Friday, February 07, 2014

Not feelin' the Love here people ....

Can we just talk about Valentines? Seriously, UGH! The whole process looses it's charm when they are so stinkin expensive, and you can't make them for much cheaper, even if you kids were ok with being the ONE kid in the classroom with no pop character or candy, or tattoo, or sticker on theirs.

You have to have one card for each kid in class, because we live in the age of, 'life isn't fair so we will bend over backwards to make sure you never know that until it's too late", and to be sure you don't miss anyone, you get a class list sent home to you at the beginning of the month. THANK YOU teachers! They obviously know their students, and that poor mom CANNOT rely on the child's memory to get every name in the room, and spelling, well, these days, that's a whole other post.

Ok, buying, now we know how many, lets shop! I shop alone, no kids, my son is now 10, in 3rd grade, and thats how long it took me to get that part right. Yes, the idea of letting them pick their own is lovely, yes, they should show their own identity, but, that's all out the window when they get to the store and want the newest ones, the 3D ones with bracelets and stickers and flashing noses, and i thought i saw some that came with new cars ..(okay maybe im exaggerating, but not by much! ) These NEW ones, are 6$ or more a box, and they only have 10 cards, and your son has 32 kids, plus 2 teachers, so now, you have to spend, 18$ on his, then the same on hers, because, it's not fair if he has flashy ones, and she doesn't! RIGHT!? Right, I know, I'm smart, I go alone.

Now, if it was me, I would buy the cheapest, most run of the mill box with the most cards in it, however, I do have a small amount of sympathy for my kids, and peer pressure, and we are not poor, we can spend a little money, but a LITTLE, just a LITTLE! Now to balance, not feeling like the kid handing out dumb cards, and not wasting money on characters and dumb tattoos that fall off anyway, HATE those things!

Oh! Can we also talk about choices?! Boys get, star wars, legos, star wars legos, angry birds, starwars angry birds, marvel comics, cars, planes, turbo, spider man, batman, solar systems, dinos, on and on and on. girls get, Dora, Disney princess, hello kitty and dogs and cats. That's it. My daughter would give out angry birds if they had some of the girly birds and pigs in there. My son might even hand out dog cards if they weren't TOO cute. I mean seriously people, talk about boxing girls in. geez!

These are just boxes, with cards in them, never mind the other half of the isle, full of snack packs, and candy packs and lollipops and gummies, all made to be able to write on the package and give as a valentine. These I can get behind, IF they weren't SO expensive! Also, back to stereotypes, my son can have spiderman or batman or angry birds, in boxes of 36, awesome, however, all I can get for her is disney princess, or if I want to pay 3x as much, I can do 3 boxes of the Hello Kitty candy. Um, NO!

I ended up with two boxes of Lifesaver candies, one is pops, one is big gummies. They will split the loot, therefore, having the same types of valentines, ones that are yummy, and edible, and no one has to save, and I spent 6$, but not after this entire rant, plus much much more, expletives, and mumblings, and much less cohesive thoughts running through my head. It was NOT a fun time.

Oh, one more thing, I looked up "80's valentines" on google, and found that picture, and I am fairly certain i handed those out one year! trippy.

Happy Valentines Day ....HA! :P