Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lotion Commotion and the Bead Stampede.

There are days that i wonder where my babies went, Grant puts his shoes on, Sammy picks her clothes out, they swim and talk, and chit and chat and squeal with glee about school, and i wonder WHEN did they get so big? Maybe i really am coming out of the "baby stage" And how sad, but how fun, how cool to think about the fun we can have as they get older ...... Then, days like today ,..... and i wonder, what woman in her right intelligent mind CHOOSES this crazy hairy, insanity inducing, bi-polar producing, madness soaked, dirty, nasty, smelly job??? and WHY on God's Green Earth would i EVER want to start all over?!?!! I'm quite sure you have no clue what i mean. ROFL Today was planned well, executed differently, and almost survived with no casualties, so far. :) I woke up, late, cranky from no sleep, and early awakening from the ball of energy that sleeps and bounces across the hall from me. I walk down the hall, avoiding him, so i don't say something mean and uncalled for pre-coffee. I open my daughter's door, and start to admire to pretty pinky room recently newly decorated with paint and new bed with bedding, before i can say one entire word, i spot the princess herself, covered, head to toe in lotion. GOBS and RIVERS of white lotion all over her, and the floor and the castle, and the kitchen, GAH! I stripped the child, shut the door and went to make coffee, over the sink piled high with dishes. Later, still not dressed, (wearing PJ pants and giant Hubby T-Shirt) i am getting in a rhythm, and pulling our some crafty stuff, and find our collection of "refrigerator magnet making beads" in a bucket, tipping, off a shelf, onto my head, and floor, and laundry basket. UGH!! Later, all cleaned up, (Still not dressed) but house getting somewhat in order, and i get an unexpected visitor. From a lovely lady, who was passing by with her hubby on their way to kayak at the Chittenden dam. She thought i should know that my precious son, whom i now was on good terms with, was blessing the passing cars with fist fulls of gravel from our driveway. FAAAAAbulous! THEN we call daddy, daddy lays down the law, mom nearly looses it looking at the piles of dishes, laundry, and various other things that should have been completed by now, but keep getting bypassed by my lovely children and their antics. NEver mind the daughter who WON"T potty train, and wondering, how many moms think at one time or another, "well poop on my hand only twice today is pretty good huh?" Then there are days, i want to switch places with Sara Doll, that has been a staple of my life, when i feel lie i need a new life, i switch places with her, she always seem to be in a good spot, when I'm in my worst. As shown here, this is how SHE is spending her evening.

Of course the REASON she needs a soak? You really wanna know? Yeah, I didn't think so!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Grant wins a gold medal.

This is Grant being like Michael Phelps. My son who this spring needed to be ORDERED into the water, now has aspirations of someday being "Like Phelps" and swimming for gold on TV.

Friday, August 08, 2008

"Don't stick tinkertoys up your nose"

This is title of a book my mom and aunt always wanted to write, about all the crazy things kids do, and say, and the things you mom never warned you about, the phrases you never imagined you'd use.

My kids have been giving me all kinds of "first time, hope i never have to do THAT again" moments this summer. Here are a few cute moments.

My son was playing on his wake board, in the grass with Sammy, and she was trying to share, and he wouldn't so I scolded him .. he says

" awww, C'mon Mom! I'm surfin' the net here!"

On the way home from swimming one day the darling were playing the ever popular, "Don't look at me" game and it's cousin, "She's looking at me! make her stop!" . SO i said to them ...

"Do you know who else is looking at you? God! God is ALWAYS watching, and you had better remember that next time you wanna be mean."

Grant is very solemn, and then Sammy in her pixie voice pipes up ..

"God?! I remember God!"

ON another day, my kids were playing with a friend who was over with her mom, while we tried to hash out lessons for VBS next week, our kids played VERY loudly. I went to shoo them out of the bathroom and find a rather pungent smell as i walk down the hall ..... kind like old lady perfume ...
Lo and behold, My son had decided to ... for some reason DUMP baby p
owder into the potty. GAG! My bathroom has no windows, is VERY small, and HOLDS smells well. So all day long if you wanted to go potty, you had to sit in a tiny room that smells like 10 old lady's at a quilting bee. GAG!

Last night, we went to a community BBQ held by our intrepid Youthworks staff. The last one of the year. It is held at a nice park with a great playground. Everything went great, lots of people, kids were great, even ate a small amount of food. but near the end .... it went bad. ;P My son was playing on these toadstool thingies. They each get taller than the last, and then got into a set a swinging platforms. Grant LOVES them. He has mastered the platforms, and going from one to the other, so i guess he was upping the difficulty level, and went to run up them. .... well, he tells it best.

"I was running, and I was trying to put my foot out to the next one, but i just used my face instead. And i was going to it, and looked right at it, and then it hit me in the eye. and it hurt alot!"

OI VEY! I was pretty certain he broke his nose, but the nose doesn't hurt, only the eye, with a cut on the lid, and now his black eye from last week (where he dropped a toy motorcycle on his face) is blacker, and I'm pretty sure he'll have one to match. WOW!