Monday, May 19, 2008

"I know the plans I have for you .........................."

This is the verse we use so often this time of year, for graduates, for people getting married, for babies. But it is also a useful verse for times of sadness. When we sit and stare into the dark cold night and Wonder WHY? WHY do these things have to happen? WHY to these kind of people??

Yesterday As we went from Church, to a fund raising event at the local pizza place. (To raise money for The teens Mission trip this summer to WV) On the way there, News started trickle in about a Car accident. A BAD one, and it was our kids in it. Not the ones going on the trip, but part of the youth group, the big sister of one of the boys going on the trip.
The news was dismal, she was airlifted to DHMC, she was in critical.
Our church hosted a church-wide celebration. A whole bunch of area churches coming together to sing and dance and show off different talents. All to praise and Worship God. The whole time people everywhere in the building were fighting to keep it together up to their performance, then they left the room, and alot of the teens ended up meeting a Sunday school room for prayer and bible reading, waiting for news and hoping it was gonna be good.
It wasn't about an hour after everyone was done and went home, we got the news. She had died, from her massive injuries, mostly a fatal blow to the head.
That verse is the on her Father was holding onto at the hospital.
It's so tragic, seems so useless, but we do have faith, and her family is an amazing example of Faith. Her little brother was praying with other people for Their loved ones while he waited to see if his sister would survive surgery on her brain. Her Father told the driver that no one was angry with him, and to know that his greatest Gift to Chrissy was to accept Christ, and she was at peace.
Christine Kelly Besaw

Today i have an extra baby, since the Youth Pastor is a little tied up, and his wife is trying to hold the entire universe together, (thats her thing....we call her her SupperJenny) :)
It's appropriately cloudy, and I just want to hug Jimmy!
(thats her little bro, he's a hugger, and is the one who gives out hugs when people need it)
so, anywho, i have to get more coffee, i can't end this correctly, cause i have no answers or conclusions, just tears :(

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It a whole new Ball game Link .....

soooo in case you misssed it, For mother's day, I got a Wii. :) Heehehehe!!
I enjoy video games, a few have even gotten me addicted, but when it comes to spending hundreds of dollars on "systems" and equipment with which to play the games, Forget it!
Until, i saw the Wii, i saw right away that it was different, and totally not like anything ever made before. Then my friends got one, and i got to use it, and MAN, my entire body ached after an hour of baseball and golf, and i thought to myself. If playing a fun game, can wake up muscles and move them around like that, It may be worth the money!
Low and behold, Mikey got me one for Mother's day. I was shocked! I thought we were saving for a house, but, if you say it's okay, then by all means, put in the Golf game!! :)
So, i have been doing alot of golfing and batting practice, then my hubby comes home from visiting his buddy Pat with a managerie of odds and ends. Two of which are Wii games. One is a big game hunting game, pretty fun, wll take some practice. The other, you guessed it, ZELDA! The twilight princess or something. OMG! It's insane! It's so fun, i giggle while playing thinking about all the fun My seester would have with it. To swing the sword, you actually SWING your arm!. sooo cool!
One of my friends asked how Housework ever gets done anymore. LOL! Well, i do it faster, and it actually gets done, cause when im done, i get to play! Inspiration! heehehehe

anywho, gotta run, got errands to get done before lunch, then mommy can play :)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Life in general

Soooo, life here has been pretty run of the mill. Nothing outstanding, but not quite slow enough to sit and think. :)
We are fast approaching summer, it seemed it would never come!
We have been recording our radio show regularly on Sunday nights, an it broadcasts on Friday nights. If you are ever interested in listening in LIVE tot he recording session, look up on a Sunday evening around 9ish, you WON'T regret it! Well, you may, but not enough to make you cry, hopefully.... hmm ..anywhoooooo
Sammy has recovered from her little "allergic incident" but it seems she is now itching again, and terribly congested, so I'm starting to wonder if some plant in my yard is making her allergic? She didn't break out until she and Grant went outside on the first dry sunny day and played and romped and rolled in the grass. vweerry interesting!
Grant is doing well in school. He has successfully mastered the Tricycle, very impressive i must say! He gets smarter and smarter every day. The other day he said
"I think i am smarter than you mom!"
He had shared some information on Owls with me that i didn't know, therefore, he has more knowledge. ahhh kids!
Sammy is getting more and more girly as the days go on, she is a princess always, and then sometimes she is a Princess knight, or a princess runner, or a princess soccer player, or even a princess dragon. wow. Today she sang a new song, about her new favorite flower. it went something like this...
"dandelions, dandelions, dandelions, i wuv dandelions!"
the pronunciation was more like this
"Dayundeewions, dayundewioons, dayuuundeewions, i WUV dayundeewions!!"

soo anywho, i think thats all for now, to see a few new pictures look up my face book profile, i just posted them this morning.