot to the land that was already pretty flat, they left a lot of natural grades and trees and a brook. They added lovely ponds, and walking trails to let people enjoy the area. There are rules here about houses, they are NOT ALLOWED to look the same. They want it to look somewhat varied, as varied as you can get with a 100+ plus houses in one sot built by only 4 different companies.

My house, stands out. It is a plain saltbox shape, no fancy dormers, no stone, just a New Englandy looking salt box in Cape Cod grey with navy shutters. You could plop our house right in the middle of a beachy neighborhood in the Cape and it would blend in beautifully. We get a lot of compliments on our house, how pretty it is, how it stands out so nicely. Yeah that works for me! Not to mention, the space inside, the places Mike can escape to when he wants, the space for me to do my crafts, the space for my kids to play and just be kids even in the darkest coldest wintry days, we have a big bright house to romp through.

My yard, is perfect. No it's not huge, and yes, looking at the pictures it may seem snug, but the back yard is the gem! We are backed up to preserved land, they can't develop behind us. We have a brook, a small rambling, rocky brook. It is amongst weepy trees that bend down and make perfect fort-like hides for little kids. Yesterday in the first warm weather we've had, I went exploring down into the brush and was so pleasantly excited, it felt like I was back Home in Walpole, looking for Faerie houses, and bunnies, and trying to hide from pesky brothers. It's perfect, I can't wait for the ground to dry up, so I can get down there and clear it out, and show the kids how to make forts and climb trees, and get our feet wet in the brook.

Yes, God did good. He usually does, if we wait patiently to see His plans. I am very happy with my suburban piece of countryness. It suits me just fine my friends, and I wouldn't change a thing!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

sweet 16 babay

don't tell anyone, but according to my beautiful daughter, sometime in the next 24 hours, I will be turning 16! Isn't that lovely?

I seem to have vague memories of doing 16 already, skating party with my best girl friends, silver necklace that said Sweet Sixteen, but it must have been a dream, cause today, is the REAL #16!


Friday, February 12, 2010

MOTHERHOOD .....**Please see warning label**

**BEWARE ... motherhood may cause one or many of the following. Proceed with caution..... Hormonal changes, weight gain, lowered Stress tolerance, wrinkles, grey hairs, Emotional emotions, spontaneous weeping, spontaneous screaming, spontaneous laughter, insomnia, muscle aches, Heartaches, heart enlargement, higher pain tolerance, lower emotional tolerance............... HOWEVER, in the end, it appears to be worth the side affects :) ***

oo, today I went shopping, i am so out of the loop with kid's clothing, I have had 90% of my kids clothing passed down or bought as gifts, now I'm alone mostly, and lost that network, and I have to BUY clothes! Grant is 6 and suddenly growing a couple inches every hour :P His size depends on the quality of the clothes, so I spend alot time between the toddlers and "big boys" sections, which hurts a bit! :P I wanna go back to fuzzy puppy sleepers that are soo tiny you wonder how babies can be so small. Now, i buy jeans and thinking, REALLY? Is he THAT tall?? This morning I had to get T-Shirts for Sammy who is 4 but closing in on size 5 pretty quick. I buy these t-shirts, and when i get home, I open the package and they are HUGE! I'm wondering how I got the size so wrong, so I call Sammy over, and put them up to her ........ and they fit!!

So, when was saying "Oh man, these aren't right"

Sammy is sad, then i hold them up and say "WHAT?! They fit?"

Now she is happy, and says, Mommy, they FIT! That is a GOOD thing, don't be sad."

Seriously, i almost cried, LOL what a sap! I just can't get over how fast all that time went!! OI!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


just wanted to say .....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my seester


Love ya sis :)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Handy Dandy .. Mousa-ka-tools!

Remember Blue's Clues? How he always had his "Handy Dandy Notebook!" whenever he needed to write something down? Have you seen Mickey Mouse lately? He has a clubhouse, and this little electronic pair of ears that follow him all day full of "Mouse-ka-tools" and amazingly, the tools are only and EXACTLY the ones he needs.

WHY have they not invented these for Mom's? WHY do I not have a Notebook that pops up everytime i say>..."I better write that down!" I don't care if it's in blue crayon, as long as the thought doesn't get forgotten till it's too late!

What about screwdrivers? OI for cryin' out loud, I'll be tidying my kitchen and wonder why on God's green earth do I have ALL the screwdrivers in the whole house in my Silverware drawer??? Then, when i need one, do you THINK i could find it? Or a thermometer? I KNOW i must own at least 8, cause I've seen them, when we are all well, and I'm organizing, but as soon I feel Sammy's head, and say, OI, all the thermometers scatter to the ends of the earth. >_<

I was thinking, in a perfect world, I would have those ears, and give cheers .. .(it's a mickey thing .. you'd have to see it ) ... then I remember a dream, from last night, it was a glimpse into a much more Mom-friendly world.....

...Picture this ..... **this is all I remember of the dream** .......I am walking in a lonely field,out in nowhere land and finally get cell service ..... **and oddly it looks strikingly similar to an NCIS set i may have seen on TV that night** so I go to dial a number, and alas! My phone dies. BUT! Then .... i say ....
"Dagum! well, I guess I'll have to plug it in"
, and I do ... cause you see, now, I am in my nice little car with the charger and a full tank of gas, and driving to safety and wondering why I thought I was in trouble.

Isn't that a nice world? **siiigh**
ok, back to my lunch, PB&J with cheddar sharks .... it's the good life, really, it is. :D

Monday, February 01, 2010

God Is amazing Isn't He?

So, I've decided most of my "funny posts" will most likely be coming from the mouth of my 4yr old daughter ... she pretty much kills me. :)

Out shopping for yarn, we have a new little niece, whose name is Ruby, therefore, we must buy red ruby yarn to make her warm ruby slippers with. :)

Out of the blue, Sammy says to me ..."Mommy, How does God make a baby?"

DOH! Mommy stammers too long, cannot think of a thing to say because i want to laugh, and i said something like ...
"Well, it's an amazing thing that God does ..."

Sammy, "Is it magic?"

Mommy is REALLY trying to keep it together now ..

Sammy. ..."Well, I guess God IS pretty amazing, so he could pwobably make just about anything huh? Yeah ..Hey! I like this pink Yarn!"

Mommy moved to the end of the isle to laugh it out those little brains never stop thinking!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Shake anyone?

Conversation had with My 4yr old daughter the other day, she was supposed to be getting dressed, and had only managed to get her PJ pants off.

..Samantha dances into the kitchen singing... "Shake, Shake ya Bootay! Shake shake ya bootay!."

I stop abruptly and say loudly .... ."WHAT are you singing?!"

Samantha replies with ... **Eyeroll and Sigh** "Shake your BOO..T EE , MOooMeeEE! Hey! did you know that Bootee, means *whispers* butt!? HA HA HA!!" and she dances away singing ... "shake shake ... shake ya bootay!"


Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's OSO Icy!

Have you seen the show "agent OSO" on Playhouse Disney? It's pretty cute, perfect for my little pre-schooler, but oh my goodness it makes me laugh! It is about a secret agent, named OSO, and of course it's a spoof off of the greatest secret agent ever, BOND. SO, the names of the missions and the songs they sing are all spin offs of Bond movies, it just cracks me up.

Anywho, went out to wait for the bus this morning, and my son went out the front door, it was raining, so I told him to wait, went in the garage got an umbrella and went out the garage door, and I hear a small voice saying, "carefu......." and there I am, on flat on my back, sliding down the driveway on a sheet of ice. OUCH! My coffee went everywhere, even on my son :P Poor kid, he fell off the top bunk the night before last and whacked his head, now he is laying on the wet ice, wailing cause he hit his head, and my coffee splashed on his pants. Not a nice way to start the day!

Now, I am OSO sore! I just got my wet jeans off, and I hurt in weird places. UGH! Guess it's a good day for scrapbooking :)