Thursday, August 31, 2006


ahh thursday :) I love thursdays, well every other one anyway. It's payday .. payday is GOOD! i sat down and figured out how much we have been able to save this summer, for various things, emergency fund, to by a beater car, mission trip gift .... in all we have saved nearly $2000 so far. :) AND just catching up and paying things off, we have shaved off $660 in debt .... that's taken care of 3 payments we have been making every month, adn has mae our utilities ALOT smaller :)

Today im organizing all my junk for the Labor Day Tag Sale. I've never done one :P we shall see how it goes. I've done them, but they were my Mom's and her's were legendary, we had 6-12 families involved, on a huge front lawn off of a main road with 2'x3' plywood signs to get people there. So, you can see why im a bit intimidated. :D But i have some good items, furniture and NICE baby clothes .... hopefully it goes well :)
'Hot Dogs are burning :) gtg :P

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Katrina One Year Later

its coming .... it's an emotional month ... if you let it :P With Katrina, and 9-11 and My wedding anniversary, AND grants birthday. :) I love september :) I get happy, and reflect on the amazing human spirit! The grit of Americans in dark tough days. Its really an amazing month .. if you let it. :)

Today i was watching the news, i HATE NBC news blatently bias, so ridiculous ... :P BUT it's all i get for now except CBS, who isn't that reliable either *lol*
well yesterday i watched a non NBC special on Katrina, and they were talking about hope, how the new FEMA director had turned things around dramatically, proving the other guy ... whatshisname Brown, had mucked it all up in the begining. Ray Nagan was an idiot .. sending away empty trains willing to take people out, turning away busses willing to take people ...... ...BUT NBC? All they talked about was how bush let us down again ... how the government lied. like always, how it shattered our faith in the government even more than the war.They interviewed the incapable EX-FEMA director. They kept talking about how the government said they were acting, but all we saw on TV was chaos and destruction and horrors. WELL HELLO! It was a disaster! How much can you expect?

Does it occur to them, that MAYBE WE were misdirected, maybe there was more to what we didnt see .... maybe WE didnt see things clear ... is it possible that the news sensationalised it all? Is it so far feached to think the media twisted it and only showed the worst cases time after time .... :o Oh no! Who would believe that?? UGH!!!

I'm not downplaying the situation ..... My heart broke for those peple ...I had friends IN it.. i wish i could have helped more, i rejoice with every new house, every family who gets thier feet back under them. But i WONT sit around and talk about "the horror the horror .... the government let us down!" awww shut up :P Those people are the people who dont have enough grit to get up and make a new life, those are the people who won't move out to make life better. If they are gonna be stubborn, and dumb, and obstinant ... then you know what ..... stay in the 9th ward, inhale the mold .... and wait for a miracle!

I hate that New Orleans is so changed, My family is from there. I have roots there, its sad that the culture is changing, but you know ... nothing to stop the world over, we change all the time .. thats how americans got here in the first place isn't it? England was inhospitable to people who wanted choice and free speech and religious freedom ... so they moved .. and here we are. That is what made Frech Creole what it is! The mixing of peoples from different places, so ... thats gonna happen again, and frankly im interested to see what will come of it.
So there's my vent. Yes Katrina was awful, changed the culture and landscape of the south. Well of america. People died, thats horrible ... but now they have moved on, rebuilt, either there, or elsewhere. Done what needs to be done to care for their families, thats what the american spirit is! SURVIVAL!! SURVIVE New Orlenas! Dont sit and mope about how you got done wrong .. get UP! Fix UP! Stand tall rebuild your city, teach your children about "the Old New Olreans" and embrace the new. It's inevitable ..its life :)

And now, im getting coffee :P

Sunday, August 27, 2006

OI VEY!! what a week :P soooo we got the van back on Friday afternoon .... after i had a small meltdown *lol* yes a REAL meltdown :P but! Mike had agreed to buy the extended GM warranty or 1000$ (which i thought was dumb) turns out, the two days of work, and 1300$ worth of parts, not to mention the rental ..... we paid ...... 50$!! yup! FIFTY bucks :) AAANDD! We had that much CASH in our "Car Maintenance" envelope. :) So i went, "paid the guy" drove away in my fully operational van, and decided after the HEdoublehockeysticks of a week i had, we were getting McDonalds! so i spent the rest of my grocery cash on McD's for me and the kiddos. got an iced coffee i didnt need, and put it in the fridge when i got home.

Yesterday, i put the coffee in the freezer, and 4 hours laster .... it wasn't frozen ... 0.o and the rhubarb was squishy ... and the bread was all thawed .... um yuh ... the whole thing was DEAD. so now ... we have a beat up OLD fridge downstairs STUFFED full of food ... and this big empty fridge :P annnd grrr :P

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"miss Quote"

So today i saw something interesting ... one of my pet peeves .... Misquoting someone ..then taking that misquote and making judgements about that person, when you yourself can't even quote them properly ..

Case in point==. Im chatting in my IRC chatroom, while building a website for someone ... and one person comes in the room and makes this statement .... "
Bush: Katrina recovery will take time" he responds ... MEH! and someone else says ... "duh! ... im NOT a fan of the W"

so that gets me thinking, and then i hear the ENTIRE speech on the radio .... and look it up online ... and find this ...
"It's a time to remember that people suffered and it's a time to recommit ourselves to helping them," Bush said Wednesday. "But I also want people to remember that a one-year anniversary is just that, because it's going to require a long time to help these people rebuild." o.0 interesting .... a whole new outlook on it eh? Oh yuh ...and what that chap quoted, was actually the title to the story .. NOT what "the W" has said .... o.o MEH!


for a day :P <---small print gotta read it!

Yup our van went into service this morning to get checked for the overheating thing .... or nearly overheating anyway *lol*

Soo the good part is .... i get to drive THIS until its done XD Muaahahahahahahaaaa!

c'mon its the closest ill get to a new RED car in a LOONG time :) I gotta have fun with it ... even if i cant drive very far cause i dont have the money to fill the tank again *lol*

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"Pops of Joy"

I went to a women's confernce recently the theme was "Contagious Joy" one of the things that stuck with me was Luci Swindoll's talk about looking for the little things that make you smile ... little "pops of Joy" through the day ...... which is why i got this mug to remind me while i drink my coffee.

This morning is horrid, last night Grant was up till 1 playing in his room. Samantha kept waking because she is sick and can't breathe :P Mike was gone overnight at work putting in a phone system. Sooo im feeling a tad hungover ..(not that i know what hungover feels like! *cough snort*)

Im brushing my teeth thinking ... "God, help my attitude, help me look for happy, I need pops of joy, help me see pops of joy.." and the whole time im thinking how weird my toothbrush is this morning ....... and i look ...... and it's Mikes! :o HAAHAHAHAHHA *pop* that helped alot! lol i got my new layout from that book and mug btw :)

Monday, August 21, 2006


Soooo i got this ottoman off of a friend for free, and had the intent to cover it. It was blue damsk, OLD and nasty with a pleated skirt. Soo i pulled off the skirt and was amazed that the legs are identical in size shape and color to my tables! Yay fun! :)
Then i choppped the thing to bits .... as shown here :)

Then i took the lovely chocolate colored Velvet i bought and started the re-cover process ...... but .. i duno it's EH .... like i wanted "Wow look at how nice that looks now!" and i got ... eh .. :P
Oh well .... i'd love imput if anyone browses by *lol*.

Monday Monday

Ho hum here we are .. on the crux of another week. I feel VERY unready for monday :P Been a tough august. Along with random craziness, there was the little gas sipping toyota that died .... and the Van that keeps overheating, oh yuh, and me running .... err putting about town in a big ol' pickup with two car seats and NO ac.
Now i know ... better than most, that ANY vehicle willing to run and get you from place to place without exploding, is something to be VERY VERY thankful for, but ... i have new respect for my parents everytime i get in these kind of situations :P
We just got 1000$ saved up, and were about to start tackling the debts, but .. now we need to find a 'Tag Sale" car .... as Dave Ramsey puts it. Oh BTW if you don't know .... we are currently in a Financial class, trying to re-build our financial life the right way. The way God wants. The course we are following is "Financial Peace University" by Dave Ramsey. Its been alot of fun, well after the initial teeth grinding, pillow tossing, irish/italian temper clashing .... we got on a budget, started saving for emergencies, and were about to hit the debt ... but there ya go.
At least ..... we DO have that 1000$ in the bank ... we really CAN buy a car if we find one. So thats a good feeling. I am going out for a job now too, which is slightly intimidating . I'm not going for anykind of super position or anything, just a grocery store stocking shelves overnight or something, to bring in extra money we can throw at savings then debt. Filling out Job Ap's is kinda funny now, i havent done t in soo long :P
Friday night was fun, I got to sit in and help with "The Friday Night Meltdown" our internet radio show. Its really alot of fun, and we are trying to get ourselves 'out there' to get some new listeners, get feedback, requests, fan-calls, you know ... showbiz stuff :D LOL Check out the link on the sidebar ... check out our blog, listen to the show ... you'll like i think :)
I'm gonna get coffee now ... it's my lifeline ya know :D