Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Well, i've had this video banging around in my head for a while now, since i started that other blog of mine. These are the songs that inspired the blog,
(that and the fact that David didn't know we went to Florida once LOL)
So here is my Generations video, tissues may be needed for anyone who knows the people involved. *lol*

Oh, and i put the first story up on the new blog, also, anyone who has a story to share with the rest of us, send me an email with your blogger-email-addy, and i will add you on to the list so you can post :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Every time Iget a good pity party going, . . . . . . .

I get a swift kick in tha patootie! :P My dear frined Sandra sent me this Link and i think this woman is awesome! What a story teller! You will surely get a kick out of this, and look at how much her auction sold for!


i am adding her blog to my links :) I would like to get to know her!

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Great sunflower Massacre of '07 and the shopping therapy thereafter.

Hee heehehee

Well geez, this is our second storm with "damaging winds" (as matt calls it) well the second one to hit my street, there have been several in our state this year, but i have just never seen SUCH damaging winds here in our nook. Major trees got taken out this time, just random trees snapped, or knocked over, our landlords almost lost their house to one big pine.
We were out of power overnight, no big deal, but mike's grill got picked up and thrown across the yard we found marble sized hail in a little pile, and the whole side of our house was plastered with debree. No one got hurt no serious monetary damage, but pretty cool to look at the aftermath. Here is a pic of what the garden behind our house looked like afterwards .... sad sad sunflowers :(

Oh, and this is Sammy in Clarie's, LOL she LOVES that store, could be expensive :)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

How DO they do that?!

You ever wonder that?you look at something cool and wonder, How does that work?
Well i guess most people with any kind of imagination do, and some of the smart ones just 'know' how it's done. Then there are the "tinkerers". The ones who are pretty sure they know, but they just have to SEE it. Does ANYONE know ANYONE like that?
My son, my son is similar to a tornado, in that he is calm quiet and quite pleasant most of the time, however, when his energy hits a certain level, he leaves massive destruction and waste in his wake. Leave him alone in a room too long, and wallpaper disappears, blinds become new amazingly aggravating sculptures, curtains are removed from windows and turned into a "SUUUuuuuuuuuPERMAN" costume.
The most recent victim was the hamper. Just a cheap hamper, a fold able one, you know, the type with mesh and a wire frame, perfect for boys to throw things in, sit on, walk into, move, pretty indestructible, until, the child decides he WILL see how it's made.
And thats his motive, just to see how it's done. He knows he shouldn't, but, WHAT is behind the wallpaper anyway? Do blinds still work after being redesigned? How big are the curtains really? How does this hamper stay up, but stay bendy? So he proceeded to removes the wire, and is now doing chores to replace the thing. My immediate response is to be angry, and yell, and wonder WHY he is soo bad, but then i remember, he is not bad deep down, e just can't control the curiosity enough to avoid destroying things. For some reason this seems a familiar situation to me. Who do i know like that?
Well, besides my Big Brother ERIC of course, he couldn't hold onto a piece of electronic equipment very long before it was taken apart, examined, then redesigned into some odd new invention. Every piece of old electronics was dismantled and studied for days.
Well, I sat down that evening and tried to relax and not think about what Grant may be destroying as he falls asleep, and i look at my hubby. He is trying to fix the camera i took to Cape Cod, Got sand in, and BROKE. He shakes his head, declares it dead, and then,,,,,,,,, He TOOK IT APART ... yuh, ok, well that explains alot. Sometimes i forget that i married McGyver Heehehehheeee