Saturday, July 28, 2007

New Blog

So, im starting a new blog, cause i dont have enough ya know *lol* It's going to be a family blog, where we can all post pictures and memories of "the old days" to help the younger siblings, and even the grandchildren, see and soak up new memories or days and even family members they missed out on seeing.
So i will try to get all the bloggers invited so we can all start posting. :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many."

Several years ago i pegged that as my life verse, my chief ambition. My lifelong goal is to stand before my Saviour in Heaven and hear the words, "Well done, my good and FAITHFUL servant."
So, my trip to blue field West Virginia with 16 teenagers, was in fact life changing. In very small ways, but very cool.
I now have Fan girls LOL! and i love them dearly, a gaggle of jr high gigglers have claimed me as their own. They run up to me in church and hug me and say good morning and are really happpy to see me, they even went to the Sunday school director and suggested he "fix it" so Mrs Doenges is the Jr High teacher in the fall. Heeheehee so cute :)
I learned new ways to be a servant. I also liked that we took upon ourselves as a team to be the servants of the week. We were last in line to eat first in line to help, my little team was the fastest dinner crew of the week!
I learned that most of the time teenagers are LOUD for NO GOOD Reason, and can get on nerves almost as fast as toddlers, BUT, i also learned that if you keep listening through all the noise, they are VERY wise when plugged into God. The problem is, you have to be Humble enough to hear it. If you are truly a servant, then no matter who speaks the truth, even a gangly kid15 years younger than you, you will hear it, and recognize it as a memo from God, and take it to heart.
I still Love teenage boys, always have always will, LOL they are so fun, and goofy, and dorky, and they make me laugh! I had a van full of boys, most of whom i hadn't spoken a full sentence to in the past year, all in my van, as we drive the winding roads of West Virginia, they were all singing "Next time he cheats" by carrie underwood,.....word for word ..... I nearly wrecked the car laughing so hard.
I have eyes to see clearly now, with no bias, who is who, who is plugged into God, who is playing at religion, who needs help, and also, i have more compassion. Never been a huge mushy person, emotional YES, but mushy, naaw. I spent a week with 5 teen girls at my side *LOL* I spent a week in the trenches of poverty in america. Its so hard to imagine that this country can have such poverty, but i saw it, in the shadow of the beautiful smokey mountains. In places it looked much like Rutland, which made me shiver, and realize how much my hometown needs us.
I have been re-evaluating my friendships, and have made some interesting discoveries, I have implemented this new *compassion* of mine, and have slowly let an old friend back in knowing she "Isn't entirely stable" *lol* but, as long as we can talk and "don't get stubborn with each other" i think we will be okay.
i could go on and on and on, but my muffin is nearly gone, and my coffee IS :o oh nuu! I hope this wasnt too boring, i just needed to say some of it out loud, errm, type it out loud? heehee
if you wanna see pictures go to my myspace and check out my photo album.
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thanks for listening :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wordless Wednesday #28 (Im Baaaack!) "Happy Birthday Princess! "

Yes Samantha is 2 years old today, seems like yesterday, but i think i will be saying that for many many more years :) Also Happy Birthday to her cousin Aiden who is 4 today. :)

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh yuh ...and one more thing


i love you :)

A couple of bug-bites and several S'mores later.....

Okay ..... so my summer is now supposed to wind down :) with my mission trip done, and im still mullling over the details, so i will post on it again later. We have just completed our annual "Family Campout" Our entire church camps all together on one section of emerald lake state campground every year. Its really alot of fun. We have a Lobster cook on thursday night, pig roast on saturday and worship under the trees on sunday morning.
This year had new organizers, so we saw some nice upgrades, 24hour coffee bar built by one of our resident wood work wizards, and supplied by Green mountain coffee. We also had a raffle on Friday night. LOTS of nice gifts given out (the lady in charge spent months going around and rounding up TONS of donations for our weekend). and a lovely couple even donated free fire wood for the entire church all weekend WOW!
Here are some higlights caught on my camera, i have many more, i'll post more lata. Signs on every site so you knew where everyone was ... even if their names were MISspelled :PBucket o' chalk on our site turned out lean to into a work of art, along with some others, and much of the newly paved camp road :)
Grant and Aiden playing at my site
THE bathing beauty known as Gianna Catherine ..... isnt she a peach?
Mommy wanted to get a picture of the entire suit, how cute is that??!!
LOBSTER!! weehee!
Gianna again ....sideways LOL ,,,,, still a doll however :)
Dork and princess :)

Lobster? hehe ...ahh memories :)

Monday, July 09, 2007

Bluefield WV. 2007

So, I'm home, and TIRED TIRED TIRED, but as i just told one of my girls' Mom on the phone its a VERY good tired. :) We had a blast. Travel was great, no issues, made excellent time, and didnt loose anyone. Not that we didnt TRY to loose a couple of them heehehehhee JK!
learned alot about myself, how much more i need to learn, how to better be a servant, and stay in servant mode. How to help other people emotionally, Anyone who knows me knows emotions aren't my string suit, LOL, but spending a week with highschool Freshmen girls WILL help anyone in that area. :)
We met so many new people, so many girls i wanted to take home with me, and some boys too. lol . I got to see the area my daddy grew up in, beautiful landscape! The people if the town just warmed my heart into a puddle. I can't wait to return next year!
This video is a quick slideshow we threw together for sunday morning. I will have a longer one later on, and will post more in depth, now, im going to nap! Im SOOO tired!! :P