Friday, June 29, 2007

"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.........."

What DOES one week of mission trip look like all packed up? There ya go .... the black bag is my air mattress, the whits bag is my van food. You gotta get a jump on those teens and their junk food cravings or they'll be begging you to stop before we hit the Vermont state line. :P i told my passengers i DON'T stop to be in my car! mwaahahahahahahaaa!!
Anywhoooo, the pink NEW LLBEAN bag is my duffle. We are only allowed one bag really on the trip, so this thing has ALL my stuff in it, TEVA's, clothes, toiletry bag, and so on. Then the Fabulous Striped Tote that is also NEW and SOOooooo cute, is for all the stuff i need at hand. Water bottle, camera, bible notebook, ll sorts of stuff, and my wallet. If you look close, the wallet is OLD. :) I got that for my trip to Florida in .... 198??5?6 maybe?? lol ...

Sooo anyway, im gonna go put this stuff in my VERY cool rental van, with stow and go, and power sliding doors, yuh, i got the posh car heeheheee.

For anyone wondering, I am co-leading a mission trip down to Bluefield West Virginia. The organization we hook up with is called YouthWorks. You can look them up online to see their mission VERY cool stuff. AND if you check out the different sites, you will see one of the new ones this year is RUTLAND vermont :) So we get to help them serve here, and away, its a cool summer!

Pray for The CBC team traveling and working and traveling back, and Rob and myself dealing with the teens and not killing them hehheehheehehee. Also, pray for my hubby, home all week with the kiddos. He is gonna be a bit more tired than me i think LOL!!

Ill be back in a week ......TTFN!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I am the Terror, that flaps in the night....."

That weren't no duck!!
OI to the VEY!!
So, my hubby has this new job, great job, and he only drives 15 minutes each way, as opposed to an hour+. So I have been getting up with him in the morning, we have coffee and talk without the kiddo distraction.
This morning, we got up, he showered, i made coffee, we chatted, and then i hear the oddest thing.
"now how in the world did BAT BAAAT!!"
**this is where yubby doubles over in fear, schreeeches and runs out the door mike opened for the bat to fly out of**
Yes a bat, possibly crawling down from the attic trap door over the cellar stairwell. after about 20 minutes of Mike chasing it with a broom and smacking it twice, he got it to fly out the back door. I ended up telling the story of the monster bat that we found in my mamaw's apartment in Roanoke many moons ago. I remember THAT bat being nearly a foot tall ..... im sure thats wrong ..right? I DO remember mom well though, and yes, i AM my mother's daughter.
""MIKE! Get it out before the kids wake up! They will freak!""
Have you ever tried to convince a bat to fly in a certain direction? Not quite so easily done. :P
Sooo anywhooo, thats how i started my day! How's yours??
*yubby is still shaking*

Monday, June 18, 2007

a Cake a Nap and a little less hair ....

Soo, my weekend was pretty dern busy again! LOL I think we will just assume from now on, that Yubby's weekends will be busy until further notice :)

We started with a giant Grad bash at the Doenges Household. We Celebrated Daniel Graduating from Assumption college, along with Dominic graduating from Rutland High school. So i got to make a lovely big Red whit and blue cake LOL at least all the school colors match :)

Yesterday being Father's Day w celebrated with a lunch at 99 and Naps, because what more do dad's love on a sunny sunday than a nice long nap? We went back to the in-laws for quick gift swap that turned into another meal, and party type thing. Grant refused to eat the fabulous food offered him, so he sat in the other room, and got a nap in while he waited. LOL

Last but not least, **siiiigh** Samantha turns 2 in a month, and her hair is getting crazy, so we bit the bullet, and trimmed it, and now .... well, if she looked anything like me before, heehehee she is my toddlerness reincarnated now! It's a little creepy :) She does look very cute, it's not in her eyes now, and when i dressed and did her hair this morning she looked 3! Gah ... they grow so fast :P

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Time iiis Tickin' away...

One of my all time favorite groups, DCTalk recorded a song by that title. I think of it all the time, especially when we hit big milestones, like the big girl bed for sammy, and then yesterday, I bit the bullet, and Signed Grant up for PRESCHOOL. EEk! This fall i will take him up the road to the school where mike and all his siblings attended for many years. I don't think he is really that old is he? Maybe when i see him in a sea of a bunch of little bodies all the same size as him I will feel better LOL.
In other news, My big brudder and his wife have a blog now, geez about time, get with the times people! *lol* seriously though it will be great to keep up with them, as they move to Hawaii and then as Enrico is deployed once again.
In still-more-news-worthy-event-land, we were able to catch up with our cousin Patrick. We have not actually SEEN him for over 15 years. He is on two weeks vacation, and was driving all over creation from buffalo to Roanoke Va. He has changed ALOT, gone from brute football player type to gangly history major LOL. It was odd though, he is an ATkins, and soo many parts of him fit in so well! It's like when an adopted child meets their biological sibling, and finds out that the weird things about them are a "family thing". He is into drama, reading, plays the guitar, plays John Mayer on the guitar LOL, been to Africa several times, and even drives the same car my Nana does.thats just odd. hehee but it was good to see him. Nice to reconnect with people and see how things are going.
I think my next reconnection should be to Hawaii in the middle of January! 0.- I mean c'mon I've never met half of my family there, it's a necessity! heehehehe

Monday, June 04, 2007

Baby Gub

Well, it's official, Sammy is no longer an infant. She has been upgraded to "big girl" with the addition of the precious bed we found at a yard sale this weekend.
Siiigh, yup, we packed up the crib, packed it UP. Not like, broke it down to move to another room, or another house, it's broken DOWN. I think i have a serious case of the "baby bug" This whole big bed thing paired with the baby boom at church this summer, NOT helping! No my dear cousin, mother, friend, whoever is reading, there are NO plans for baby #3, mikey likes two ALOT. LOL
on a side note, Sammy is TERRIFIED of bugs, or GUB's as she calles them. this doesnt fit well in a vermont country home. LOL