Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

Here it is Memorial day The day set aside to honor our fallen heros, and remember the price that was paid for our freedoom. My Dad told a story in church on sunday about a guy he had been good friends with back in highschool, and how he had (through some baseball thing) inspired Dad to carry a black comb with him everywhere, and then his friend died in Vietnam. He was a door gunner, and got killed. Dad went to "The Wall" iin '99 and found his friends name, and laid a black comb at he foot of the wall.

I always thought he carried the comb cause it was Army issue, but then i would wonder why he really needed it since he hardly let hisI hair grow. Now i know.

Its a day to remember for me, 7 years ago, I was Raped. On this very day.Wow .. now im married, happily so, and i have two adorable kids, and it doesnt hurt so much, I can remember little details like it was yesterday, and yet, it still seems like a dream. But like i said, things are much improved these days, Life sucks, but it does get better if we let it. :)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Faith of a Child

Sometimes reality makes me sad. well .. lol .... it ALWAYS does ... but what i meant was ... sometimes, eternal reality makes me sad. See, for me, I don't fear death, there are days i crave it, oh not death itself, but what comes after, the peace, being in God's presense, seeing my memaw again, meeting my big sis finally, holding my nephew at last. Yes, those are good thoughts, those make me smile, and then i think of others here on earth with me, and i get sad.
Salvation to me is simple, we messed up, God loves us, He made good meds to fix it, all we have to do is take the meds. Alas humans are dumb, and arrogant, and refuse to admit they need it. My case in point today is a young friend of mine. She has so much promise, she much talent, so smart, and yet lost. She will grow up, rich, with her parents rich money, she will travel, become a great philanthopist, change parts of world even, but, she sees God as a crutch for dumb people, which in a great strange twist of fate, makes her ignorant. wow .... weird. I want to hold her until she sees the truth. Make me wonder how God feels ... if i feel so strongly for someone iv'e never even seen, He must cry for her soul. If only she knew.
Anywho ... thats all for now, random! :)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Shoppin in da rain

Today we all went shopping. Yes, Grant is sick, Sam is on ammoxacillin to ward off an ear infection, and my allergies are kiiling me, but we are going CRAZY in the house, soo , we went shopping at the mall. The kids got 120$ for their dedication *lol* so i went and bought them clothes for summer.
I also got us Mcd's for lunch. Yay mommy you so cool! :) Grant got a cute teddy bear in his happy meal, and carried it in the mall. At one point he dropped it and a security guard picked it up for him. Grant looked at me and said, "he's a poyeece man momma!" Then he kept dropping it on purpose to see if the poyeece man would come back XD.

Then, my *petrified of bugs boy* picked out a white tee with big bugs on it, and wouldn't let go. He HAD to have it LOL. So now we have a buggy tee shirt :P He thinks it will hurt him to wear it now though. :P

When we left the mall, it was raining which is customary here in the Vermont Rain Forest. LOL ANd just as i stepped up into the van BIG drops of water started to fall. and viola .. its POURING rain now. Grant Fell asleep on the way home, which is GOOD he just woke now, so i should go finish cooking dinner. thanks for reading my meaningless blogging :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Makeover! XD

Okay .... so i played with codes, and came up with PURPLE :) I like purple..can you tell? Not a whole lot to blog about this morning, Grant has a bad cold/allergies, not sure which, but i'd bet on allergies. Sam is sleepin' i SHOULD be doing laundry and dishes, but thats no fun! *lol*
As in intro, my Name is Yubby, I have a hubby named Mike, a 2yr old named Grant, and a 10mo. old named Samantha. I am at home, working on various web graphics for various people. Not for pay yet :P Unless Neopets counts LOL! I'm addicted to neopets, i have some good buddies i chat with there, Sammi and Amy are my two best buds online :)
I enjoy living here in Vermont, with the crisp air, and green mountains, the clear summer days and beautiful country landscapes. I live in a small town, next to a large city, but not all THAT large really LOL just big for Vt. Im at the foot of a HUGE ski mountain/ tourist trap. I LOVE to ski, this comming winter i WILL learn to 'surf the snow'. I also enjoy ice skating, and walking in the woods, camping, and picking wildflowers :)
Children are good for me, they draw me outdoors in my ..*cough* older age :) They help me rediscover the great outdoors. It's been lots of fun!
Well,,, lest i bore anyone :P I will go do some housework now, then go shopping for food :D YAY! food :D

Tuesday, May 09, 2006