Thursday, March 07, 2013

Today I am sitting still. In anticipation of a very busy few weeks ahead. Tomorrow I officially throw my hat in for the Vermont Tough Mudder on Mt. Snow August 10th. Hubs and I will run it together, with a bunch of other siblings and friends. I am SUPER excited to do it one more time. Pretty sure I will be done with them after this, but who knows, I may get the urge again one day. 
March 11th, my Dad goes into surgery for double knee replacement. It sounds so scary! I am really excited though, I know he will heal fast, and to see him mobile again will be awesome! it's hard to see someone so active so inhibited by pain. 
Also, hubs will undergo Chemo. it's scary, but it's the last step to be sure it's all gone. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer in early Dec. He had surgery, had the tumor removed, and all his scans and tests come back free and clear. This last step is just to make sure nothing comes back. It's the best option, so here we go. I am always up for new challenges! 
I started watching LOST with some dear friends, and then they moved! LOL NOT cool man! i seriously connected with this girl, and her hubs and my hubs are two very geeky peas in a very geeky pod! It's so nice to meet people who you connect with so well, so fast, it doesn't happen often, and I am so glad we all met! Now we have to plan trip to northern Ohio more often, :) I do love to travel :)
We started up our radio show again, only have two shows recorded, but it feels so good to be "on air" again, even if it's just on the internet.
Not much more to tell, I'm a gym rat now, thanks to my new friend who moved, she left me with her membership through to June, which is rather helpful with the whole Tough Mudder thing fastly approaching! 
I have been trying to post on here but feel a lack of inspiration, maybe now that my buddy is gone, I'll have more time on my hands :D 
Happy St. Patty day to everyone!