Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Because i SAID SO!!

Oi, what a horrible statement. For someone who wants to bring their children up with minds and opinions of their own, and wants their children to know God and embrace their own deep relationship with Him, and who wants their children to be imaginative, to be able to create worlds of wonder and amazement that dwell in their minds eye .......... for that person, that statement may be pure Irony ... (im sure my sister will tell me yay or nay on that point)

So WHY do i say it :P Arrrgghhh! I just want him to LISTEN ...." just DO what MOMMY says" .... thats not a whole lot better ...... how about .."Stop asking why! jUST DO IT!!" *LOL* None of it is very good grounds for imagination, or forming one's own opinions of the world .... but ... maaybe ..it will teach him to just obey, and ask later? BLEH!
Who knows .... i need coffee :P

Friday, November 24, 2006

Count your blessings, count them one by one ....

Happy Thanksgiving! Erm, well Black friday ... but whatever :P
Im eating my FAVE lunch in the whole world ..... turkey on mom's BIG yeast rools, with mayo, cranberry and stuffing ..... It's insanely yumeh!
We had a fabulous day ... spent it at my parent's house with my brother and his family, we were only missing my older brother and crew, but it was pretty crowded!
We deep fried the turkey to perfection .... got to ooh and awww over the new princess of the family, and fun was had by all
This pic is how ALL our family gatherings end, Grandpa on the floor reading stories ..... VERY cool!
..... HERE are MORE pics .... :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Musings ....

It's possible someone reading my blog may not know that im a Writer. I mean not published or anything, but it is by far my best and favorite form of expression. Recently while cleaning up my hard drive i ran across this jewel, it made me cry *lol* So i suppose it has some sappy, nostalgic, holidayish properties to it :) Hope you enjoy.

A Spoon and a cookbook
I was sitting in a metal folding chair, tugging at the new pink skirt and double checking that the practice wedding “do” wasn’t coming undone. My cousin on one side writing down what gifts and from whom as my sister (on the other side) was handing them to me. The next one was a garment box, pretty wrapping, but to tell the truth I’ll never remember what it was wrapped in. The gift itself, well, it transported me .. to another time, another place.
It took me back to small country kitchen with red brick linoleum on the floor, and handmade café curtains at the windows. Three anxious children stood on stools and chairs, around an old decrepit dishwasher, that had been dead for a while, but was kept there for the extra counter space in the form of a butcher block. Each child gripped a cookie cutter of their own choice. Waiting while mom expertly rolled out the sugar cookie dough to the exact thickness to make perfect cookies.
I don’t remember what we cut out, how they looked, how many we made, I do however remember the smell, a mixture of cookies, evergreen from the Christmas tree, and the spicy candles mom always had going in the winter. The taste of warn fluffy sugar cookies right out of the oven, and the feeling that holiday cookies meant Christmas must be close.
Christmas wasn’t the only time of year we made cookies, our house never lacked in the baked goods department, but it was the ONLY time of year we got to pull out “The Cookie Book” It was an old Betty Crocker cookbook full of holiday cookie recipes. Dated 1978, it had cute drawings that seemed so old to us, and my favorite part was on the ginger bread cookie recipe, they showed photos of an old Betsy McCall doll making the cookies herself! Mom would tell me about how she had a doll like that when she was my age, and then explain to me every time how they got pictures of her making cookies.
We got all our holiday cookies out of that book, Pinwheel cookies, sugar cookies (with sour cream) gingerbread cookies. It was as much a part of our Christmas as a tree taller than dad, or the hand knit stockings from our Grandmother, that had our names, and were much bigger then anybody else’s stockings!
This Gift I opened was so much more than just things being handed down to me, they were to be permanent reminders in my home of what my mother tried so hard for so many years to install in my mind. Sitting in the crock on top of my stove, I am brought back every day. To the lessons taught over bread dough, about being a wife and homemaker, traditions held in a cookbook, making sure that we set up memories and traditions of our own and making sure that everyone gets in on the Holiday fun. The reminder that Precious memories can be as simple as time spent with family. Mom always tried to show me how to make a house a home. How to make a welcoming place to come back to, and how to make sure your own family feels like this kitchen is the best, warmest and safest place anyone could ever find themselves.
I stared at the wooden spoon so old and notched and dark sitting there in the bridal tissue paper, and I saw Eric stirring the chips into his “famous” cookie dough. Tying a bundle of Lipton Tea bags onto it, and draping them into a pot of boiling water to steep for a gallon sized batch of REAL homemade sweet iced tea. I saw dad stirring chili, and mom mixing the biscuit dough. I picked up the cookbook and expected flour to fall out mixed with red and green sprinkles. I ran my hand over the grease spots from 20+ years of pawing over the recipes, and children pointing to pictures with doughy fingers.
Mom had written a message inside the cover.
“To my Sweet Sara on the Occasion of marriage to Michael, May many little ones enjoy this book.” Love Mom
Then, After I started to cry, I had to hold up the ratty spoon and faded cookbook for all to see, and explain to all in the room a summary of what I just explained to you.

S.E.D. Nov. 15 2004

Monday, November 20, 2006

Driving in Buses with Teenagers

What a weekend :P To start it all off, our cable provier Adelphia, switched over to Comcast ... yay fun, BUT We lost internet for 3 days, now we also have Vonage ..VoIP ... meaning ... no internet, no phone :P Not terrible, but terribly annoying to not be able to call anyone, and email anyone ..... or check my mail, or look at my bank account :P and of course, chit chat with my friends.
I did however unearth all sorts of treasures in Rearranging many random areas of my kitchen. LOL
Friday night, we,(my hubby and I) chaperoned a teen event called superbowl. We leave at 430pm,on a large premiere bus, head to a hockey game 2 hours away ..... after the game they hold a big youth rally, where they play games and hand out prizes and throw stuff into the stands for the kids .... its fun .. then at midnight, we head back towards home an hour and stop to go bowling, and eat PILES of pizza and unending soda for several hours, then we head to a rollerrick/ laser Tag spot to top it all off. we leave the area at 6am ..... get home around 7 wait for parents to pick up kids and we all go home to crash ... but wait! we have kids! We bring my sibligns home, and pick up our kids, who are well rested and ready for the day ...... unaware that mommy and Daddy are zombies LOL.
Sunday we gathered at church for a HUGE thankgiving potluck in the afternoon. They alos held baptisms and child dedications. Twas a fun evening, but i was DEADer than DEAD when i finally was able to sit and unwind ...... OI! today we recover .... me, my house, and the kids LOL.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Migraine UGH!

shhh! Migriane city here, i can't see my self getting much done today :P UGH!
However, yesterday, i got ALOT done :) i went to see my new neice ... OH i have a NEW neice! She is SOoooo cute ... and i grocery shopped after 9pm :P i replaced the ironing board my son somehow killed *lol*

But the real accomplishment ..
i finished one set of sheets for one of my nephews. Isaac, he and his brother Aiden have the new little sister, so im making them fresh new bedding to make thier room feel new, since little sister gets all the new blankets and stuff :) I'm really happy with how it came out, they have toddler beds, so i modeled it with my daughter's crib.

I did finish a child size mitten for a neice in Washington state, however it feels too loose to me, the cuff is waay off, so im hunting another pattern. Samantha seems to be getting into the crochetting thing too, which tickles me pink :D

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wordless Wednesday#3 .....don't think we can climb out of this one! .......

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**Breaking silence**
i found this pig the other day and had to take a picture and i must say, this is an accurate picture to explain my feelings post-election 2006 :P