Monday, November 10, 2008

Ellen Varnadore Atkins ...... vintage? :D

that's right, it's my Mum's birthday, and i won't spill her age, but, she was born 6 decades ago. heehehhehehehee

(this is a pic of my Grandpa Varnadore holding his brandy new baby girl)

I could really write a novel, but I look at my mom's life and I see a walking talking example of a Proverb's 31 woman. She has seen years and years of a Faithful God that brings he through the pits and valleys of life, and who lifts her up to heights of joyful bliss she never thought she would see.
I am so so proud to call her Mother, I pray every day to someday be the Woman, Christian, Wife, Friend, honest, loving, faithful, funny MOM that i see in her. I guess we'll keep her, after all, she is vintage now!! :D **You love me mommy you know it!** HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Friday, November 07, 2008

"It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!"

So, the other day on the way home late at night from somewhere, i saw this thing on the side of the road, well, more like 3 things, giant glowing in the dark cold night. I went by again another night to show my sis, and decided I needed to bring the kids one time but couldn't figure out when, since they are MUCH more impressive in the dark, when they glow. Well, this afternoon they were talking about pumpkins on the way home from the store, and i remembered, and i saw it was dark and dismal out, and thought.... hmmm.. possibly a good time for a Detour we went ... and here is the proof.

yup, that's right, mammoth pumpkins! LOL They were SO cool!! Sammy was not overly cuddly, but Grant was speechless, and all over them, and trying to see how they lit up, and how they got so big and on and on, and he also brought home a new Acorn Collection, yippee!
This one next to Sammy apparently won the prize for the heaviest pumpkin ever grown in Vermont! Wo knew! and so close to home LOL. SO there, ya go, a crazy hectic day, made all better by gigantic smiling Pumpkin faces.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Luke I am your.....cousin?"

So we just did Grant's party, i know, but time and schedules, LOL, he was great to wait, and he asked everyone to don costumes, Star Wars the theme, it was a fab party! My hubby cooked the Pizza, and my MIL hosted at her clean, non-moving messed up house to ease my stress. Nice family huh? Yeah, I'll keep them, kids and all, they were pretty cute!

The cousin line up Gigi the ballerina, Sammy aka Princess Leia, Grant aka Luke, Isaac aka Vader, Aiden aka the Pirate

The set up.

The Ice Cream cake that i DID NOT make! :o Gasp! On the top is Han solo in Carbonite and Leia getting ready to save him.

The Jedi team Oh, I'm Leia of cloud city. :)

Me n Mike and kids. Pretty handsome i think :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Post #200 Electrically Chraged Wallpaper ... and cows ......

So, yesterday, was ... well zippy, or maybe zappy, but anyway, it was electrifying! Heehehehehee. For anyone who missed it, I am moving this month yes, we found a house, not a house to buy, it's a rental. Mike's company has houses they own, and rent to employees it's a very hands off landlord type deal, we do pretty much everything ourselves, except like, roof, septic and such, and the rent is 450 LESS a month.So that makes it all well worth it.
When Grant was younger he was very creative, and drew all over my bathroom walls with a yellow highlighter, NOT washable! I guess he was sorry later, he started to strip the wallpaper to cover the crime, even though it was a year later! LOL I felt it was up to us t get the bathroom back to decent before we leave the house, so my project has been that these past few days. It seemed so simple! Strip the wallpaper, sand the walls, put up paint. Yeah, not so much.
The walls are crap! They removed tile a while back and never dealt with the wall correctly, so the top half is neon peach, and the bottom half is a bad plaster job over old grout and tile adhesive. It's BAD. So, i went out, bought similar paper to what they had, vinyl, white on white with a raised pattern, to cover the imperfections of the wall. I put up a couple pieces, not very well, and the wall madness showed right though! So, Mike pulled it all off, i went to the store bought cheap paint, more paper, a rzor blade, and we started to paint over the nasty wall with cheap paint.
This brings me to Thursday morning ..... I get up, paint the bathroom another coat and it is all white, and ready for wallpaper. Then i sit at my puter and decide to hook up my scanner. ( see Im making a video for my mom's birthday party, so i need to scan a bunch of old pics into my puter) so i plug it in, go online, find the stuff i need to do
wnload, and do it, and get it working, and I am pretty proud of myself!
Then, Paint is still drying, so I go on an internet hunt for a skit. (see, the day before Mom's party, I am directing a skit in church, for Thanksgiving) so im looking for a skit, and the whole time, I have one banging about in my brain, so Katie is online and i run it past her, and she loves it, so ... since im bored, i start typing it out.

Now mind you, im also nursing one sick kid, tolerating the terrorist, and feeding them, and doing laundry so I have apile to fold while i watch my thursday night TV.
I take a break and decide to start wallpapering, which goes very well I might add, now that i have a razor blade to do the edges. I was doing one piece next to the sink, and the wet paper was over the open light switch, and i put my hand on the wall, and the other hand on a piece of metal, and ZAP!! One finger tip to the other .... WHOoohoo that was fun, i actually didn't realize i had zapped myself until later. I got a brainstorm not long after, ran to my computer and finished off my skit, then as I sat there, i looked out the window, as of all things, a COW ran across my yard. I can imagine for city slickers, that may seem sensational, but here in Chittenden it's not that odd. I live next to all kinds of animals, and they run loose frequently. I never do get used to the site though LOL!! SO i went to help the poor teenager, and the biker lady with my broom and wallpaper pasted self, we got the cow back in her fence.

That night i was measuring for the next piece of walpaper and got ZAPPED again! I was shocked! No i mean, surprised! :D I put my hand on the wall, and my other hand on the faucet, and viola! ZAAP. So i asked Mik when he got home, went to demonstrate, thinking it was gone, yeah ZAP! Not so much. I told him to try it, and he was a whimp!
I say ..."It's just a little prick it doesn't hurt, I've done it like 3 times now."
he looks at me like I'm walking dead "THAT PRICK is 120 VOLTS woman!"

ahhhhh ..... no wonder i had so much energy! Geeeez ... too bad i didnt touch that laundry last night. UGH.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forget

My brother, Father, and now Brother in Law all serve or have served in the military, so it hits close to home, but i hope this day hit EVERYONE close to home.
Never forget what we are blessed with!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Crafty Again!

My new project. An online one, I am crocheting this afghan along with a bunch of other women across the country and a couple in other countries, isn't that a cool idea? Mine is being done in soft yummy yarn in warm yummy fall colors. I uploaded some pics for the flikr group that goes along with the blog. It's much more fun to have other people to do it with, keeps you on your toes, makes you wanna get it done!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lotion Commotion and the Bead Stampede.

There are days that i wonder where my babies went, Grant puts his shoes on, Sammy picks her clothes out, they swim and talk, and chit and chat and squeal with glee about school, and i wonder WHEN did they get so big? Maybe i really am coming out of the "baby stage" And how sad, but how fun, how cool to think about the fun we can have as they get older ...... Then, days like today ,..... and i wonder, what woman in her right intelligent mind CHOOSES this crazy hairy, insanity inducing, bi-polar producing, madness soaked, dirty, nasty, smelly job??? and WHY on God's Green Earth would i EVER want to start all over?!?!! I'm quite sure you have no clue what i mean. ROFL Today was planned well, executed differently, and almost survived with no casualties, so far. :) I woke up, late, cranky from no sleep, and early awakening from the ball of energy that sleeps and bounces across the hall from me. I walk down the hall, avoiding him, so i don't say something mean and uncalled for pre-coffee. I open my daughter's door, and start to admire to pretty pinky room recently newly decorated with paint and new bed with bedding, before i can say one entire word, i spot the princess herself, covered, head to toe in lotion. GOBS and RIVERS of white lotion all over her, and the floor and the castle, and the kitchen, GAH! I stripped the child, shut the door and went to make coffee, over the sink piled high with dishes. Later, still not dressed, (wearing PJ pants and giant Hubby T-Shirt) i am getting in a rhythm, and pulling our some crafty stuff, and find our collection of "refrigerator magnet making beads" in a bucket, tipping, off a shelf, onto my head, and floor, and laundry basket. UGH!! Later, all cleaned up, (Still not dressed) but house getting somewhat in order, and i get an unexpected visitor. From a lovely lady, who was passing by with her hubby on their way to kayak at the Chittenden dam. She thought i should know that my precious son, whom i now was on good terms with, was blessing the passing cars with fist fulls of gravel from our driveway. FAAAAAbulous! THEN we call daddy, daddy lays down the law, mom nearly looses it looking at the piles of dishes, laundry, and various other things that should have been completed by now, but keep getting bypassed by my lovely children and their antics. NEver mind the daughter who WON"T potty train, and wondering, how many moms think at one time or another, "well poop on my hand only twice today is pretty good huh?" Then there are days, i want to switch places with Sara Doll, that has been a staple of my life, when i feel lie i need a new life, i switch places with her, she always seem to be in a good spot, when I'm in my worst. As shown here, this is how SHE is spending her evening.

Of course the REASON she needs a soak? You really wanna know? Yeah, I didn't think so!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Grant wins a gold medal.

This is Grant being like Michael Phelps. My son who this spring needed to be ORDERED into the water, now has aspirations of someday being "Like Phelps" and swimming for gold on TV.

Friday, August 08, 2008

"Don't stick tinkertoys up your nose"

This is title of a book my mom and aunt always wanted to write, about all the crazy things kids do, and say, and the things you mom never warned you about, the phrases you never imagined you'd use.

My kids have been giving me all kinds of "first time, hope i never have to do THAT again" moments this summer. Here are a few cute moments.

My son was playing on his wake board, in the grass with Sammy, and she was trying to share, and he wouldn't so I scolded him .. he says

" awww, C'mon Mom! I'm surfin' the net here!"

On the way home from swimming one day the darling were playing the ever popular, "Don't look at me" game and it's cousin, "She's looking at me! make her stop!" . SO i said to them ...

"Do you know who else is looking at you? God! God is ALWAYS watching, and you had better remember that next time you wanna be mean."

Grant is very solemn, and then Sammy in her pixie voice pipes up ..

"God?! I remember God!"

ON another day, my kids were playing with a friend who was over with her mom, while we tried to hash out lessons for VBS next week, our kids played VERY loudly. I went to shoo them out of the bathroom and find a rather pungent smell as i walk down the hall ..... kind like old lady perfume ...
Lo and behold, My son had decided to ... for some reason DUMP baby p
owder into the potty. GAG! My bathroom has no windows, is VERY small, and HOLDS smells well. So all day long if you wanted to go potty, you had to sit in a tiny room that smells like 10 old lady's at a quilting bee. GAG!

Last night, we went to a community BBQ held by our intrepid Youthworks staff. The last one of the year. It is held at a nice park with a great playground. Everything went great, lots of people, kids were great, even ate a small amount of food. but near the end .... it went bad. ;P My son was playing on these toadstool thingies. They each get taller than the last, and then got into a set a swinging platforms. Grant LOVES them. He has mastered the platforms, and going from one to the other, so i guess he was upping the difficulty level, and went to run up them. .... well, he tells it best.

"I was running, and I was trying to put my foot out to the next one, but i just used my face instead. And i was going to it, and looked right at it, and then it hit me in the eye. and it hurt alot!"

OI VEY! I was pretty certain he broke his nose, but the nose doesn't hurt, only the eye, with a cut on the lid, and now his black eye from last week (where he dropped a toy motorcycle on his face) is blacker, and I'm pretty sure he'll have one to match. WOW!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA ............. (no freedom sermon today, All talked out :) ...)


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The BIG pool

So, yesterday we signed up for a swim pass to Northwood pool. This also gives us free swim lessons for the kids all summer. YAY! See, mommy here is really quite petrified of kids in deep water, mainly because i nearly drowned twice in lake rescue, and once in a public pool UNDER the lifguard chair. :P Soooo, i have a small huge fear of water. I also have never been a big fan of public pools. The one we had in Walpole was pretty clean, but just in general, walking around on cement all afternoon, tons of other kids in the same water, just not my cup of tea :P
I much preferred the water hole in our nearby creek. Or the bigger one deep in the woods, or even maybe the nighbors private pool, i could handle that :)
So, any who, i got all prepared, even packed a picnic lunch so we could eat there, and swim in free swim, decided we would go to Walmart in the am to get floaties, and Grant a second suit and Sammy and cover up.

Last night however, we had a rather nasty revelation. The fridge downstairs had died, nobig deal, not much in it, but, oh wait, there was that one thing ....... the TURKEY ..... that was in the freezer, the freezer that died a week or so ago. :o OOOH NASTYNESS like you have never known! The reek was insaaaaaane!
So, my hubby spends the evening adressing that while i ready the swim stuff and make lunches, and i go down to put a candle on the floor where the appliance stood, and turn to go upstairs, and 'viola! I trip, over, NOTHING, and SLAM my knee, (the good one) into the staircase, into the corner where the steps meet the landing, and my ankle, into the corner of the bottom step..... oh it was NOT fun, Yubby's language was NOT fun, Yubby cried, Mike practically carried me upstairs, which, (if you've seen my basement stairs, you are now totally amazed) i iced it, and slept with TWO giant pillows under one leg, and a quilt over the rest of me, since the weight of the comforter hurt my knee. :P

So, we hobbled into walmart today, got what we needed, hobble to the pool, had two kids who would NOT go into the big pool. Sammy got in with me, but wouldn't let go, Grant got in and eventually let go, but didn't find it as exciting as the baby pool. OI! I didn't bother with the picnic, didn't want to hobble all day, and of course today will probably be the warmest sunniest one of the week. GAH dumb weather!

so there ya go, my Monday night and Tuesday morning, how long will THIS week be?? ROFL ... oi to the VEY already!

Monday, May 19, 2008

"I know the plans I have for you .........................."

This is the verse we use so often this time of year, for graduates, for people getting married, for babies. But it is also a useful verse for times of sadness. When we sit and stare into the dark cold night and Wonder WHY? WHY do these things have to happen? WHY to these kind of people??

Yesterday As we went from Church, to a fund raising event at the local pizza place. (To raise money for The teens Mission trip this summer to WV) On the way there, News started trickle in about a Car accident. A BAD one, and it was our kids in it. Not the ones going on the trip, but part of the youth group, the big sister of one of the boys going on the trip.
The news was dismal, she was airlifted to DHMC, she was in critical.
Our church hosted a church-wide celebration. A whole bunch of area churches coming together to sing and dance and show off different talents. All to praise and Worship God. The whole time people everywhere in the building were fighting to keep it together up to their performance, then they left the room, and alot of the teens ended up meeting a Sunday school room for prayer and bible reading, waiting for news and hoping it was gonna be good.
It wasn't about an hour after everyone was done and went home, we got the news. She had died, from her massive injuries, mostly a fatal blow to the head.
That verse is the on her Father was holding onto at the hospital.
It's so tragic, seems so useless, but we do have faith, and her family is an amazing example of Faith. Her little brother was praying with other people for Their loved ones while he waited to see if his sister would survive surgery on her brain. Her Father told the driver that no one was angry with him, and to know that his greatest Gift to Chrissy was to accept Christ, and she was at peace.
Christine Kelly Besaw

Today i have an extra baby, since the Youth Pastor is a little tied up, and his wife is trying to hold the entire universe together, (thats her thing....we call her her SupperJenny) :)
It's appropriately cloudy, and I just want to hug Jimmy!
(thats her little bro, he's a hugger, and is the one who gives out hugs when people need it)
so, anywho, i have to get more coffee, i can't end this correctly, cause i have no answers or conclusions, just tears :(

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It a whole new Ball game Link .....

soooo in case you misssed it, For mother's day, I got a Wii. :) Heehehehe!!
I enjoy video games, a few have even gotten me addicted, but when it comes to spending hundreds of dollars on "systems" and equipment with which to play the games, Forget it!
Until, i saw the Wii, i saw right away that it was different, and totally not like anything ever made before. Then my friends got one, and i got to use it, and MAN, my entire body ached after an hour of baseball and golf, and i thought to myself. If playing a fun game, can wake up muscles and move them around like that, It may be worth the money!
Low and behold, Mikey got me one for Mother's day. I was shocked! I thought we were saving for a house, but, if you say it's okay, then by all means, put in the Golf game!! :)
So, i have been doing alot of golfing and batting practice, then my hubby comes home from visiting his buddy Pat with a managerie of odds and ends. Two of which are Wii games. One is a big game hunting game, pretty fun, wll take some practice. The other, you guessed it, ZELDA! The twilight princess or something. OMG! It's insane! It's so fun, i giggle while playing thinking about all the fun My seester would have with it. To swing the sword, you actually SWING your arm!. sooo cool!
One of my friends asked how Housework ever gets done anymore. LOL! Well, i do it faster, and it actually gets done, cause when im done, i get to play! Inspiration! heehehehe

anywho, gotta run, got errands to get done before lunch, then mommy can play :)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Life in general

Soooo, life here has been pretty run of the mill. Nothing outstanding, but not quite slow enough to sit and think. :)
We are fast approaching summer, it seemed it would never come!
We have been recording our radio show regularly on Sunday nights, an it broadcasts on Friday nights. If you are ever interested in listening in LIVE tot he recording session, look up on a Sunday evening around 9ish, you WON'T regret it! Well, you may, but not enough to make you cry, hopefully.... hmm ..anywhoooooo
Sammy has recovered from her little "allergic incident" but it seems she is now itching again, and terribly congested, so I'm starting to wonder if some plant in my yard is making her allergic? She didn't break out until she and Grant went outside on the first dry sunny day and played and romped and rolled in the grass. vweerry interesting!
Grant is doing well in school. He has successfully mastered the Tricycle, very impressive i must say! He gets smarter and smarter every day. The other day he said
"I think i am smarter than you mom!"
He had shared some information on Owls with me that i didn't know, therefore, he has more knowledge. ahhh kids!
Sammy is getting more and more girly as the days go on, she is a princess always, and then sometimes she is a Princess knight, or a princess runner, or a princess soccer player, or even a princess dragon. wow. Today she sang a new song, about her new favorite flower. it went something like this...
"dandelions, dandelions, dandelions, i wuv dandelions!"
the pronunciation was more like this
"Dayundeewions, dayundewioons, dayuuundeewions, i WUV dayundeewions!!"

soo anywho, i think thats all for now, to see a few new pictures look up my face book profile, i just posted them this morning.

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Quest

So, we have been spring cleaning, and one thing my hubby asked about was my doll house. It has gotten into pretty bad shape, this is not mine, just a picture of what it SHOULD look like. I told Mike i can't just get rid of it, i need to think about it first.
See, this toy is the one thing i have that can actually SEE my grandpa Varnadore in. I vividly remember the Christmas he gave it to me on. I remember how many hours i spent playing with it. How amazed i was with the whole thing, the lights that really worked, the tiny beautiful pieces of furniture, the details of the little house. I loved it to death really LOL.
So, i went searching online for a replacement, and low and behold, it's a collectors item that you CAN buy new stuff for, even a new house. SO, my new quest is to get a new one, for me, and Sammy :) To replace the peices that i have lost over the years and put my originals in the newer house that will be in usable condition. Cool huh?
If anyone ever sees one for sale online or anywhere really please send me an email! I have a bid on a large lot of accessories, but we will see if i actually win it. I can't seem to locate the fireplace set though, i think it had a log bunch that lit up and little lights on either side of the mantle, it was pretty neat!
Heehehe I am pretty excited.
anywho, lunch time. :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dern you Arachnids!!

Sunday morning we wake and get ready for church, and i spend most of my time studying the intriguing rash that is starting to break out all over my daughter's body. We decide to keep her out of nursery in case it's something contagious. We went over to my parents for the afternoon, and My mom and I studied her under the microscope, and both came to the conclusion that she has chicken pox.
So, Monday morning i call and get a doctor appointment, thinking about what a pain iy was gonna be to have two ithcing crying kids for a week or longer, and the pink lotion, and oatmeal baths and UGH.
Good news! NO chicken Pox! But it's whaaaaaat? SCABIES? EWWWW ewwewewewew! If ever you want to feel dirty, pick up a case of scabies. GAH! Nasty stuff. but give me two sick itching kids any day!
Yesterday i spent all day removing anything soft out of the rooms, pillows, blakets towels, stuffed animals, baby blankies, dollies clothes, baby dolls, even My little ponies. Wash the washables, and the rest gets bagged up for two weeks to make sure the mites die a slow death :P Every stich of bedding and clothing, any pillow, and chair, carpet, coat , carseat, anything you can think of, down in the laundry room, waiting to be washed :P The whole time i have a mental image of the dern things jumping off the items im washing onto me in an effort to save their species.
Last night we bathed them both in the hottest water possible, poor things, then caked Sammy in special prescription lotin and bound her in long jammies and socks like a mummy. We put her to bed on a clean bed, room with no toys, one blankie, and Mike walked out of the room backwards, spraying lysol on anything and everything as he went. LOL.
Today we tackle Grant's rooom, keep washing laundry, keep washing my hands and lotioning them, and praying i don't get the rash GAH!
well, im just about done with coffee, so i need to get going. oh, and DON'T Scratch!!
Oh, and the Scabies, are Arachnids, of COURSE they ARE!! My favorite kind of creepy thing there is, why not make them microscopic and put them under skin, UGH. I do not like them! I do not like them Sam i Am. :P

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008

So, My hubby and brother started an online Radio show a year or two back, just them in the basement broadcasting online. They brought in a friend of ours, along with myself, and we had "The Friday Night Meltdown" for quite a while.
Well, our local Christian station, that is broadcast from our church building, agreed to give us air time, REAL air time!
Now, we four have become "FEEDBACK" as in our subject matter is subject to change according to what kind of Feedback we get from our Listeners. We ask people what they talk about, what they enjoy, what kind of stories they like, and what they think about the stuff we bring up on the air.
every Friday night on 90.5 in Rutland Vermont, Feedback runs for two hours. I know alot of your are out of range LOL, BUT on sunday nights, when we record the shows, you can listen! LIVE uncut, unedited! so check us out!!


Listen tonight!! 9pm-11pm ish ... :)

and if you tune in, give us some feedback!!

ahhhh spring ....... wait WHAT?!?!

uuuummmmmm well hey, i guess summer was fun while it lasted? Does this mean im behind starting my Christmas shopping??
OI to the VEY!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

What exactly IS in meatloaf?

So, tonight we sit down to a classic Atkins style meal. Meatloaf, Mashed potatoes and veggies. It never ceases to amaze me how much guys truly LIKE meatloaf. My Daughter has an inherited fear of anything resembling anything close to red meat. Grant is skiddish, but when faced with nutter butters or nothing, he persevered through and got his reward.
Sammy, on the other hand, not so easy! SHe loves the mashed potatoes, and gobbles up her tomatoes, but meatloaf? Forget it dad! I even got her to eat ketchup, but on the tomatoes, LOL.
Finally Mike decides to put his foot down, Samantha, you need to eat your meat honey.

"NO! I don't like it daddy, i don't need it"
We are trying very hard not to laugh because her face is SOO cute!
So we proceed to try to put ketchup on it, cut it smaller fly the plane in for landing. ALl of which gets the evil eye stare, and the mouth shut tight.
Finally, mommy gets a bright idea.

"Sammy! You gotta eat your meat, it's good for princess' they will stay healthy if they eat it!"
daddy adds ....
"Yes, c'mon honey, it's princess meatloaf ..... have a bite!"
to which Grant adds in a crooning coaxing voice ......
"C'mon Mantha, It's made of PRINCESS' ! "

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"Soooomedaaaay, my maid will come....."

isn't he cute? His name is Frodo, and he vacuumed my living room while i slept last night, isn't that nice of him? :)
My hubby says he bought it for me, LOL but he is the one who was nearly giggling opening the box! It is very fun to watch, and it's even more fun to watch Sammy run away from while Grant tried to sneak up on it from behind.
anywho, floors done, we are going out to play now :)

Friday, April 04, 2008

Marketing to the ill of conscience....

I just have to vent, it's been bugging me!
There are several commercials on TV that drive me batty, and shine a rather unattractive light on the thought processes of a nation that is vastly blessed and by a large percent, sadly spoiled.
These commercials throw around phrases like,
"No woman should have to suffer" ( selling electrolysis)
"you don't need to suffer any longer" (selling a temurpedic mattress )
"You deserve it" "Only the best is good enough for you"
"start thinking about you for once" "Indulge yourself"
They are selling THINGS! Things that aren't even that important. I mean, think about the mattress thing. Sure, we'd all love to sleep on sweedish foam, but isn't it amazing how quickly we can forget what a blessing it is to even have a decent bed to sleep on in the first place? How bout the fact that is really wasn't all that long ago that people slept on corncob mattress, feeling like kings. Now we are apparently suffering terrible on these plush double top king size mattress' we are forced to sleep on.
And that electrolysis ad just burns my toast! SUFFER? It's true no woman should suffer, but from domestic abuse, or prejudice, aids, starvation, improper medical care. But suffer from unwanted facial hair?! Seriously???? Have we stooped so low that THAT is what we Americans consider to be suffering?
OI! Maybe im reading into too deeply, but man, that kind of advertising is making me ill, every time i see it i yell at the TV or shut it off. I just can't listen. ANywho, just had to vent, if anyone has anything to ad, please do so!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Say my name say my name........

On the way from dropping Grant off to school, Sam and I had a rather amusing conversation. It went something like this.....
"mommy, whats your name? Oh i know...Shawa! "
thats right
"What is Daddy's name?"
"What is Grant's name? oh! Grant! What is Uncle Matt's name?"
"What is Uncle David's name?"
"NOPE! His name is DUDE!"


who am i to argue? :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

16 miles of bridge in the middle of the ocean, and a federal summons on the horizon!

sooooo, we went to see Amy this weekend. Actually we went on a LOOOOONG road trip and happened to find Amy right in the middle of it, heehehehe.Yes, we ( mom and myself) left her house in Bomoseen at 1am saturday morning, and drove and drove and drove for 12 hours till we got to where Amy is now residing in Norfolk Virginia. We were bringing her some more of her things, to help her set up home. some of those things were a queen size bed frame, box spring, and mattress, a dresser, and some other various items, and it was supposed to rain the entire trip, torrential downpour really. So on top of being totally weighed down in the truck, we had to tarp it all and tie it all so that the wind and rain couldn't' dampen our cargo. Well, it was pretty fine till we got to Virginia, then we hit some wind on route 13 going towards the Chesapeake bay, then rain, then wind AND rain, and then torrential downpour and whipping winds, it was pretty much miserable. and nearly impossible to drive anything, never mind a bulky old truck piled high with tarped stuff.  As we crossed across the 16 mile of bridge that spans across the water to norfolk, it was sunny, and we could see for miles, and started to feel like we had made it, until, 2 seconds before arriving in Amy's parking lot, the heavens opened, and rain fell, in large wet drops at an alarming speed, thoroughly soaking anything in the truck that hadn't quite gotten wet enough yet. 
after everything was delivered, and dripping and drying out, we crashed, then we shopped, then we ate, then we visited, then we slept. Forgot about daylight savings, :P and got up the next morning to go shopping on base. 
Man! That was fun! The commissary looked exactly like the  new one on Fort devens that we used to shop at.  The NEX had lots of goodies, like coach shoes, and Dooney&Bourke purses, and Vera Bradley suitcases, and a laptop selection my hubby would drool over! Yes, it was fun, just like the old days, except of course for the Navy police dude. I never really talked to the police on base before.
 See, up here in
 Vermont, there aren't a whole lot of roads with Medians in them. There seem to be alot in Norfolk, so Mom was busy practicing the maneuvering of such road, paying attention the former speed limit of 25 MPH, somehow we missed the fresh posting of 15MPH, and that nice Naval police dude was kind enough to stop us and inform us of our error.
He asked for Military ID and the rest of the normal things, to which my mom says, 
"Oh the girl at the commissary just informed me that my ID is expired."
Well, they don't like that, they take those away. So my mother had a heartfelt debate with the nice Naval boy who was trying to confiscate her retied ARMY ID.  We got him laughing at one point, Amy flashed her fresh Navy ID and practiced a crying jag on the guy. 
"Yes, im a newlywed, and my husband is on a ship and i haven't seen him in days, and my mom came to visit me cause i was lonely........."
She did it well, and he kept laughing, all the way back to the cruiser, as Amy and i whipped out cell phones and started to spread the joyous news. :) He returned with a written warning basically, but they call it something else, like an administrative something or other. oh wait, i have a picture! :) 
So, that's how that went, now Mom has No ID and she is a lost civilian soul like the rest of us :) Funny though, every state we went thr
ough on the way home, we saw police, with lights flashing, and sirens blaring, thankfully none of them were after us, but it was kinda funny, so much fodder for the bored Yubby with stores to tell! :)  
Oh, and we mustn't forget the St Plus Size church! Well, okay it was St Pius X but Mom maybe didn't have her glasses on when she read it? HEEHEHEHEHE 

Monday, March 10, 2008

yes SIR!

i mean, there a reasons they posted a 15MPH limit by the gates, incase some terrorist housewife is speeding through, trying to run from the Naval police, so they don't confiscate her AMRY ID. I tell ya, you can never be to careful! 

More at 11 ............... :D

Monday, March 03, 2008

Jelly Beans are so last week!

okay, so my hubby got me these wonderful chocolates for valentines day, I had 2 so far. I was saving them, you know, savor them kind of thing.  Well, we put Sammy in our room for a nap. She is a very good girl normally, however, yesterday, different story. Yeah, I ate two, this is how i found them, with my daughter having chocolate around her precious mouth, while sitting in the middle of ALL my shoes. ALL of them pulled out of the closet, out of their boxes, all over the floor.
OI! Neither my chocolate OR my shoes are safe !! 

Friday, February 29, 2008

"If your out on the roooad."

Well, for my birthday my hubby bought me the boxed set of "Gilmore Girls Season #1"
I LOVE this show! I feel all witty and smart and sappy after watching it. I also miss my sis when i watch it :P BUT! I now have a new ring tone under her name :) heeheheheeee

So, if you haven't seen it, thank the gnomes for syndication and find it, and get hooked, it's worth it! :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A song that really spoke to me today ....

Hold Me Jesus

Rich Mullins
First Kings 19:3-13, Matthew 11:25-30

Well, sometimes my life just don't make sense at all
When the mountains look so big
And my faith just seems so small

So hold me Jesus, 'cause I'm shaking like a leaf
You have been King of my glory
Won't You be my Prince of Peace

And I wake up in the night and feel the dark
It's so hot inside my soul
I swear there must be blisters on my heart

So hold me Jesus, 'cause I'm shaking like a leaf
You have been King of my glory
Won't You be my Prince of Peace

Surrender don't come natural to me
I'd rather fight You for something I don't really want
Than to take what You give that I need
And I've beat my head against so many walls
Now I'm falling down, I'm falling on my knees

And this Salvation Army band is playing this hymn
And Your grace rings out so deep
It makes my resistance seem so thin

I'm singing hold me Jesus, 'cause I'm shaking like a leaf
You have been King of my glory
Won't You be my Prince of Peace

You have been King of my glory
Won't You be my Prince of Peace

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jelly beans!

Ahh spring, well, in Vermont it's two feet of fresh snow, LOL BUT! We still get jelly beans! The only holiday I really get crazy over candy is Easter. I LOVE jelly beans, like can't get enough. Jelly bellies of course are the best, but those are slow, mix and match things, i love the Price Chopper ones, sooo yummy :) 
Anywho, i was on the phone for a while this morning, and when i get back to the living room, my daughter looks very guilty. then i see the bag, the one that was nearly full, now nearly empty! Good lord woman! She IS her mommy all over again, bummer dude! :) 

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Change of scenery

Just a note ...... the sailor has just been moved from "friend's blogs" to "My tribe of origin"

In case anyone cares ;)

Friday, February 22, 2008

"Life as we know it........."

Ahhhhh! She lives! So it ain't so!! :)
Yes, i am posting a current newsy post. I have been pretty absent as of late. well, let's see, after the whole whirlwind that was Amy and Rick, they settled into a pseudo-honeymoon, living in an apartment my brother rents out. Meanwhile, they packed up Amy's things from Mom and Dad's and bought silly things, like printers and potatoes, because they had so much room in the little car to transport all the silly things to Virginia. :D They eventually left us, we almost kept them here, with the "Driveway of Doom" aka, my parents driveway. You must have a Vermont Winter worthy car to navigate the thing from December to April, otherwise, it'll be somewhat hazardous! :)
Back in November, i think? It was after Thanksgiving, My Nana, who lives with Mom and Dad, was diagnosed with Cancer. It was found in her lymph nodes, and it was determined to be terminal from the get go.
She went downhill pretty fast, and as they watched, they realized she wouold not live for many months. Shortly after Christmas, she had an emotional breakdown, after seeing my Aunt, realizing she wouldn't ever get to see her again. To which My Dad said, "You know Mom, There is a way you could see us all agian one day." And one more time, My Dad shared the Gospel with her, and this time, she got it, and accepted it, and was a different woman! My Nana, was out telling everyone she was going to heaven, she had met Jesus, she was going to see Him, she wasn't afraid of dying. It was pretty amazing!
Well,the first sunday Amy wasn't in church, Nana was pretty sick. The next day, she was admitted in the hospital for Horrific pain, and the Doctor told my Mom that Nana would not be going home this time :( SHe hadn't wanted any "help" in the end, no breathing help, or anything, just to go as peaceful as possible. So, Mom started calling people, Matt and Visited with her as she sat in the room with Nana. She wasn't really aware of anything, they had her on such high doses of meds that she was just sleeping pretty much. Wednesday, we were all iced in at our homes, and Mom got the call from the nurses that Nana had passed in her sleep. It was relief, that she finally got to see Jesus, and that she was happy, REALLY happy, and no more pain, and in eternal gardens, walking with Jesus. :) But it hurts, alot, Lots of good memories bubble up as you realize this person will not be here anymore, and it's all you have are those memories.
So, I went and helped Mom clean out the room Nana stayed in, they found a happy home for Nana's little doggie. In the spring, Mom will bury her remains in a little plot by the house, and then we will all get together and plant a glorious flower patch, just the kind that Nana would have wanted. As mom put it, "we will plant an obnoxious amount of daffodils!" heehee that will be a fun thing to remember her by, and beautiful thing for Mom to look at all summer as she misses her mom in the growing season. That woman had a knack for growing things, she will be missed!
This whole thing, along with normal business, sickness, weather, and my emotional stability *lol* have been what has kept me from my blogies, and my online contacts.
We are getting back into a grove now, I turned #31 on the 18th, My hubby ordered me a sewing mchine that i'm anxiously awaiting! Also season #1 of "Gilmore Girls" on DVD W00t!!
I miss my seester, but, i got her fuzzy BOOTS! :) and her yarn, which is happiness :)
So, Hello to y'all, sorry for the long post, but, as Bill Nye would say...
"Noooow Youuuuu Knoooooow!" : D heh

Monday, February 18, 2008

what a day ........


Martin Luther, German leader of the Protestant Reformation, died.


Michelangelo Buonarotti, Italian painter, sculptor, and architect, died.


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain was published.


Pluto, the ninth planet in the solar system, was discovered by American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh.


The first 3-D movie, Bwana Devil, opened in New York.


Yubmeister was born. :)


FBI agent Robert Philip Hanssen was arrested and charged with spying for Russia.


Dale Earnhardt, Sr., died from injuries sustained at the Daytona 500.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

like a warm blanket ......

so, it's been icing and raining and miserable all day long, and night has fallen, in more ways than one, and as i looked up from my cleaning ( a Varnadore thing we have decided) i saw snow. Big fluffy white flakes of snow. Falling lightly to the ground, covering the ugly slush and ice and making the cold outdoors look very comfortable. God is so good, He sends us just what we need, right when we need it, Like a warm fuzzy blanket :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A song for my Nana .....

One of my personal favorites, and it came to me today, this is now her song too.

by (Jars of Clay)

"Love Song For A Savior"

In open fields of wild flowers,
she breathes the air and flies away
She thanks her Jesus for the daises and the roses
in no simple language
Someday she'll understand the meaning of it all
He's more than the laughter or the stars in the heavens
As close a heartbeat or a song on her lips
Someday she'll trust Him and learn how to see Him
Someday He'll call her and she will come running
and fall in His arms and the tears will fall down and she'll pray,

"I want to fall in love with You"

Friday, February 08, 2008

WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier

You MUST check out this blog! This is just the coolest thing, i think it waill be amazing to catch up on.

Read along with me!!

WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier

"Bicker Bicker Bicker"

OI! Well, i thinks it's safe to say we are on the mend here. This morning my son woke early, jumped out of bed, turned on the light cranked the radio and proceeded to play cars LOUDLY. :P
He was ravenous for breakfast, polishing off four toasted slices of Mommy's home made bread, and wanted more. He has been bossing his sister into the ground.
Sammy has dragged herself out of bed, waddled into the kitchen and grumpily waited for toast and milk. Only afterwards was she happy and able to converse normally. (boy i wonder where THAT came from?) She went potty like a big girl, had a meltdown over what to wear. (YES, not 3 yet, and having meltdowns over our clothes!) scheeeech

So, yeah, pretty normal i think, now i just need to catch up on sleep :P

Oh, two quotes for the day...also proving the "back to normal" state of my house.
after doing sam's hair and saying, "man your hair is stubborn today." she replies,
"No mommy! It's just crazy hair!"
Grant has been bossing the life out of her, so finally i said...
"Look, if you're going to act like the boss, then YOU get the dirty diapers!!"
he looks at me..
"UGH! Mom, that is NOT a good idea! I'm just a kid! You shouldn't do that to a kid."

o.0 yuh, it's all good i think

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"lemme splain, there is too much, Lemme sum up."

Sick sick sick and SICKER! 
if you want the details, it's like this see. January, a blur of activity, ending in a wedding. My aunt and uncle PC were here, staying with us, then they went to northern NH to visit my cousin and Brood. In that week, SAmmy was coughing, and coughing and coughing, then developed a high fever. So for a week or so i was not sleeping well, listening to the baby cough, then with the fever, i did NOT sleep with the fever, getting up to check and medicate all hours. Then the Aunt and uncle and cousin returned on Sunday for the night then they would head down towards home in the morning.
Well, I slept in the living room, so i could watch sammy, and around 1am her fever broke, YAY! shortlived :P around 3am, it was obvious that Uncle CP had been struck down by "the BUG" An evil 24 hr bug that leaves it's victim listless, on the bathroom floor wishing for death. *lol* You get the idea :) 
So they stayed an extra day while he recovered, we sprayed the entire house with lysol. bought ginger ale, and crackers, and ate very little for fear of getting sick ourselves. Tuesday morning, all have slept through the night, aside from Jesse's nasty cough, it looks like we are on the light side of the tunnel. 
I stripped the beds, opened windows, sprayed Lysol, febreze, lit candles, wiped down any and every surface i could. 
Mike and I had a nice quiet evening, looking forward to a peaceful sleep in our comfy clean germ-free, bed, but alas!
1130pm, Sammy is struck down, after the second round we knew the peaceful night's rest was for another decade *lol* Mike checked on Grant around 1am when we were going to bed, and sure enough, he started up too, and, another night of up and down. I did not see 4am on the clock, so i got one solid hour of sleep in there somewhere. :P 
Mike went to work late, and told me, "honey, your only goal today, DON'T GET SICK!"
I will try dear husband :) 
So, yeah, I just hope the that 45 minutes my sis and her new hubby spent here yesterday for lunch didn't pass it to them :( 
now, I'm getting coffee, and switching the laundry, and making some beds, and, OI! 

Saturday, February 02, 2008

When to call the doctor.......

so , you know Mommies, when your kid is sick, and you play the what should i do game? Should we sit it out? Should we go to the doc? Then we check our "source" Either the big old book, or the internet website with all the info. We read the section entitled, "when to call the doctor.."
Well, i don't think this is ever in there. LOL Here is my sick sammy, and here is her table from yesterday. She didn't eat morning snack, lunch OR afternoon snack, COOKIES! Now THAT is a sick kid! When the carb quenn doesn't eat her cookies, It's time to call the doc! 

And there she is hugging her "Gianna Dollie" :) 

Monday, January 28, 2008


So, the kids had fun,

the cake didn't fall over, We danced, and cried, and took LOTS of pictures. All in all, twas a grand success! The Happy couple looked beyond happy as the ran away to wedded bliss. :)
All my pics are on my facebook page, so look'em up!.

And now, to veg, i am NOT getting out of my jammies today. I may even sleep most of it away!

Post rollers

hmmmm, not quite what i was thinking of!

Friday, January 25, 2008

The price of beauty ....

Well, the wedding gets closer and the madness gets madder *lol* today is the start of the downward spiral.  We are playing with hair and dresses, and thinking about frosting and cakes yay fun!
Here is our practice run for Sammy's hair i will take a pic of how it looks when its done!
Must go make some frosting now. 

Thursday, January 17, 2008


In yer dreams kid :)
Yup, it will stay there, in our dreams. California would have been a great adventure, but, it seems not to be the one God wants for us now.
And so my friends and Family, We are remaining in the Vermont area. This is becoming more and more comforting as the minutes go by. I get to keep my kids in the school we love, i get to have SNOW, i get to see my Nana as much as possible over the next few months, I get to watch My brother play Football, Grant can coach with Grandpa and Skate with Papa, it's all good. We are happy :)

Now i have to go play with wedding ribbon heehehee life goes on!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Credit where Credit is due

So, my 160th post, comes to you courtesy of Esther, yup, Esther, my lovely shoe crazy sister in law. She has given me new eyes, new passion, and possibly a new addiction.
Shoes, i have seen the light and now can find so much giggly fun and satisfaction in a pair of leather-esq foot coverings in various styles and colors.
My latest addition, this blue number to be worn at the wedding 2 weeks from today. Never let it be said that i was a boring bridesmaid! My sister, i do love you, and you are one of the most laid back brides i have met, however i must object to the current shoe demands, silver simply won't do! I will be wearing metallic snake skinish blue shoes, and i will feel fab! :)

okie, im tired, i'm planning a wedding in 3 weeks! What do you expect from me? SOMETHING has got to snap SOMEWHERE! *ROFL*

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well people, it's wedding time! This is what we are living and breathing currently, and Sammy is right in the middle of it. With me acting as some kind of wacko Wedding Coordinator, cake baker, and Matron of Honor, Sammy gets to tag along for all the fun stuff, and it seems she now has the "bridal bug" Oh baby, don't grow up too fast!!
Oh, by the way, Amy picked a date for the wedding, in case you hadn't heard, it's on January 27th! Yup, three weeks! What a nutty fairy!
seriously though, God is in charge, We went dress shopping, and Amy walked away with an absolutely stunning ensemble for under 500$, and i found a very pretty dress in th perfect color off the rack, Mom's came in the mail yesterday, Sammy's came in today. Can you stand it? 4 days into official planning and the bridal party is fully outfitted weehee~!

Sammy thoroughly enjoyed the dress shopping experience, she just loved every minute of it, except for leaving all the pretty things behind LOL ahh. life, so cruel.

Now I'm not gonna give away the secret, or even hint of what my lovely sisters looks like in the bridal attire, her dress is no where near this picture angle, how ever, we could NOT resist this picture. Who doesn't love a good Butt bow? Heeheheheee!! SO much fun :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Nice to see we are in the mood for a Happy new Year. LOL

Just want to wish everyone happiness, health, and LOTS of snow :)
We are thinking positive here.

More to post later, for now, the boy wants to go sledding. :)