Friday, November 30, 2007

Hometown Heros

Growing up, in Walpole NH there was a grocery store called IGA. On the paper bags for years was printed the Phrase, "Hometown Hero's"
I can't remember why, but it sticks with me today. I have been thinking alot about Hero's about our hero's mostly, those in the military.
I usually muster up extra patriotism whenever i have a loved one deployed to the warzone. I wear RW&B on Friday's i wear a pin, i cry over all the soldier songs. I am Vocal about praying for our troops and remembering their sacrifices.
But it occurs to me. Do they know that? Do my deployed loved ones KNOW that? Do they KNOW that i cry over the news? Do they KNOW i pray for them?
Have i written them? Have i sent them emails, sail mails, care packages, anything?
To my shame, i have not. In fact i just barely started a small campaign of my own, I have adopted an Army Wife, whose husband is deployed, and i try to send her an e-card of encouragement once a week. Not to brag, just to say out loud that
I Do support our troops, and this is how im showing it in a small way.
So i ask you, what are you doing? Have YOU called your soldier? Sent them a card? Did you tell them happy Thanksgiving? Are you sending them a care package for Christmas?
What about the family they left behind, are we holding them up? Not just in prayers, but in phone calls, in cards, visits, snail mail, anything?

I have felt somewhat guilty about it for sometime, but you know, feeling guilty, or even simply FEELING patriotic, won't get a soldier through a year long deployment in the sands of hell. It won't get his wife and kids through the long year without daddy or hubby.

So, I don't mean it as a guilt trip.
Well okay I do, *LOL* but for all of us, me included. If we are patriotic, and proud and scared and love them more than anything. (Which i KNOW we all do) What are we doing to show them?

I put this challenge to you. Look around, for the closest soldier (ahem, or sailor :) ) you can find. Find YOUR Hometown Hero. and TELL them how you feel about them. KEEP telling them. STAY in touch, Lets hold up the families and friends left behind, lets SHOW them how Proud we are, how much we love them, how much we want them HOME and SAFE.

and BTW, if someone needs a Hero to cheer, I have a couple names for you, but the top of my list is ERIC ATKINS. My big brother of whom i am SO proud. and his Wife JULIE, kids, Jonathan, Katelyn, Lauren, and Bryan. She is the one i send cards to. My small start :)
Start this Christmas season with a mission!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"...Some terrific, radiant humble, thingamajingama PIG!..."

So, today i figured out the reason i like Pigs so much *lol* I bought two movies at walmart yesterday, The REAL "Land Before Time" and the original "Charlotte's Web"

The very one i watched in school one year when i was very little, in the old yellow Hooper Institute Building in Walpole N.H. :)

As i watched the movie today, Sammy walked in the room, and saw the baby piglet in the baby carriage, and exclaimed....
" Mooomy! Wook! A wittle baby piggy! awwww, He's sooo cUUte!"

It clicked, this movie started my love of pigs. So now you know. :)
and on a nother note, could Wilbur GET more sentimental? Good greif, he cries more then me over extreme home makeover! *lol*

Oh, and on another not so small note. I got a NEW CAMERA!! WooHoo! So, here is how my son christened it *rofl* he looks very old to me suddenly.

Monday, November 26, 2007


COMING SOON ....... to a christmas Card near you!!

You only THINK you have seen this picture already ........ pay close attention to details! :)
I LOVE photobucket. :)

Anywho, on another note, i went to the doctor this weekend, got an XRay, and it seems i have a bad sprain, not a break. SO YAY! I am trying to move it more, and i think i will be able to make christmas cookies, AND all the little handmade crafts i was gonna
tackle scheeech :P I did feel better after proper splinting, and hearing about the poor woman who was cleaning the cuisenart and hit the switch before unplugging it. OUCH! Now THAT is gonna hurt :P

Onto other issues. :) This weekend i met my sister's new friend Rick. I suppose now we are calling him the Boyfriend. Oi vey! I must say, he passed the sibling test with flying colors. He even seemed to enjoy himself, Amy was red in the face alot of the time, i wonder if she is allergic to him? heeheheheee He is sticking around. Even after Two big dinners with the Atkins' clan, hanging out at the house for four days, getting roughed up by Grant, braving the mass LOUDNESS and chaos that is Matt and Dave on guitars while small children run and rant and frolic, oh yeah, and after hearing Matt, Yubby, Dave and Jake preform the "Big Mac Rap" over the phone for Dave's crush Manders. :) Never mind the fun stories :)

Other than that, not a whole lot. We rearranged the living room to fit the tree we will get this coming weekend. AN interesting note for those who care. :) We borrowed "dogie tape" from the DOenges' (aka "lady and the Tramp")
and Grant LOVES it of course. As i was watching and trying very hard NOT to quote the ENTIRE movie from memory. The funniest thing happened. At one point in the movie, where the tramp is bringing Lady
to the italian restaurant, something in his voice made me think of AMY's boy. How odd is that?
Now please understand, this movie has much meaning. For a LONG time, every weekday morning, Amy would wake up with Dad, Dad would put "Doggie Tape" (her fave movie) in the VCR for her to watch as he got ready, and we woke every morning halfway through the movie.

So, you see it's Amy movie! I wasn't even thinking of any of this at the time, just about how cute the movie was, how i knew it so well, and then, "wow, Rick reminds me of the Tramp ....making Amy Lady?" awwww! Now THAT IS CUTE!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Lawsuit in Isle 5!"

Not to trump my sis in law with her HILARIOUS treadmill story, but it runs in the family, and we all like doing things together, so it's fitting i get to tell a whopper to :)

So, like i said, we went to super bowl this weekend, but before that, i made a pit stop to get junk food, caffeine, pull ups and hat and gloves for grant. ( you can't send them to Mamaw's house with no hat and gloves *lol* )
so. i went in, got my stuff, went to check out, and as im finally getting to the checkout, i start to chat with the normal seeming guy behind the register, as my children begin a high pitched terror induced scream.
I prepare myself not to scream back at them and turn to see the cart.... the empty shopping cart with Sammy strapped in the seat, careening over onto it's side, on top of my 4 year old who is clutched to the edge with a "I'm gonna die" look on his face.
I leap, leaving my wallet and card for anyone to swipe on the counter, and i grab the side of the cart just before it hits the boy on the floor, but he won't let go, convinced he is going to die, he stays firmly gripped to the side, and poor Sammy, is hanging nearly upside down, petrified, wailing, and I'm trying to hug her with my left arm while futilely trying to pick up the cart with my right hand.
I know what you are thinking, "was there ANYONE else in the store? Did NONE see this predicament?" thats what i started to think, as the clerk stood rooted to the spot, watching, the couple behind me watched like it was a circus. Finally, some good Samaritan from 3 isles over, ran to my aid, picked the cart up with both hands, and set it back upright.
i was soo flustered, and thanked the guy multiple times as he glared down the clerk, who was nervously asking if my kids were ok, did i think they were hurt? He even called a "CSM to ISLE 5" ..... he was afraid i would sue! I was worried for Sam's sides, for Grants head, and ankles, and he was worried about a lawsuit!
soo, anyway, i got the kids to mamaw's house, got myself back into character for the teens and the event ahead, and didn't give it another thought.
Until, half way to Albany, while watching Shrek the third on the bus, my finger was throbbing, and swelling. The more i tried to pop it, or crack it, the worse it got, and it hit me ..... did i hurt it? Did i do something to it?
By the end of the evening, after a hockey game, 3 hour rally, 3 hours of bounce world, dodge ball and soccer, (all of which i only watched!) then 3 hours of pizza and roller blading, it was determined that it's broken. yup, my right index finger, broken at the top knuckle. :(
I imobilzed it with my first aid kit at home, and it throbs if i try picking up kids, or typing too much, or anything normal, needed, regular household stuff. NOT helpful :P I will look into a doc visit maybe just to find out what i should do.
So, there is the finger owie story :)


Friday, November 16, 2007

Black Friday, one week away!

No matter how prepared i am, the first snowfall always makes me feel a tad under the gun to get the Christmas chopping done *lol* Even though this year, i almost have all the kids gifts, and Mike and i are taking whatever is left from the christmas money to buy a camera :)
So, i don't feel too stressed. Of course when you wake up to the first snow, it's very calming really, until the oldest child calls out "daddy! Mommy! wake up! It's awesome! Its SNOW!! I need clothes! I need to go outside!"

Oi! I need coffee :P heeheeehee

so today, we drop the kids off with Mamaw and Poppa and head off to Ny for some God Only knows reason :) It's actually for Superbowl we chaperone it every year, i think I have been to every one for the last ........ oh ..... 7-9 years? WOW, i am a glutton for punishment. LOL It is alot of fun, and this year, we have 80 kids .....yes EIGHTY!! Thats like, one stuffed premiere bus, plus numerous church vans and mini vans, an lots of crazy adults too! :) I am very excited, ths year we could have one of the biggest groups in albany, its the biggest group we have ever brought anyway. Also, we got too big for our normal bowling alley stop, and then for the next thing they set us up for, so, now we are hitting a mini-golf, arcade place. That's between the 4 hour Hockey game/ rally, and the post-midnight rollerderby/ lazertag madness. i am tired thinking about it. :) OH and I also get to meet the Infamous MANDERS! She is Dave's current female object of affection. I hear she is a doll, and a crazy kid, and a very strong christian taboot, can't wait to meet the chick. heehehehheee! I think i will save her a seat next to ME! :)

One more note of interest, last night was my first ever parent teacher conference (which of course was fine, since Prek has no grades or anything LOL) but as i waited for my turn, i found this sign outside the door. Precious! :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Your father... was seduced by the Dark Side of the Force.

As hard as i try, the Force is strong, and they keep trying to pull over the innocent to the dark side.

(we left the kids alone with thier Grandparents for 30 minutes, and this is what i come back to! You just can't trust anyone! )

"Remember, a Jedi's strength flows from the Force. But beware. Anger, fear, aggression. The dark side are they. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Luke... Luke... do not... do not underestimate the powers of the Emperor or suffer your father's fate you will. Luke, when gone am I... the last of the Jedi will you be. Luke, the Force runs strong in your family."

**sigh**, they ARE cute, maybe we could superimpose a Yankees symbol over her shirt? Then i could use it for Christmas pictures! :)

"Then the Emperor has already won. You were our only hope."

"Yoda spoke of another. "
"The other he spoke of is your twin sister.........."

Friday, November 09, 2007


just an FYI post on memory blog ... :)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

59 things My Mother taught me.

My Mum is having a birthday soon. On Sunday in fact, (along with my twin nieces out west).I would like to commemorate the occasion by listing some of the unique things i learned from her over the years. For no specific reason *giggle* I chose 59 as the magic number.

  • #59 --- Closets! The first thing to look for in a house is ample CLOSETS!(we lived in a salbox style farmhouse for 9+ years, three bedroom, and 2 closets. TWO, one little one in Mom's room, one little on in the hall Ghastly!)
  • #58 --- For goodness sake, learn to laugh at yourself. Life has too many potholes, must have some smiles!
  • #57 --- A clean home is a quiet home, pleasant, and calm. ( that's the theory anyway, we constantly strive to reach that goal!) :)
  • #56 --- Nothin' says lovin' like somthing from the oven!
  • #55 --- Embrace Your femininity. Embrace your Masculinity. In this time of fuzzy gender lines, and the breakdown of marraige, Mom has always been very good at showing us how to become Godly, feminine, Women, and helping the boys become strong, godly, Manly men. :)
  • #54 --- God doesn't make mistakes, He uses everything possible to teach us what we need to learn, to mold us into the people He wants us to be.
  • #53 --- On that note, "Semper Gumby"! ( Always Flexible)
  • #52 --- How to Crochet
  • #51 --- How to Crosstitch
  • #50 --- How to hand sew and machine sew
  • #49 --- How to Knit ... (that one didn't stick so well)
  • #48 --- How to clean a bathroom right! (never got around to LIKING it though ) :)
  • #47 --- How to care for babies, and rambunctious boy toddlers. DAVE AND JAKE
  • #46 --- How to cook, fried chicken, pancakes, brownies, pizza, yeast rolls, and christmas cookies are the top faves.
  • #45 --- Shopping in Bulk! AND reading the unit prices! :)
  • #44 --- "He who walks with the wise grows wise,
  • but a companion of fools suffers harm" (Proverbs 13:20)
  • #43 --- We do NOT leave the house in our PJ's ....usually :P
  • #42 --- You cannot feel ready for the day until your bed is made!
  • #41 --- How to type properly ...(that didn't stick so well either)
  • #40 --- Honor your Husband
  • #39 --- The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. :) A well fed hubby is a happy hubby. :)
  • #38 --- A love for plants. Mom loves to plant flowers and to bring them inside. She used to have a garden every year almost. Her favorite plants for flower boxes are impatients geraniums and petunias.
  • #37 --- How to decorate for the season. Mom always has, summer and spring towels, mugs, wreaths, and signs, and then the same for fall, and of course plenty of snowy stuffs for winter and Christmas!
  • #36 --- Christmas Trees must be done deeeelicately. LOL. Just the right amount of wifely input, then we SHUSH, and get the coffee and cookies ready for when it's over. :)
  • #35 --- Curtains are a necessity!
  • #34 --- Cookies are medicinal
  • #33 --- March Mental Illness Week. ( every spring we got a week of from homeschooling for this. ) heehee
  • #32 --- How to utilize every piece of furniture to its full potential. ( we lived in a small house for 8 people for a long time, and no closets, and not alot of room, she had a bookshelf made from boxes and duct tape, old, broken dishwasher = extra counter space and ample Tupperware storage, plastic bins galore in the attic, a desk made of file cabinets and an old door, a Piano seconds as shelving, the top of the dryer, with a foam pad with a quilted cover, makes and excellent baby changing table. The heat from the dryer kept the wipes and pad warm in the winter! We even tried to refill the baby wipes with homemade ones! *some things are better store bought!* lol
  • #31 --- Never speak badly of your hubby in front of the children. My mom is not a saint, and i know she got mad and wanted to spout and vent, but we NEVER heard it. I do not ever remember hearing a bad word about my Father spoken behind his back by my Mom.
  • #30 --- How to get Pen out of dress clothes. ( one year AFTER she finished washing AND drying the Easter clothes, she found out the there was a pen in someone's pocket, and man, i found out EVERY method for taking out ink!
  • #29 --- Love Languages, find them and use them.
  • #28 --- Family First, always, (Your friends come and go, your family you are stuck with forever, so you better learn to get along!) :)
  • #27 --- Birthdays are very important and should ALWAYS be celebrated. We always got our favorite dinner and desert for our birthdays. Spaghetti and meatballs, and strawberry shortcake!
  • #26 --- Yahtzee
  • #25 --- Scrabble
  • #24 --- solitaire, gin rummy, and many other various card games. She and Aunt Christine played these games and taught Kate and i to play and we have spent MANY hours, as a foursome, or twosome playing very competitively!
  • #23 --- Coffee, spice rounds and music make Christmas morning worth the 6am wake up call from the youngest sibling. :)
  • #22 --- REAL maple syrup is the only maple syrup. *i think this has slipped some lately, very sad, very sad indeed*
  • #21 --- "It takes alot of loving to make a house a home" (From a sampler that hung on the living room for many many moons.) :)
  • #20 --- Thank You cards are Proper etiquette, dumping sugar into your water goblet and stirring it with the soup spoon however, is NOT. heehee
  • #19 --- How to have a party. We didn't host alot of "parties" but when we had lots of people "gettin' together" we always had plenty of food, there were decorations, flowers, room for people to sit and visit, games outside, and not alot of leftovers! lol.
  • #18 --- How to manage 4 overly creative, energetic children while Dad was gone for a month or more while in the national guard. (she got it down to a tea, i still don't know how she did it! Except i do remember alot of play dates with the Marden's, and LOTS of playing outside. Smart woman LOL I used to wonder what on earth they could do in the house for 2 hours straight that we couldn't join in on. NOW i know! Coffee, adult type snacks, and ADULT talk! Talking to another person who is at your eyelevel, and understand 3 syllable words, and doesn't whine. yuh, makes more sense now. :)
  • #17 --- Cardinals are Mom's favorite of the winter birds. Then the tiny chickadees. I wonder if Eric remembers that? heehee
  • Eric's Chickadee tail
  • #16 --- Spit on a napkin, instant washcloth! :P
  • #15 --- Mice are NOT good pets! (especially when they live iin the walls already) heehee
  • #13 --- How to convince a lost Cow it does NOT want to be in our yard, the pasture is much better. :)
  • #12 --- A woman's Highest and most important calling is to Mother. Be it her biological children, adopted children, siblings, grandchildren, friends, wherever the children come from, Women were born to Mother them. We are also commanded and created to be Keepers of the Home. If you work At home, FROM home, or out of the Home. If your kids school in or out of home, your home is your domain to keep, to maintain, to create into a soft place for the family to land. A safe place for children to be children. For teenagers to be themselves, for a family to learn how to Love, serve, and find Jesus.
  • #11 --- Boys, when your sister bursts out into tears for no good reason, just walk away! And so starts the "time of the month" talks :P GAH!
  • #10 --- Creative ways to hide Christmas gifts! VERY hard to find, and never in the same spot. Sneaky mommy :P
  • #9 --- "Children are a Heritage from the Lord, Blessed is the man who's quiver is full."
  • #8 --- Only God can know how big each family's quiver is. ;)
  • #7 --- Things are things, and can be replaced. Like brand new cars with scratched paint, or special peter rabbit books with puff paint on them, lost sand dollar charms, broken snow globes, like Barbie corvettes that have been sat upon, or like cars that die, and run into things, and chase deer.
  • #6 --- Watch for attack telephone poles!
  • #5 --- Never forget the price of our freedom. Pray for our troops, love them, love their families, pray for them, support them. Show your American pride.
  • #4 --- Be ready to help, willing to serve, attentive to the needs of others. This is how Jesus Loves us, and we must love each other, and the only way to find real fulfillment.
  • #3 --- How to spell caffine..Cafiene?..Cafeen..Caf?..Caffeine!!
  • #2 --- How to laugh, how to make the best of a situation. How to enjoy the little things, how to be a real person, while making such a huge impact on so many lives.and the number one thing I learned from my mom?
  • #1 --- Cherish LIFE. From the cranky old lady down the street, to the tiniest unborn child, all LIFE is created in God's image, and must be honored, cherished and treated with care. We must stand up for the children with no voice, be fathers and mothers to the fatherless. Be a voice against the killing of the next generation. Also, we MUST cling tight to our families. We MUST uphold the institute of marriage, we must teach our children to love family, to hold on tight to siblings, and grandparents, honor our parents, treat our families with loyalty, honor and respect.

And those are some of the things i have learned from my Mom. not that i'm good at them LOL, but she did pass it on, and i wanted everyone to know .

So, Happy Birthday Mom, hope it's a fabulous day, and many more, i think, how old are you? Are there many left? *lol*
(now i am going to hide so she can't kill me heehehheheee)

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Just to say, NEW layout! :) I found this at this site here,
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So yeah, thats my news of the day :)