Monday, November 18, 2013

Bloodcurdling screams have nothing on "I'm huuuuuungry" from a ten year old boy.

My son is 10 now, and hungry, endlessly hungry. This is made evident by the way he continuously chatters on and on about how he is starving, how that last snack, that 5th one, it wasn't quite enough, and its only 5pm, how long must we wait for dinner!?!?
Today i went on my bi-weekly "big shop" and tried in vain to stop this abuse my child is suffering under (yes, that was a joke, it's a first world problem, I am aware, relax people ... finish you chai tea)
I walk through the store filling my cart to the brim, thinking, people must think I have a gaggle of munchkins at home, not two pre teens ..... (whoa ... pre-what's?!  *pauses for coffee*)
Thankfully, I shop at Aldi, if you have one, USE IT! If not, i'm sorry, it really IS a lifesaver! The other saving grace is my son's aversion to high sugar content, Food Dye. Oh don't get me wrong, HE LOVES it, his body, however, is not overly fond of it. His attention span is reduced to that of a .......wait what was I saying?....oh, food dye! Right, yes and his energy is through the roof! Which either one alone, is cool, high energy put into homework or chores would be wicked awesome, and the lack or attention span would serve me well around 5pm, when he would like to ask REALLY deep questions, tell super long, detailed stories, or like, when he is STAAAAARRRRVING, and can't think of anything else to talk about!
The low prices save the wallet, and the built in aversion helps me not fall prey to picking up any old snack food, I actually have to put thought into it. If you put a little thought into, then you get better through, like, hearty snacks over fluffy ones, and no, don't buy THAT sweet for their lunches, because you like that one yourself, and will inevitably end up eating a box of them yourself (peanut butter chocolate wafer thingys anyone? OI! They kill me! )
My daughter is tiny, a little tiny 8yr old who seems to be getting taller, still no waist, or need for protein, or peanut butter, or more then one snack or two a day, and those being normal child sizes. She makes up for the ease in other ways though, no worries! I didn't get an easy pass, she is 13 emotionally *coffee break #2*

so, there is the stash, we will see if this takes care of breakfast, lunch and snacks for two weeks, if not, .....well lets just hope :P