Thursday, February 18, 2010

sweet 16 babay

don't tell anyone, but according to my beautiful daughter, sometime in the next 24 hours, I will be turning 16! Isn't that lovely?

I seem to have vague memories of doing 16 already, skating party with my best girl friends, silver necklace that said Sweet Sixteen, but it must have been a dream, cause today, is the REAL #16!


Friday, February 12, 2010

MOTHERHOOD .....**Please see warning label**

**BEWARE ... motherhood may cause one or many of the following. Proceed with caution..... Hormonal changes, weight gain, lowered Stress tolerance, wrinkles, grey hairs, Emotional emotions, spontaneous weeping, spontaneous screaming, spontaneous laughter, insomnia, muscle aches, Heartaches, heart enlargement, higher pain tolerance, lower emotional tolerance............... HOWEVER, in the end, it appears to be worth the side affects :) ***

oo, today I went shopping, i am so out of the loop with kid's clothing, I have had 90% of my kids clothing passed down or bought as gifts, now I'm alone mostly, and lost that network, and I have to BUY clothes! Grant is 6 and suddenly growing a couple inches every hour :P His size depends on the quality of the clothes, so I spend alot time between the toddlers and "big boys" sections, which hurts a bit! :P I wanna go back to fuzzy puppy sleepers that are soo tiny you wonder how babies can be so small. Now, i buy jeans and thinking, REALLY? Is he THAT tall?? This morning I had to get T-Shirts for Sammy who is 4 but closing in on size 5 pretty quick. I buy these t-shirts, and when i get home, I open the package and they are HUGE! I'm wondering how I got the size so wrong, so I call Sammy over, and put them up to her ........ and they fit!!

So, when was saying "Oh man, these aren't right"

Sammy is sad, then i hold them up and say "WHAT?! They fit?"

Now she is happy, and says, Mommy, they FIT! That is a GOOD thing, don't be sad."

Seriously, i almost cried, LOL what a sap! I just can't get over how fast all that time went!! OI!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


just wanted to say .....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my seester


Love ya sis :)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Handy Dandy .. Mousa-ka-tools!

Remember Blue's Clues? How he always had his "Handy Dandy Notebook!" whenever he needed to write something down? Have you seen Mickey Mouse lately? He has a clubhouse, and this little electronic pair of ears that follow him all day full of "Mouse-ka-tools" and amazingly, the tools are only and EXACTLY the ones he needs.

WHY have they not invented these for Mom's? WHY do I not have a Notebook that pops up everytime i say>..."I better write that down!" I don't care if it's in blue crayon, as long as the thought doesn't get forgotten till it's too late!

What about screwdrivers? OI for cryin' out loud, I'll be tidying my kitchen and wonder why on God's green earth do I have ALL the screwdrivers in the whole house in my Silverware drawer??? Then, when i need one, do you THINK i could find it? Or a thermometer? I KNOW i must own at least 8, cause I've seen them, when we are all well, and I'm organizing, but as soon I feel Sammy's head, and say, OI, all the thermometers scatter to the ends of the earth. >_<

I was thinking, in a perfect world, I would have those ears, and give cheers .. .(it's a mickey thing .. you'd have to see it ) ... then I remember a dream, from last night, it was a glimpse into a much more Mom-friendly world.....

...Picture this ..... **this is all I remember of the dream** .......I am walking in a lonely field,out in nowhere land and finally get cell service ..... **and oddly it looks strikingly similar to an NCIS set i may have seen on TV that night** so I go to dial a number, and alas! My phone dies. BUT! Then .... i say ....
"Dagum! well, I guess I'll have to plug it in"
, and I do ... cause you see, now, I am in my nice little car with the charger and a full tank of gas, and driving to safety and wondering why I thought I was in trouble.

Isn't that a nice world? **siiigh**
ok, back to my lunch, PB&J with cheddar sharks .... it's the good life, really, it is. :D

Monday, February 01, 2010

God Is amazing Isn't He?

So, I've decided most of my "funny posts" will most likely be coming from the mouth of my 4yr old daughter ... she pretty much kills me. :)

Out shopping for yarn, we have a new little niece, whose name is Ruby, therefore, we must buy red ruby yarn to make her warm ruby slippers with. :)

Out of the blue, Sammy says to me ..."Mommy, How does God make a baby?"

DOH! Mommy stammers too long, cannot think of a thing to say because i want to laugh, and i said something like ...
"Well, it's an amazing thing that God does ..."

Sammy, "Is it magic?"

Mommy is REALLY trying to keep it together now ..

Sammy. ..."Well, I guess God IS pretty amazing, so he could pwobably make just about anything huh? Yeah ..Hey! I like this pink Yarn!"

Mommy moved to the end of the isle to laugh it out those little brains never stop thinking!