Friday, September 29, 2006

Yuh I like socks, and i still buy the clothes so ... yeah *lol*

soo cute :)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Give a Mouse a cookie

"You know, it seemed like a simple idea at first..Grant is up from nap .... they are both cranky .... a snack! fresh chocolate chip cokies .... THAT made them happy! ...and then ... i remembered ..... chocolate is messy :P UGH! Oh well makes for cute pictures :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Live like no one in the can LIVE like no one else!"

soo .. umm yeah this whole money thing has turned me into a full fledged multi tasking NERD! I have just finished my budget for November, and was exstatic about how much im able to save for clothes, and for christmas ..and still pay bills and pay stuff off! :P I never thought to buy clothes for me! until i went out somewhere and realized how grundgy i look :P So, im getting a bit happy about maybe having new jeans :)

So, here is the fun thing :) My hubby did a TAxes booboo for a couple years now(aka DIDNT file ), and he spent most of this summer fixing it, and we have waited to see if we were getting refunded, or if we would pay. The other day, we got notice, saying they were refunding us ..... about 13oo$!!!! :D weehee. So i sat down and plotted out the money ... and la la ... then a dentist bill came UGH! Always something. I would eventually get around to fitting THAT in :P
Well. today, after doing all my budgeting and charts and such ...... i got the mail .... and got a check!!! A check for 1344.83 ..... *faints* ..Woosh! its even 24$ more than i had planned for ..:) Then another check ... from the insurance...for the dentist bill, all but 24$ of it .... :D OMG! can you stand it?? SO now ... we are getting heating oil... as it gets cold, i can go buy sammy a jacket ...and me some jeans ... and OMG i can't decide if im gonna cry or jump up and down ..... i may just do both :D

Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Grant!

Yesterday we celebrated Grant's third birthday. I TRIED to keep it small, but My family plus mike's family can't really EVER be small :) then my hubby kept making food! *lol* everyone left happy to not need dinner heehehe
this is my cake Yup, RED RED RED and BLACK :P Not so tasty most of the time, but hey, grant LOVED it, and the boys ate alot of cake, so thats what matters :)
He got some really cute gifts, some FAST gifts :) and ummm an odd one :)

LOL my sister is crazy :P
Here is the whole pictoral stoyr of the day :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

September 14th ..... a day that will live in Infamy....

Well ,its a big day here ...:) 4 years ago .. we looked like this all dandied up and ready to start out on a journey. :) We went to SanFransisco for our honeymoon, which was a gift from very dear friends :) More PICS HERE
And then one year later ... our lives centered around this little bundle :) Little stinker had to be born on our anniversary *lol* no probs though..... we'll never top THAT gift to each other :) more boy PICS HERE
So yeah thats our September 14th ...... hope yours is happy! :)

Monday, September 11, 2006

I remember

That morning, i was at work. I worked in the sporting goods department of my local Sears store. It was myself and one other person that day, and it was SLOW. We couldn't belive that not one person was shopping today. My co-worker, Emilio, called his girlfriend while i cleaned off the excersize equipment. Then he said the strangest thing.
"Im going over to electronics, something on the news about the world trade center falling, or another bomb or something."
How odd, I remember the last ime the WTC got bombed, that was kinda scarry, not as bad as the Oklahoma city thing i had thought, but how sad if that was true. Maybe i should call my mom?
"Hi Mom, are you okay? I heard that something happened in Ny?" I couldnt understand why my mother was crying, she was so lost ... not talking .... then i heard ..... "Oh my GOD! Sara have to go"
Thats when i ran, I ran to electronics, my first thought was, huh, this is where everyone is. EVERYONE, employees, customers, all crowded around the TVS running the news coverage. There it was the horror on 72 inches of Sony color. New York was burning it seemed like. My mom had been watching the second Plane hit when she hung up. Now i understood. Now we all started to see .... this wasn't an accident! Someone is killing us! someone is flying planes into OUR city!! WHAT is going on!!
Then the first tower fell, i fell, i fell to my knees, along with a couple women around me ... one woman was hysterical she almost collapsed. I just froze, staring, on my knees, praying asking why? asking Who?
Then the news ticker running across the tv said ..... "All military units are on high alert, awaiting orders." Then i lost it, i ran into the stockroom and cried. My brother, is in the Army, my best friends 3 brothers are all Army .... i have sunday school students who are now grown in the army .... suddenly i felt VERY small ... and VERY vulnerable, and VERY PATRIOTIC. Then i got MAD! I'm still mad! not quite so insane, :P but still wishing justice, and now wishing we were still one nation.
I tried to call my Fiance, he was in Mass. where he lived. He laughed at me, i was nervous about how close to boston he may be, who knoew if Boston was safe? who knew WHAT was safe? I wanted him HOME. I NEEDED him home. He was very good, assured me he was fine, and that maybe i should get off the phone, since the entire eastern grid was jammed by people calling cell phones. He's so smart :) I felt a little better, but SO lost.
That night was youth group, but we met at the church, with anyone who wanted to come, and i was worried about to tell these teens, but you know? They told me, they spoke, and gave me hope, they had insight like you wouldn't believe! I was so blessed by that night!
I remember thr candle light vigil on friday night. We lined our main street with candles and sang ... and waved to cars, and brought stuffed animals to our local Fire house, they were driving a truck down to NYC stuffed with animals for the children left behind orphaned by this horrible day. My fiance showed up that night and i was feeling a bit safer, happy to have my loved one, and then felt so blessed that mine could come home. That we would get married and have kids, and how so many people now had lost that, how SAD! SO SAD!
I sat in front of the TV all night, for days i watched, i couldnt take my eyes off of it. It was a month of hell. BUT we all came together like I've never seen. I wish it were still like that now!
I remember my sister. She is a sensitive soul, sensitive to people and thier pain, and intuitive. For days , my sister heard the pain of the people dying in the towers. She HEARD screaming for days inside her head. Until the last day, she came into mom and said ..... the last voice stopped mom, they are all gone now. and she wept ... then slept .. she hadnt slept since it happened. She could only hear the pain, and pray for their souls as they dwindled down to that last voice. Erie i know, but .... almost an honor really. She had a connection to them, no one will ever understand. She won't EVER forget that day.
Even a year later, while i planned for my wedding, people had forgotten already. HOW is that possible? HOW could you possibly forget?? We were shopping for wedding things, and found "we will not forget" pins in a fabric store. The girls there had made them. Mom and i bought some and wore them all day. I still have it ... i wear it. I WILL NOT FORGET!!

WE REMEMBER read more memories

5 years, innocent people working hard .. maintaining livleyhoods, innocent people flying aircraft, going to see family .... working hard at defending our country ..... senselessly KILLED with no reason, no provacation ..... in the middle of a beautiful September day. I will remember the pain, the terror, the feeling of vulnerability. The knowledge that I would have many soldiers going to war out of my circle of friends ....... and the immediate feeling of PATRIOTISM ....... of wanting to wear our colors and scream U.S.A!! I WILL NOT let that fervor die. we should be PROUD to live here, PROUD of our freedoms PROUD of our duty to other to help them find those same freedoms. I am PROUD to be an AMERICAN.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

"George ...... You were never Born"

Winter is on its way. Well we havent really hit fall yet, but here in vermont, as soon as it's cool at night for 3 weeks in a row, we start pulling out winter mindsets, buying heating oil, wood, movies, and new snowsuits.
Winter is my favorite season, but im starting to think it's probably not for all the best reasons. :P I LOVE cold, the colder the better. I LOVE fall the leaves changing, the crisp air, walks in the woods. SNOW! Snow is awesome, snowstorms, sledding skating. skiing, snowmen, snowball fights. Hot Cocoa afterwards. Flannel sheets, warm slippers, CHRISTMAS!
Yup those are all good reasons, but the not so wonderful reason, is that i like to Hermit in the winter. I like to stay in my house, stay away from lots of people. I feel more comfortable pulling away into my shell and not feeling the need to socialize. Dunno if thats ok or not, but i feel it coming on every year. Just about now. It's better this year though, i cant really stay in that much with kids, so i may not fall so victim to the feeling. :P
last night i wanted to dissapear, just go away ... watch from the shawdows, like a ghost. See what life without me would look like. Yeah i have a george Bailey complex I guess. *lol* But think about it .... how would your surroundings be if you weren't in them?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Go out doing what you love

:( Steve Irwin died. That's sad. Not all that suprising really, but still none less sad. He was killing by a Manta Ray sting to the heart. His wife was backpacking in the mountains at the time. HERE is the article

I hope i go down doing what I love! :)