Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Great Pumpkins Batman!

Happy ... Tuesday! :) No i don't "Celebrate" halloween, it isnt a day or reason i care to "celebrate" BUT, i DO love seasons and festivities, and being in dressup. So, we carved a great big lovely pumpkin yesterday, My first time doing that actually, it was alot of fun, Grant LOVED the " 'cooping out the ucky messy yuck" part the best :)

My hubby's family has always celebrated Halloween, this is my last year not making a stink about it, my kids are still kinda young to go out and trick or treat, so i will dress them in thier costumes we got for our annual "Creation Celebration" at church, and they will go see MaMaw and hand out candy to the neighborhood ghouls. Next year *groan* Next year i must say, No, we do not trick or treat, BUT we will still come over dress up and give out treats. After all, we can learn lessons from the Joy of giving :)
Our Party at church was a blast, I dressed the part of Princess, after all, I am ALWAYS a princess, but on sunday i dressed the part :) We turn our entire Church building into a Carnival of various games and face painting and food and candy and prizes, we invite everyone and anyone who wants to come play games and eat sweets. Only restriction is no scary costumes, but other than that, wear what you like :) It is fun every year, and this year i took hom the decorative pumpkins. Hence George, the face :) and then i cooked up the other two, took me all day to cut up cook and mash the things :P I also roasted the seeds, and made creamy pumpkin soup fr dinner, YUMMEH!
Grant Told me i HAD to make the pumpkin scary, who ever heard of a silly pumpkin :P
He also tried to imitate the face LOL thats this last pic, isnt he a darling? heeheheheee so today, i must freeze all the orange mush, bake some yummy pumpkin treats and .... hope to GOURD i never see another pumpkin in all my life :D

Monday, October 30, 2006

Cabbage Night!

It's called cabbage night here in Vermont ...... i have heard its not called that everywhere :P But none-the-less, this guy is inside on my counter to keep him safe from those cabbage people. :)
More on George the pumpkin tomorrow. :)

Why I am Weird .....fun Meme ...

I saw this on Heth's blog and liked it ... so i took it :)

9 Weird things about Yubby

  • I go by my nickname "yubby" more often than by my given name of Sara. My family rarely calls me by that, my hubby calls me by it, my nephews call me by it, only my in laws insist on the Given name :) Even my DJ name is Yubby :P
  • I can memorize drama scripts and movies in mere minutes, i walk around with a Smithsonian of movies quotes ranging from nearly ever John Wayne movie ever made all the way to Disney classics, New Disney, pixar, STar wars, LOTR, ..... oh it's CRazy.....BUT ask me to remember what time Church starts? Or when my next dentist Appointment is, or why there is an extra 30$ in the Checkbook......... couldn't tell ya :P
  • I LOVE socks! SOCKS rock my ... erm... socks :) I collect them, I almost have them for every major holiday we celebrate, and of course for every season. I think the weirder twist of this is, I got this Sock SIckness from my Dad. :) He is the original lover of socks :) And all his were OD green ARmy socks how dreadfullly boring!
  • I know more about tools than my husband. I spent 5 years working in the tool area of Sears, selling tools, stocking them, using them, fixing them ..... yuh I'm a Craftsman junkie :)
  • (The next 2 i stole from Heth as it's ME to a TEA!)I rarely finish a beverage. Whenever I go to my parents' house, I leave an almost full glass of ice water sitting on the counter. Rootbeer? Now that's a different story. Milk needs to be cold. VERY cold.
  • When I load the dishwasher, I leave the water running almost the whole time. Sorry environment!
  • I LOVE to dress up. I've gone to LOTS of movies in costume. Star wars first then we moved on to LOTR. I sat in long lines with my little sister both costume clad camped by the door for the FIRST tickets to the new movies. I dont take myself very seriously, therefore i can afford to look the part of a fool :)
  • My FAMILY is NUTS! My mother will go to work tomorrow in costume for Halloween. She borrowed my dress, and my sister's monarchy Faerie wings, and added some of her own oddities .... my MOM is 50 sumpin year old people! NUTs ii tell ya, totally nuts :P
  • I name my Teddy bears after TV detectives. My first was Quincy, my latest is Munch From "Homicide' Life on the street" The bear even has Munch's same bad attitude according to my mother :)
So, now you know some oddities about me ..... yeah .. fun :)

Chatty Cathy Monday

so this week has been just nutty and busy busy busy ... but one fun thing was saturday .... we had no power all day ..and camped out at our church to bake some stuff, and so my hubby could get some videos made for sunday. In all the wind and rain and sleet and snow .... this is how one of our trees ended up :P Poor thing didnt even stand a chance! :P

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pass it on

Traditions that is .... Passon traditions .... and the one's that get passed to you, take them and mold them to your own character.
This is what i've been trying to focus on this year as we slowly make our way toward december. I Have christmas on the brain, and a budget, and trying to make special things that will last, and have fun memories attatched. One such tradition is something that has been in my family since i was born. It's our Advent Calendar. Yes there isnt anything original about the idea, but the one we had in our home was unique. The first one was Green, with a large tan barn, and simple firgures, it had red brac brac trimming with red pompoms i LOVED the trim :)
My mom redid our in the early 90's to a blue color with silver trim and more detailed characters, even a 2Dimentional barn.
This year, im making my own, for our family to carry on the tradition. :) I've posted some pics of the calendar so far and a few of the characters i've done. I LOVE the new look, and how it still has a striking resemblence to the one's of my childhood. As i go through the porcess, im realizing ... my Mom's is in SAD shape! I may re do a couple of hers as i make my own. I have LOTS more stuff im tyring to arry on, but ill post those later :) Right now, we need mac n cheese :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Our house, in the middle of our street

*lol* we have a new house! and a new street! :D
lemme 'splaiin .... no taes too long, lemme sum up ....

Grant got a new playhouse, yesterday i went out to play with him some, and to clean it up, it has lots of cobwebs and dirt, so i cleaned and he "cooked" and i kept kneeeling on something hard, so i dug it up ...... *loL* and it was an old Cell phone! Yuh, with no battery, burried in my lawn, and we just happened to plop the house over THAT spot on the lawn, and the cell phone, to which Grant said "Oh! THERE"S my phone! I lost it so long ago!" He takes it from and sits it in the phone hanger on the wall, which was missing it's toy phone ... o.0

Meanwhile. we are getting new road. Yup, they DO pave roads in Vermont, and occasionally they even RE-pave them! It was pretty fun to watch Kept grant VERY occupied, he even got to talk to the wacky flag lady *lol*

Monday, October 09, 2006

Autumns of another Time

Do you remember when summer NEVER ended? Then when Fall showed up, it was glorious, and lasted FOREVER. The smells everywhere, new clothes smells, new boots smells, new pencils, new notebooks, new tape :D Pumpkin spice, dried leaves under a crispy misty morning dew. Apple orchards, apple pies, apple sauce, apple cider, pumpkins everywhere, and on a quiet fall afternoon in the country, the sound of dried cornstalks shivering in the wind, almost like they anticipate the coming of winter.

This weekend i got a peek into my past. It was GLORIOUS weather all weekend. Bright clear crisp and Peak foliage. On saturday an old friend dropped off a new toy for Grant, well, new to us, well loved by many already, but has LOTS of use still. A Large plastic playhouse for outside. It's so cute! He LOVES it, I even ran out and got a little set of play food to use in the mini kitchen. I got to play with him some, and it was fun! Sitting in that little house, playing with the plastic food, making mushroom clover grass salads, and feeling the fall air blowing through the tiny little hideaway. It reminded me of Many Many fall days spent in woodpile play houses, forest playhouses, falling apart garage playhouses, little pieces of the planet we claimed for our own, once inside we were worlds away from real life, and all those pesky adults. :P

Then on sunday we went apple picking. I LOVE apple picking, i love having the bag of apples on my counter and trying to find enough things to make to use them all up. We went with Mike's family, the WHOLE family pllus a couple friends of Andrea's and our friends Rob and Jenny with thier little boy. Grant has a blast with his uncles chucking apples, and eating apples, and eating more apples. LOL We found a couple "woolybear" catipillars. One was named "soccer" since he curled into a ball, the other was named, "Frendyy" since he was so friendly and crawled all over Grants entire arm *lol*
We topped it off with AWESOME Lomanno Pizza at the Doenges' house, and a walk in the evening that was just gorgeous in the sunset with all the colors on the mountain.

It was a good weekend, tiring, but fun, and VERY vermonty :D
Now, i will drink coffe, eat apple pie for breakfast and then find some apple recipies! :)