Friday, January 29, 2010

Shake anyone?

Conversation had with My 4yr old daughter the other day, she was supposed to be getting dressed, and had only managed to get her PJ pants off.

..Samantha dances into the kitchen singing... "Shake, Shake ya Bootay! Shake shake ya bootay!."

I stop abruptly and say loudly .... ."WHAT are you singing?!"

Samantha replies with ... **Eyeroll and Sigh** "Shake your BOO..T EE , MOooMeeEE! Hey! did you know that Bootee, means *whispers* butt!? HA HA HA!!" and she dances away singing ... "shake shake ... shake ya bootay!"


Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's OSO Icy!

Have you seen the show "agent OSO" on Playhouse Disney? It's pretty cute, perfect for my little pre-schooler, but oh my goodness it makes me laugh! It is about a secret agent, named OSO, and of course it's a spoof off of the greatest secret agent ever, BOND. SO, the names of the missions and the songs they sing are all spin offs of Bond movies, it just cracks me up.

Anywho, went out to wait for the bus this morning, and my son went out the front door, it was raining, so I told him to wait, went in the garage got an umbrella and went out the garage door, and I hear a small voice saying, "carefu......." and there I am, on flat on my back, sliding down the driveway on a sheet of ice. OUCH! My coffee went everywhere, even on my son :P Poor kid, he fell off the top bunk the night before last and whacked his head, now he is laying on the wet ice, wailing cause he hit his head, and my coffee splashed on his pants. Not a nice way to start the day!

Now, I am OSO sore! I just got my wet jeans off, and I hurt in weird places. UGH! Guess it's a good day for scrapbooking :)