Monday, November 18, 2013

Bloodcurdling screams have nothing on "I'm huuuuuungry" from a ten year old boy.

My son is 10 now, and hungry, endlessly hungry. This is made evident by the way he continuously chatters on and on about how he is starving, how that last snack, that 5th one, it wasn't quite enough, and its only 5pm, how long must we wait for dinner!?!?
Today i went on my bi-weekly "big shop" and tried in vain to stop this abuse my child is suffering under (yes, that was a joke, it's a first world problem, I am aware, relax people ... finish you chai tea)
I walk through the store filling my cart to the brim, thinking, people must think I have a gaggle of munchkins at home, not two pre teens ..... (whoa ... pre-what's?!  *pauses for coffee*)
Thankfully, I shop at Aldi, if you have one, USE IT! If not, i'm sorry, it really IS a lifesaver! The other saving grace is my son's aversion to high sugar content, Food Dye. Oh don't get me wrong, HE LOVES it, his body, however, is not overly fond of it. His attention span is reduced to that of a .......wait what was I saying?....oh, food dye! Right, yes and his energy is through the roof! Which either one alone, is cool, high energy put into homework or chores would be wicked awesome, and the lack or attention span would serve me well around 5pm, when he would like to ask REALLY deep questions, tell super long, detailed stories, or like, when he is STAAAAARRRRVING, and can't think of anything else to talk about!
The low prices save the wallet, and the built in aversion helps me not fall prey to picking up any old snack food, I actually have to put thought into it. If you put a little thought into, then you get better through, like, hearty snacks over fluffy ones, and no, don't buy THAT sweet for their lunches, because you like that one yourself, and will inevitably end up eating a box of them yourself (peanut butter chocolate wafer thingys anyone? OI! They kill me! )
My daughter is tiny, a little tiny 8yr old who seems to be getting taller, still no waist, or need for protein, or peanut butter, or more then one snack or two a day, and those being normal child sizes. She makes up for the ease in other ways though, no worries! I didn't get an easy pass, she is 13 emotionally *coffee break #2*

so, there is the stash, we will see if this takes care of breakfast, lunch and snacks for two weeks, if not, .....well lets just hope :P 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Glitter, High Vee's, Bows and cheers.......

Pardon me for being redundant ...... but ...... remember this?!?!?!
Say Wha Princess??

Yeeeeah, well, we are entering our second year of football / cheer. Thankfully my son is LOVING football, He wants to be Clay Matthews ..... hey, you gotta have a dream right? 
Our team is back, and getting better and ready to take on the year with new energy.

Aaaaaand, cheer ..... Samantha is cheering for the State Champs! The Undefeated WOJFC Bantam Champs of 2012. Ya, pretty amazing year last year! Somehow we were cut short on practices this year, and somehow, I .... me.... mommy...Yubby ..... am helping my daughter to learn her routine for Halftime. Yes, you read that correctly, it means what you think it means ...... I am actually DOING the routine, and naming the moves, High Vee, Broken Tee, shimmy shimmy, low Vee. yup, I'm doing that.

I am also painting my toe nails in the car, so I don't show up with the wrong color on my feet, I am gluing glittery letters on her bucket so it looks fresh and cheery, Doing her hair perfectly. setting the bow high and perky, and ...... it feels normal. 

so, yeah, I'm loving being a warrior football family, and embracing the cheer world, just enough to appreciate the warm fuzzy, sparkly, glittery, feeling it gives you ...... ok, well almost. ;) 

Friday, August 16, 2013

24hrs of ODD......

so, I have to make this quick, because, I have to go to football practice soon, which is really another entry all together, oh wait I think i already wrote that one ....

It's been an odd 24 hours, it started last night when i walked downstairs, and found my children ......

wait for it ....

sweeping the floor!


I actually called up to the hubs to double check the time and date, you know, in case I had somehow gotten zapped into an alternative universe or something ......... i still don't know WHY they were, i just smiled, said "WOW! Thanks!" and walked back up stairs ..... secretly wondering/ hoping that the dishes were next, hahah I so funny.

Today ends my odd 24 hrs with the discovery of a heart shaped box of beads .....(probably stuffed away in my closet to get it away from a small toddler who would have tried to make "pretties" but would have only succeeding in giving mommy a reason to vacuum the bedrooms AGAIN. ) ...what's funny is that said toddler is now 8 .... sooo ... moving on, the box was upsidedown, on the floor of my closet, and in shoes, and a purse, and rolling into the bathroom. Seems the hubs had a run in with the "pretties" and .... still haven't figured who won that.

I start to pick them up, and a thought happens ...... "She doesn't know these exist! Why tell her? She now has many many sets of beads, and doesn't need another." insert Vacuum ..... then wow, hmm i should do the bathroom floor too, oh, man, bathroom, nasty, should clean that.

Later, as I'm putting away the dishes, AGAIIN, i open the pantry .....DUN DUN DUN!!!! Tupperware waterfall............

Yes pantry....well tupperware section anyway,  now organized.

Laundry still in mountainous state, and mommy not quite showered yet, but these things are so rare in my life, Children cleaning on their own inspiration, clean bathroom, organized tupperware ......... don't look at dirty me.....look at the clean places! It's happy.

Off to make chicken nuggets, for boy, then to practice, (reminds self to bring needle and thread and cheer uniform so it can get it altered to fit midget daughter for tomorrow's game) .........

Oh TGIF everyone!

Thursday, August 08, 2013


A little ditty I wrote last year, as we begin a new year, I have chills thinking about the fun ahead of us :)

Football Fall

October 21, 2012 at 4:26pm
It's still a little too dark, and a little too early for being awake on a sunday morning. Uniforms are hanging, freshly laundered Maroon and Black with crisp white numbers and sparkling silver trim, there are pads and cleats, and cheer sneakers to lace up. Water jugs to fill, breakfast to grab and go, a truck to warm up and Caffeine to locate. A quick drive across town as the sky lights up, as we park the truck and see other families starting to arrive and file in we can feel it, the air, it is tingling not from the cold, but with excitement for the day.We make our way across the cold hard Tarmac of the local High school. Bundled up in our team colors, lugging pads, helmet, cheer bucket, blankets and of course hot, steaming coffee from the local gas station.
We walk up to the gate with our uniformed minions and get a "good luck Warriors" as we pay for the adults and make our way to the cold bleachers. The grass is dewy as the Fall frost melts quickly in the bright November sunshine slowly spreading across the sky. We pass the snack shack, being run by a host of parents from another warrior team. They shout "Good luck Warriors!" to the kids as we pass, as I feel the warmth from the grill and the ovens in the snack shack, i catch a whiff of cheeseburgers and funnel cakes making me wish I had grabbed more breakfast.
 Picking a spot on the bleachers, drying them off from the melted frost, saving room for friends, and making sure my kids land where they are needed is my weekly routine. The youngest cheers for the first team to play, the undefeated Bantam team, and my son plays for the 3rd grade team that plays after them. She goes to warm up with her squad, he goes in search of friends/teammates to throw the ball with until his coach shows up and starts their practice. It's a well oiled machine this youth Football program. Saturday and Sunday is a relentless parade of youth teams from Bantam up to 6th grade, all day long, a team and a cheer squad start, the other team practices ..then the next squad shows up and waits in the wings. The team that just finished goes back on the field to welcome the next onto the field  Warrior greeting Warrior, everywhere we go, it's a Lebanon thing, I don't see every team do it, you can feel the loyalty in such little minds and bodies, it's a pretty cool thing to witness. 
As the bleachers begin to fill with parents, we nod, say good morning, a hug or two here and there maybe, we drink our coffee, and rub our hands and wait. The anthem plays, and it's a perfect still frame of the day. Everything stops, the snack shack, the gate, the parking lot buzzing with people, it's all eerily silent. Nobody moves, or speaks, it is a fiercely patriotic town we live in, and you stand, with your hand over your heart, and you look at the flag, and clap at the end. The teams are lined up on either end of the field with their coaches, the cheerleaders, the banner, it's all still. Even my son and his rowdy friends, are still, for once. It makes me proud, to be here, to be an American, in the midwest, in Youth football. It is one of my favorite moments. Until of course, they start calling the names, of our kids, my peanut sized cheerleader who you almost cant see from the stands except for her shimmering pompoms. The names of my son's team, his friends, sons of people I have met, and of course, MY player, who was so excited they got his name right this week!
 During the games we watch, we cheer, we high five each other, we pat each other on the back when someone's kid gets his name called for a tackle, or a TD. We yell at the refs, nicely, we cheer, and clap, give thumbs up, and tell our boys to have fun. Afterwards, no matter what, the team is gathered around their coaches, and the parents gather around them, and we pat them on the back. We tell them how proud we are, how well they did, and if they lost, they know it, so we tell them now they have to try harder, and we know they can do it. Win or no win, we love our boys, and our cheerleaders! The two teams I am proud to be part of are two groups of classy, kind, decent people. Their kids reflect that, and it makes loosing easier, it makes winning sweeter.
 Football has always been a huge part of my life, from my Dad who tried out for the NE Patriots, my brother who played in Highschool, my whole family watching every sunday, us kids playing pick up games year round as far back as I remember. I have always been a fan, but being a football Parent at a home game, is a whole new level. It's a feeling you will never 'get' until you have been there. My daughter loves to cheer, and my son loves football, and they are good at it, these are the times I don't worry about what kind of car I drive, or whether I get a new purse this year, or even Starbucks regularly. If this is what makes my kids happy, we will spend the money, we will give it the time, the weekends, deep into fall and cold to sit through the Post-Season. We will give it our weeknights for practices next to cold, cleared corn fields  and under bright lights in the dark fall nights. This is Football life, and we LOVE it! Go WARRIORS!! 

Sara Doenges 10-21-1012

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Today I am sitting still. In anticipation of a very busy few weeks ahead. Tomorrow I officially throw my hat in for the Vermont Tough Mudder on Mt. Snow August 10th. Hubs and I will run it together, with a bunch of other siblings and friends. I am SUPER excited to do it one more time. Pretty sure I will be done with them after this, but who knows, I may get the urge again one day. 
March 11th, my Dad goes into surgery for double knee replacement. It sounds so scary! I am really excited though, I know he will heal fast, and to see him mobile again will be awesome! it's hard to see someone so active so inhibited by pain. 
Also, hubs will undergo Chemo. it's scary, but it's the last step to be sure it's all gone. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer in early Dec. He had surgery, had the tumor removed, and all his scans and tests come back free and clear. This last step is just to make sure nothing comes back. It's the best option, so here we go. I am always up for new challenges! 
I started watching LOST with some dear friends, and then they moved! LOL NOT cool man! i seriously connected with this girl, and her hubs and my hubs are two very geeky peas in a very geeky pod! It's so nice to meet people who you connect with so well, so fast, it doesn't happen often, and I am so glad we all met! Now we have to plan trip to northern Ohio more often, :) I do love to travel :)
We started up our radio show again, only have two shows recorded, but it feels so good to be "on air" again, even if it's just on the internet.
Not much more to tell, I'm a gym rat now, thanks to my new friend who moved, she left me with her membership through to June, which is rather helpful with the whole Tough Mudder thing fastly approaching! 
I have been trying to post on here but feel a lack of inspiration, maybe now that my buddy is gone, I'll have more time on my hands :D 
Happy St. Patty day to everyone!