Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Soon it will be Christmas day.....

In reading my past posts, i am so sad to see how old my kids have gotten!

On a lighter note, Twelve days of Christmas by john Denver and the Muppets is playing as i type :)

Christmas is coming, winter is commin'. Our life has taken a startling turn, it simplified my Christmas to-do list significantly  which is good, because i always try to do too much to make the Holiday super special and different every year. It's funny how easy it is to not worry so much about a dead string of lights, or how soon i get presents, or how many cookies i make. Just to sit, and look at the advent calendar  listen to the kids talk about what Santa is bringing, have cocoa with the first snow, and remember what is really important.

My daughter is set on getting an Easy Bake oven, it's all she talks about, i asked yesterday, "what if you don't get it?"
she looked at me like I just stabbed her stuffed animal ... eek ... then this morning she is sitting quietly on the stairs as I'm rushing Grant out to the bus, she says ..."Mommy, do you really think Santa wouldn't give me the Easy Bake oven? I just don't know what I would do, it would be very very hard  to be happy."
Don't hurt yourself kid, I am pretty sure Santa has your back, but scheech, the older they get, they actually care about what is coming. I'm thinking all this as my son is ambushing us with his dart gun, that only has one dart currently, and wondering, what my coffee walk will be like next month, as I'm pummeled with rapid fire Nerf Discs, (I'm pretty sure Santa got THAT request too ) and I'm thinking maybe Santa needs to remember what it's like to have kids around, we wouldn't be subjected to such things ..... I think. maybe ...
So, yeah, Christmas this year is going to be simpler, and smaller, and nice and full of family, and friends. The good stuff. :)