Sunday, February 18, 2007

Feb 18th 1977 ....... so long agoo ..:P

ok, there it is. I hit it finally.... and im still alive :P

It was really the best birthday I've had in a long time :) I got lots of good movies, Indiana Jones and Starwars. LOTS of money for the craft store, Salon money, chocolate, lunch, partyfood and then a fab 5star top notch dinner. :)

My hubby and my bestfriend set me up, planned out a big BLACK surprise party, m first party in a long time, it was fun! Balloons and confetti ... i do LOVE confetti :D heehehheheee.

sooo ... yeah here we go ..... 30 more years .... bring it on!:D

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Warning, snow may be heavy at times......

Yuh, this was 1:30pm this afternoon .... pretty cool huh?

And ..... this is .. 6pm this evening, and umm .. thats starting to get CRAZY! XD

seems pointless don't it?

yuh, thats right plow the snow ......maybe the plows should communicate better? =D

Wordless Wednesday #13..... "Chocolate from my hubby for valentines day! :D"

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

the last third of #300 things......

okie ... My friend SANDRA got me to do this, then my friend Brenda Dared me that i couldnt find 300 things ...:o well, lets go 100 at a time shall we? *lol* ...... 1-30 .. today we go to 300 ...... thats 10 things for every year, although im sure it doesn't pan out that neatly .. but anyway ....... here we go again :) One last time .................................

201. I Can't ignore a dare
202. My birthstone is Amethyst
203. My Favorite flower is Violets
204. I hate flip flops
205. In the summer, 95% of the time i wear Teva's
206. I've lived in Brattleboro Vt. in a white house
207. I've lived in Brattleboro Vt. in a yellow house
208. I've live in Bellows Falls Vt, in a yellow house
209. I've lived in Walpole Nh. in a yellow house
210. I've lived in Radcliffe Ky. in a white house
211. I've lived in Evingston Va. in a white house
212. I've lived in Agawam Ma. in a yellow house.
213. I've broken only one bone in my whole life, my right big toe.
214. My favorite cereal is LIFE,
215. They just released LIFE chocolate cereal, that may be my new favorite
216. I Snort when i laugh really hard
217. I also worked at a sports expo, alongside my cousin, selling tickets ..GOOD money :)
218. I love to watch good war movies. All the oldies, and glory, saving private ryan, Pearl harbor, i started Harts war, and it was looking good.
219. I am the McGyver of baking
220. I remember sitting on a VERY sturdy Coffee table watching MASH and whimpering as dad removed a large splinter from my foot.
221. I remember hearing GI Joe cartoons on TV as i stepped on a nail and impaled my foot. :P
222. I remember sitting in front of the Gold? dryer listening to "eye of the Tiger" from Rocky as we waited for our Care Bears to come out of the dryer.
223. We used to watch Laurence Welk, and Austin City Limits on saturday night.
224. We used to watch Wild America and "All Creatures Great and Small" On sunday nights while eating popcorn and drinking apple cider
225. I think More women should buy Valentines Gifts for their GUYS. They need love too :)
226. I think i should have been left handed.
227. My hand writing is atrocious either way =D
228. When i see Hello Kitty i think of Katie
229. When i see Rainbow shoe laces I think of Katie
230. I have two computers on my desk.
231. One is a Mac, one is a PC.
232. I have socks for every holiday, except for new years ... do they make those?
233. I LOVE confetti
234. I always have too many calendars
235. I have been in mortal fear of sewing machines most of my life.
236. I sewed LOTS of gifts for Christmas this year. :)
237. I no longer fear sewing machines
238. I have been to only one funeral, for my nephew.
239. I do NOT like to hear Taps .... anywhere .. :P
240. I cry over the national anthem almost every time i hear it.
241. I have only been to one Major league baseball game, Boston vs Cleveland IN Boston. We almost got run out by the beer happy fans ..:P guess they don't like NY Yankees.
242. I love to wrap presents.
243. I think it's funny that my oldest brother is Terrified of spiders
245. Both my Dad and my brother served time in Korea ...NOT vietnam.
246. Neither of them liked the country. :)
247. My oldest brother speaks fluent Klingon
248. One time my cousin and I tied my sister up in ribbons for fun.
249. My sister used to make plastic bead magnets ALL the time
250. My brother fell into a cactus patch in Georgia in 100 degree weather :)
251. Denim jumpers give me hives
252. Easy listening music from the late 80's and early 90's is called "Devens music" in our house
253. I once owned a Grey Corvette convertible.
254. I have been in life threatening, thrilling, somewhat imagined Car chases, in grey Toyota corollas. :)
255. Twice ive been in a Deer vs Car accident.
256. My ultimate vacation location is Australia
257. I cried when the Crocodile hunter died
258. I laughed when Anna Nicole died ...... :P
259. I remember "Fractured Fairy Tales" do you?
260. I have this vague memory of a book i want to find one day. it was read on public Tv when i was little, it was about a poor girl who traveled into the woods, and met faries, and the magicly grew beautiful flowers, and i think it was something like, 12 different flowers, each representing a month but thats all i remember, no title, no author. I will find it one day.
261. I love to Tag sale shop
262. There is a danger i may get addicted to Ebay. :P
263. I'm very peticular about my Tuna. I like DRY tuna, with extra mayo, and relish ... :)
264. I worked in the tool dept of sears for many years, and therefore know MORE about tools than my hubby.
265. I enjoy watching "this Old house"
266. I enjoy watching Antiques Roadshow
267. I'm Terrified of spiders ....(yes it's in each list)
268. My pain tolerance is HIGH
269. Unfortunately not much short of prescription meds helps me feel better. :P
270. I watched Reading Rainbow, ghostwriter, 321 contact, Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego", The bloodhound gang, Square one and Mathnet as a teenager.
271. I had a crush on "Daniel son" from Karate kid
272. I know what Snow Smells like.
273. I sucked my thumb as a kid
274. I need glasses badly
275. I need braces worse
276. I think one will make me look too young, one will make me look too old. :P
277. I used to be pen pals with a missionary in the Philippines
278. We housed that family when they were on furlough one year
279. Moosetracks is my Favorite ice cream.
280. I call my second cousin 'Piglet' since she was the size of a bag of sugar when she was born.
281. i LOVE to paint, wall paper, and decorate.
282. I have driven drunk.
283. I HATE that about me.
284 I NEVER did or will EVER do it again.
285. I Have considered suicide.
286. I nearly attempted it twice, but could not stand to hurt my family that badly
287. By the Grace of God, I forgave a man i never wish to see again as long as i live.
288. I believe there is NOTHING you can do that God can't forgive if you ask Him.
289. If god can forgive you, than as his kid, i should be able to also
290. I struggle with #289 constantly :P
291. I put cocoa in my coffee
292. I plan to be chaperone on a Mission trip to Bluefeild WV this summer.
293. My husband is 3 years younger than me
294. I am coming to grips with 30 :P
295. I am proud of my parents, how much they have been through, and how much they love one another, and that they are coming up on their #35th wedding anniersary.
296. I cry when i hear the song "Daddy's Hands" it hits VERY close to home =D
297. My life has a soundtrack ...... no i can't list it ...... it's 30 years long! C'mon!
298. I take good care of my skin
299. I Laugh ALOT and am not good at mushy emotions in person. :)
300. I am thankful i have lived this long, and for every day of my life so far, and for many many more.

Friday, February 09, 2007

I just want to thank that Telemarketer for calling RIGHT in the middle of an important conversation..

Is it ever ok to lie to your kids? Or can we lable it omission of certain information? hmmmm well, take this example and let me know what YOU would have done!

Grant's 2 current fascinations are Superhero's and pummeling his sister. So we have been talking alot about what Hero's are and how Hero's act, and so on and so forth.

This morning he was on a paticularly aggrivating warpath, and i had to put him in Time out, until I calmed down LOL. I sat down and talked to him about it.
"Grant do you remember when we talked about heros? What do hero's do?"
Grant = "They are nice, and take crae of littler people."
Mom = "Yes, and if you are hitting little people, then you are a bad guy.........
PHONE RINGS ...... Telemarketer ...... Mommy ignores...
Grant = "Mommy, was that Superman calling? Is he angry with me?"

o.0 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
"Ummm ... well ... I think maybe he is sad? "
"Yeah, I probably made him sad bein' a bad guy, and daddy would be sad too, I wana be a hero now."

and it's been quiet ever since ........ 0.o ...... so ah ... yeah ..i say, It was God calling *lol* heeheh

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

WARNING!! Fandom ranting on Girly TV :)

So, im admitting, YES i LOVE the Gilmore Girls. This season i was afraid i wouldn't be as dedicated, since the plot seemed to wane.
But alas,they do always throw things in. Now, Richard is in the hospital, and they had this whole horrid day ..... and Chris wasn't there, but LUKE was!!
SCHEEEECH.she never should have married that man ...grrrr ... logan is shaping up rather well, he was such a good boy! I just don't get it, who wants the whimp who can't get over himself long enough to hug you through your dad's heart surgery, when you can have the guy who ran over in his dumpy coat and backwards hat wanting to help in any way possible,even if that way ends up being that you run crazy almost pointless,petty errands to appease Emily. Then 'That man' shows up all PO'ed because the other guy who you have been friends with all you adult life is leaving three bags of food for your family knowing that no one has had enough real food for the day,and then he has the GAUL to tell the guy to get lost ...... ohhh ..... im gonna pop a widget in a minute!!

don't scoff at me!I warned you before you read it! XP

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Someone For Everyone

Isn't she sdorable?? She is on sale at Hallmark right now. :) she is the Gund snuffles 25th anniversary bear.

anyone who knows me well, knows i NEED this bear! :D