Friday, September 28, 2007

Grow Cube!

Oh my goonis, you HAVE to try this!! It's soo crazy addicting!!
There are more "grow" games here,

Good luck! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rag Dolls

You know, life is funny. God never promises we will be beautiful, or age gracefully, or even age at all in some cases, BUT He does promise to hold us every step of the way, if we let Him.
Sometimes, kinda feels like we are rag dolls. No less beautiful, just older, wiser, and softer.
Just a thought i wanted to share, to anyone feeling beaten up, forgotten, alone, or just plumb tuckered out, God Loves his little Rag Dolls with a LOVE that passes all understanding.
Yay GOD! :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

odd n ends

So, here we are, as hazzie likes to say. It's friday, the last day of a nutty week, quite unlike LAST friday where i was all excited about getting out without kiddos, this week im gearing up for boy's birthday party. :) I'm actually kinda excited, it's the first one I've planned with 'structure'. Usually it's just everyone coming over, munching on food, and then we get around to gifts and cake before the kids start to beat each other up LOL.
So, this time, i have two games and a little simple craft project, so that should be fun.

Our little trip to Boston was awesome! We had a very nice hotel for a nice 'price-line' price :) we got to shop at IKEA, which i have never seen in person, and now I am addicted!! :) We went clothes shopping for mommy and Daddy. I got SUCH a cute dress, oh and shoes, yes shoes to die for LOL. My sis in aw may be jealous :D and THATS not easy to do

Aren't they adorable? Heehehee!

oh, and i can't forget, the GRANTISM of the month heeheee
So, Mike'e brother Calls Grant on his birthday, says to him

"So Grant, how old are you? Are you older than me now?"
"I don't knw Uncle daniel"
"Grant, are older than ME now?
"I don't know!"
"Grant, how old am I? old right? So, are YOU older then me now?"
wait for it.....
"I don't know UNcle DANIEL, WHO is Menow?!!"


Friday, September 14, 2007

Ahh yes, Iremember this day well ........

Not much more needs to be said :)
We are on our way to Boston for the weekend to celebrate our 5 years of bliss *ROFL* Bliss what a funny word :)
but yes, looking forward to a weekend of no kids, GLAD i'm not a fly on the wall in Matt's house tomorrow!

:) Thanks Bro ...*heeheheheee*

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Keys to success in Life ....

Rule #1
Be Confident in your abilities .....
know what you can do and know you do those things well..... case in point ...
i LOVE to make things with my hands, crochet is something i picked up again and I am just havng a ball with it!
Here is My rag doll ..(formerly known as "Sara Doll" recently re-named "Mommy Doll") well she was in need of some new clothes that sammy could dress her in easily, so i went to work, aaand maybe went a bit overboard, LOL but it's fun, and I'm good at it!

Here is the afghan i recently finished for Grant's bed, he will get it next weekend at his birthday party, and it coordinates well with the new **cough** NASCAR bedding he is getting. heehee

I am also trying to make new stocking for Mike Sammy and Grant, copying the one my Memaww made for me many years ago.

How To Become a Wilton Method Instructor

Another thing im looking at recently is Teaching "the Wilton Method" Woohhoo! :) Yup, i got an interiew at the local party store, they want me to start at the end of November by finishing up Course #2 , then starting up Course #1 in January. :)So yay, i could be a cake decorator/teacher. Woot! another thing i'm pretty good at :)

So yes, embrace your talents, revel in them, be confident in them!
and stick to them LOL

Rule #2 ..
KNOW your limitations!
yes i can make many things.... but ... it seems ...

Hairdressing is NOT one of my talents .... :o EEK!
I guess we BOTH need a hairdresser now :) Good thing im pretty friendly with this lady named Rose. She's my friend! She will fix it LOL.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where were you then? ....... Where are you now?

I was at work, just like any other day, The strange stories that i heard from customers, co-workers, and finally my mom. You know, in crisis, call MOM! The things i heard were NOT adding up, did NOT make sense. it could NOT BE HAPPENING!!
Well, it did. We are not as safe as we think. We are not invincible. We are human, and frail.
In a moment, in the twinkling, our life can change. Mine did, suddenly, all my cool Army guys, were now going to war. Everyone i loved feel too far away. Everything i LOVE about the USA was even more precious.
So without going on and on and on about the terror, the horror, the moments we all remember like they were yesterday, I want to ask a Question.
Where are you now? What did you learn? What do you see 6 years later?
I see a cloudy tuesday, so unlike the one we all remember, almost seems fitting.
I see my faith as SO vey nessasry to survive in these times.
I see my freedom as precious, and not something we will always enjoy, unless we are willing to fight or it.
What about our families? Do you remember how much you just wanted to callsomeone? Hear a voice you love? Just to get a hug from your dad? Do you still feel that way? Don't you think you should?
What about how much we all wanted to help? To fill a firetruck with stuffed animals for the 911 orphans in NYC. What about the candlelight vigils on friday nights, standing on the side of the road waving flags like crazy people and singing good old fashioned USA HOOAH songs with people you have never met before. Don't you wish it lasted? Could we do it again?
What about the soldiers? Yes, i do preach alot about the soldiers, but that's because i feel it EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have more family members and close friends associated now and back when to the Military i can't even count. Now as I type, my brother prepares for his second tour in Iraq. Do you know what that does to a family?
We don't sleep well, we don't eat well, we don't overlook the latest casualties in the war. We stand very tall, we wear red white and blue on fridays, we wear yellow ribbons always. we pray constantly. for our brother, son, uncle, father, husband, for his wife and 4 children who wait bravely for his return. I wake at all hours of the night with the sudden urge PRAY! PRAY NOW! and then i lie awake and wonder... those thought we are not allowed to say out loud. it hurts hurts till he is home where we can touch him and hold him, and know he is safe.
This is where i am now. I am aware of the different nation we live in, and how it is the same still in that, We get back up, we fight back, we defend our people, we are FREE. We are HERE. We are ALIVE. We are FREE.
We were free then, we are still FREE.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Kids, you gotta love'em

So, you know how it goes, you start winding down close to payday, and the cabinets are gettin' low, and you start to get creative. Kinda like when we were young and Mom used to shop at Ft. Devens down in Mass, 14billion hours away *heeheehehee*
we came up with a smart ditty once.
Twas the day before Devens
and all through the house,
The children were starving,
Matt's EATING a mouse!!

anywho, today we are out of sandwich bread, so i got creative, wondering how long it would work when my bright young son says,

"Mommy, where did we get ALL this food?"
"um, we bought it, with money, money that daddy made from work."
to which he says..
"Awww, isn't he just a great, super daddy?"

ROFL, yes son, yes he is LOL. To be a child again life WAS more simple back then LOL.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


quick update before i expire :)
Grant started Preschool today, WOW. I didn't think it would be too tough, or that he would fuss too much. Apparently i was fooling myself *lol*
I dropped him off, and when i was leaving, i knelt down with sammy gave him a hug and said,
"okay Grant, we are gonna leave...." at this point he starts to get all sad looking
mommy's heart is warming awww... he doesn't want to leave me :)
"nono, mommy and sammy are going home, you will stay here and......."
"OH! Okay, cool! Bye mom!"

and that was it, i sat there crouched on the ground in the hallway next to sammy looking at a closed door. the dad behind me chuckles, "well, THAT sucks!"

I was a bit out of my element i mean im glad he is doing well and all, but he could have clung a leeetle bit just for effect...scheech!

ahh well, twas a nice quiet morning, sammy very much enjoyed mommy time, we made a new dress for "dolly" who is actually MY dolly from many many years ago, making me feel even older than i already did. LOL

So, there is an update, i am going to eat dinner now. lol TTFN!