Thursday, March 27, 2008

Say my name say my name........

On the way from dropping Grant off to school, Sam and I had a rather amusing conversation. It went something like this.....
"mommy, whats your name? Oh i know...Shawa! "
thats right
"What is Daddy's name?"
"What is Grant's name? oh! Grant! What is Uncle Matt's name?"
"What is Uncle David's name?"
"NOPE! His name is DUDE!"


who am i to argue? :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

16 miles of bridge in the middle of the ocean, and a federal summons on the horizon!

sooooo, we went to see Amy this weekend. Actually we went on a LOOOOONG road trip and happened to find Amy right in the middle of it, heehehehe.Yes, we ( mom and myself) left her house in Bomoseen at 1am saturday morning, and drove and drove and drove for 12 hours till we got to where Amy is now residing in Norfolk Virginia. We were bringing her some more of her things, to help her set up home. some of those things were a queen size bed frame, box spring, and mattress, a dresser, and some other various items, and it was supposed to rain the entire trip, torrential downpour really. So on top of being totally weighed down in the truck, we had to tarp it all and tie it all so that the wind and rain couldn't' dampen our cargo. Well, it was pretty fine till we got to Virginia, then we hit some wind on route 13 going towards the Chesapeake bay, then rain, then wind AND rain, and then torrential downpour and whipping winds, it was pretty much miserable. and nearly impossible to drive anything, never mind a bulky old truck piled high with tarped stuff.  As we crossed across the 16 mile of bridge that spans across the water to norfolk, it was sunny, and we could see for miles, and started to feel like we had made it, until, 2 seconds before arriving in Amy's parking lot, the heavens opened, and rain fell, in large wet drops at an alarming speed, thoroughly soaking anything in the truck that hadn't quite gotten wet enough yet. 
after everything was delivered, and dripping and drying out, we crashed, then we shopped, then we ate, then we visited, then we slept. Forgot about daylight savings, :P and got up the next morning to go shopping on base. 
Man! That was fun! The commissary looked exactly like the  new one on Fort devens that we used to shop at.  The NEX had lots of goodies, like coach shoes, and Dooney&Bourke purses, and Vera Bradley suitcases, and a laptop selection my hubby would drool over! Yes, it was fun, just like the old days, except of course for the Navy police dude. I never really talked to the police on base before.
 See, up here in
 Vermont, there aren't a whole lot of roads with Medians in them. There seem to be alot in Norfolk, so Mom was busy practicing the maneuvering of such road, paying attention the former speed limit of 25 MPH, somehow we missed the fresh posting of 15MPH, and that nice Naval police dude was kind enough to stop us and inform us of our error.
He asked for Military ID and the rest of the normal things, to which my mom says, 
"Oh the girl at the commissary just informed me that my ID is expired."
Well, they don't like that, they take those away. So my mother had a heartfelt debate with the nice Naval boy who was trying to confiscate her retied ARMY ID.  We got him laughing at one point, Amy flashed her fresh Navy ID and practiced a crying jag on the guy. 
"Yes, im a newlywed, and my husband is on a ship and i haven't seen him in days, and my mom came to visit me cause i was lonely........."
She did it well, and he kept laughing, all the way back to the cruiser, as Amy and i whipped out cell phones and started to spread the joyous news. :) He returned with a written warning basically, but they call it something else, like an administrative something or other. oh wait, i have a picture! :) 
So, that's how that went, now Mom has No ID and she is a lost civilian soul like the rest of us :) Funny though, every state we went thr
ough on the way home, we saw police, with lights flashing, and sirens blaring, thankfully none of them were after us, but it was kinda funny, so much fodder for the bored Yubby with stores to tell! :)  
Oh, and we mustn't forget the St Plus Size church! Well, okay it was St Pius X but Mom maybe didn't have her glasses on when she read it? HEEHEHEHEHE 

Monday, March 10, 2008

yes SIR!

i mean, there a reasons they posted a 15MPH limit by the gates, incase some terrorist housewife is speeding through, trying to run from the Naval police, so they don't confiscate her AMRY ID. I tell ya, you can never be to careful! 

More at 11 ............... :D

Monday, March 03, 2008

Jelly Beans are so last week!

okay, so my hubby got me these wonderful chocolates for valentines day, I had 2 so far. I was saving them, you know, savor them kind of thing.  Well, we put Sammy in our room for a nap. She is a very good girl normally, however, yesterday, different story. Yeah, I ate two, this is how i found them, with my daughter having chocolate around her precious mouth, while sitting in the middle of ALL my shoes. ALL of them pulled out of the closet, out of their boxes, all over the floor.
OI! Neither my chocolate OR my shoes are safe !!