Wednesday, November 23, 2011

C is for Cookie .......... not quite good enough :P

Yuh, no joke dude .......
So, Thanksgiving, I just want to start by saying that DUDE, not only did it creep up on me this year, it smacked me upside the head with a cricket bat, then stomped on my comatose body while shouting through a bull horn. FALL BREAK!!
Yesterday were my kids' harvest parties at school. For which i volunteered my services of course. I mean, they love it when Mom shows up in the classroom, and I have the time ..... i think ..... :P
I was bringing, 2 doz cookies to Sam's party, and a Pumpkin Pie and 4 bags of candy corn to Grant's. Seems simple ya? The pumpkin pie, I already knew I would buy, I have not made one yet, and I am NOT experimenting on a classroom of kids, they don't care where I got it!
I also, don't shoot me, decided last minute to BUY cookie dough. :o Do not shoot me! I don't bake .... oh wait .... hmm ... never mind, moving on. Same thought process, kids don't care, easy and fast, and yummy. Well, I was thinking there would be festive fall cookie dough out there, you know, you cut it and it has a pic or colors or something in it ...... yeah no, big problem in my thinking.
See, I thought it was Thanksgiving ...PRE-Thanksgiving at that, meaning, you can still buy FALL foods, and candy, and such ...... OH NO! It is now December, did you know? Did you know that we don't even recognize thanksgiving anymore? It's now ..."That day we eat ourselves silly to carb up for energy to go shopping on Black Friday". Yup, My cynic brain went there, and won't be swayed, I'm appalled LOL.
So I get sugar cookie dough, thinking I can decorate them with fall sprinkles or something ....... IF a store carried them! THEY DON'T. Candy Corn?? Oh no, they don't have that either! 10 stores, over two days ....... NO candy corn, fo real ..... -.- I found it in a local drug store, and they had ONLY the amount we needed for the party, no extra for decorating cookies. Now to bake, like I said I'm not a baker ... oh ...ok the joke is old .... it just never ceases to amaze me how badly I can screw up baked goods. >_<
They burned, and the orange sugar I made to decorate them with was crusty and didn't show up well. soooo, lets put some chocolate on them .... melt chocolate chips, kill the chocolate ..too bad I'm not a ...oh sorry....but seriously, I have a certificate in that field, I KNOW chocolate :P It turned on me, so I try again, get it melted, dip them in, and viola. They are hard, a little to brown, with weird sugar on top, and messy chocolate over half, that I am sure some mom will greatly thank me for. :D WHatever, I'm done, I have 2 doz+, wrap them up, go out to car in POURING down rain, and go to put cookies on the other seat, and BAM the whole plate, upside down on the seat. .... o.0 really?? Good thing they are wrapped tight. scheeech! Maybe my hands are shaking because I didn't eat lunch? Oooor breakfast ... yeah, gotta get better at that :P
School, 1pm, help with Sams party, 2pm, scoot down hall to help with Grants, found out that stringing cranberries on fish line, not so easy, very tricky and probably not the best activity for 20+ kids hopped up on pumpkin pie and cake pops.
*****Side note .... What the HECK is a cake pop anyway? Where did these things come from? I do not like to eat cake, srsly, srsly ... I don't like it, not a huge fan of super sweet frosting, and i HATE nonpareils, so gag me on a stick dude ..... yeah ... not a huge fan, they have surpassed cupcakes on my annoyance chart. ...... cupcakes, another time, another post, another rant...***
Um, yeah, so, today, day before thanksgiving, no baking, no cleaning, no driving, it's weird, and no, I am not planning to shop, dude, I don't have any Christmas lists yet! I am speechless, and I am pretty sure Christmas is going to run past me before I even get the wreath out of storage ..... -.-

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Who's life did I wake up in?!?!

Rah Rah sis boom bah! ....... wait. .... what??
Cheerleader .... you could say spider, and i might cringe a little less.
Lemme splain .... I am a tomboy. I grew up most of my life with two brothers, mostly boy cousins, and of course all my brothers friends, I had a choice, be the princess, or join in the merriment of being a boy, easy pick. Being a princess was too much work, and required uncomfortable shoes. :P
I played Army, and basketball, baseball, tag, capture the flag, climbed trees, biked all summer, swam in creeks and rivers. I knew how to be a lady, I had manners, I could dress up, but only when it was absolutely necessary, i preferred flannel and blue jeans with a comfy pair of sneakers.
I never wanted to be popular, never really gelled with the people who were. Cheerleaders to me, represented everything I did not want to be. When I was younger, I didn't even really know why, just that they always had perfect hair, and were co-ordinated, and skinny, and had perfect tans, and were so sinkin chipper all the time. :P
As I got older, I did grunge, i stuck to flannel, and jeans, and converse, and baseball hats, I even worked in the stockroom, loading dock at the local Sears. I loathed the cheerleader set, I perceived them as catty, and mouthy, clicky, and mean. I know it's unfair to jumble everyone in this group, or even this whole group as all the same, but c'mon, y'all know what I mean.
So, anyway, here I am, suburban mom, house in a well groomed, well plotted, maintained little neighborhood, two kids, a dog and a truck. I have grown up, I now appreciate shoes, many many beautiful shoes. I dress up more, I wear make up and do my hair. But, I love my sneakers, my hats and my truck, and I do not want to be on the PTO, or my kid in cheerleading, or be a team mom, or whatever. I just want to sail through, be at my daughter's hockey games, my son's football games, help out here and there, but LAWD, keep me away from "that group" ....

Problem ...... my not me ... :P She is a girly girl like no one would believe. As my friend says .."She just farts rainbows" ya, well, we tried soccer, my son loved it, she, liked talking to her teamates, lol and picking flowers. Not her cup of tea.
Recently we went to a Bantam Football game ..

***side note ... Bantam Football?!?!? What is that?? I was shocked by how young the fever starts around here, I mean it's the same with Hockey in VT , I just wasn't ready for it! LOL ***

So we went to this game, and my son, is transfixed on the field. He wants to play football, AWESOME! I Love football, and I love that he wants to play, and the he decided all by himself. I am waiting to see what he says AFTER the first tackle, if he still loves it, then HooRahh! Let's go warriors! :D
Problem ..... they have Bantam cheerleaders too. No JOKE! So, while Grant is eyeing every play and drooling on the maroon jerseys all around him, worn by all his school buddies, my peanut of a little girl, is mimicking the cheerleaders. She is following their every move, perfectly, and turns around and says what i never dreamed i would hear ..
"Mommy! I want to be a cheerleader!! PLEASE? PLEASE can i do that??"
0.0 **sorry kid, mommy just fainted**
Really?? so, so, so, now, I have to be a football mom, which is fine, I'll just be the loud one, and no one will want me as team mom, or on any committees or whatever, but, but, now I have to be cheer mom too?? GAH! I cannot even fathom ME, YUBBY, being in the cheer world.
Oh you laugh, oh yes laugh .... oh my werd .... my parenting theory, let them try it. I want my kids to try whatever they want, as far as I can help. If she wants to, I will try to make it happen, I really didn't see this.
Another moment for me to step WAY OUT of my comfort zone I suppose. GAH.
I think that's it, really, nothing wise, nothing in closing ... just ...

Serenity now ... right now ..... anytime now ....... really??