Thursday, December 27, 2007

Here's yer sign ......

well, yes Christmas is come and gone, and so many things to say, or remember, or just things on the horizon in 2008, but so hard to write it all down, that is, until my son opens his mouth and pours it all out in sentence.

Let me set it up :) My sister is engaged to be married in 3 MONTHS :o, My big Brother is in a war, My husband is most likely getting a promotion that will relocate us to the west coast, in the desert, my Nana, and only surviving Grandparent will most likely not live to see another Christmas.
Tonight i went to visit with my inlaws, and eat fab pizza, and let my sister in law drool on the kiddos. See, she moved out to Boulder Colorado this summer, hasn't seen them since, and it kills her, so she is drinking in every minute with them this week.

As we leave, they give bg hugs and kisses, saying how much they love her, how they miss her, she hugs and clings and wonders why little people grow so fast, and Grant suggests that she just comes home to mama's house, every time we visit, she shoud too! ( like every other week) *lol*
Then he says to Mrs D.

"Mama, You make a sign, a sign that tells her how to get back to her home, so she can read it, ( at this point Andrea has left the room laughing choking and crying ) ...... and put it in front of the house, so she will always know how to get back to us."

Yeah, so, there ya go, thats all that needs saying :)

Monday, December 24, 2007

"Oh by Gosh by Golly......."

It's coming on Christmas
They're cutting down trees.......

well i have no river to sail away on, but, if it hadn't gotten below 30 degrees last night, I'd have a lake in my driveway. :) That reminds me, i should spread some salt :P

It's Christmas Eve! Truly my favorite day of the year. Somehow, on this night, it is easy to imagine the babe, the manger, the steam from warmth rising into the crisp cool evening. The smell of warm straw, and horses, and cows, and new life. The look on Mary's face, the thoughts running through Joeseph's head. The crazy looking shepheards running like mad to find a barn, and worship a baby. The angels overhead, singing, and God, looking down on it.
Then add in today, the children anxious for Christmas morning, the familes all congregating together for meals, and laughs and memories. The twinkle lights in every house, the trees making it smell like the woods in our living rooms. The candles, the food, the feeling of belinging.
No other day compares to this one in my opinion.
So, tonight, i am hosting Christmas eve for the first time. So fun! We are having as many Atkin's as we can get here, knowing we are missing a large chunk still. We will eat manacotti, salad, bread, and end the evening with chocolate fondue! SO fun! Then of course gifts, so fun, and a couple for my kiddos, they must have their new jammies!

I do hope everyone will have as nice a Christmas Eve as we will. After all......
"There's only one more sleep till Christmas!"

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lest it go unsaid ......

There are too many things in life that go unsaid. Maybe we "just know" that the other person knows we love them. Maybe we don't get into the "mushy stuff" Maybe, there is nothing to say, or too much sadness or anger piled on top of it that you forgot what those words were.

I have been sitting here crocheting, watching "Clash of the Choirs" (ya ya, boo hiss, cheesy whatever) .... anywho .... i heard these songs love, and family, and christmas, and wishing someone had said something to that loved one.

Lest it go unsaid,
I Love my Mom, I love my Dad, I love every one of my siblings more fiercely then any other people on this planet, (except my kids of course)
I Love my Husband, he is my one and only always soul mate. I want my kids to always KNOW that Mommy LOVES them.
I love my sister's in law like my very flesh and blood. My entire family is my most important relationship, next to God. :)
I want my family to know that, call it an early Christmas present, I want to live from here on out with the knowledge that you can never say I LOVE YOU too many times. You can NEVER hug too many times.
I Have always known love, I have never felt lacking for attention or love and i ache for anyone who has.

okay, now i must go finish a penguin. :) and et gum drops, and hope they don't sing anymore sappy songs, i hate crying LOL.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


One nice thing about having a cliff for a front walk, it makes a great sledding hill, complete with warm bathrooms, warm observation deck, first aid, oh yeah, and Hot Coffee. :)

Matt planning Isaac's descent

I can't get over the perpetual state of discombobulation of Aiden.

Sammy seems to be bummed about watching and not being in the snow.

He likes to lead, or dictate, or whine? It's cute though.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ho Ho Ho LOTS of snow!

Yes yes we are buried! And even more so since Mike broke his second shovel SCHEEEECH! BUT, the snow and ice make for a lovely lazt sunday when we can decorate the tree, eat cookies, and crochet.
Aren't they cute!?
They may find thier way into stockings or gifts bags, depending on how many i can crank out in a week, along with Sewing PJ's and baking cookie *lol* im tired!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cause it's funny?

Copied from Madame Blueberry.....

Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.

Click random article again; that is your album name.
Click random article 10-15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

Band Name :
Austin F. Pike
Album Title:
Sangokushi Battlefield

  1. Open Space Technology

  2. Baudline

  3. Gondia District
  4. Arthur Rudolf Hantzsch

  5. Medicine Hat
  6. Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

  7. 1590 in music
  8. Outro-solo

  9. Verenium Corporation
  10. Sound recording copyright symbol

I feel like i should be shouting against social injustice, or perhaps put into an institution for thunking a glunk!

The things you make me do blueberry!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

eek! 151!!

This would be my 151st post! W00t. :)
Anywho, just letting y'all know there is a new memory on My other blog. :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Oh be Kind to Your Fine Feathered Friend..."

Uhoh! Looks like SOMEONE is getting on the naughty list this year!

Heehee Yuh, so i found something new and fun to make with yarn, and oh my goodness im having SO MUCH fun with it :)
Life here has been pretty busy. We have been gearing up for Christmas, looking into a possible relocation (more on THAT later) and trying to keep up with everything else. I have been rehearsing for a drama on Sunday, with My dad as my Dad and my brother as my hubby EWW! I do have to say though, having half of the cast being of Atkins' origin, it certainly adds alot of joviality to the skit! **is that a word?** my spell checker didn't hit it heehee
Mike is loving his job, we have lots of lovely snow, Grant can finally walk up and down the sledding hill, (aka our front walk) himself, and so gets to go play outside alone, which he loves. He is doing very well in Pre-school, loving the learning, and meeting new friends.
So thats a very short overview of life here, i gotta go clean off the counter so we can make sugar cookies when Grant gets home.
This is one of those things that tests my parental abilities. I like to make them methodically. All the bells are one color, the people a different color, and they are neat, and orderly, and Oh My Gosh, that is NOT how 4 year olds do it! I'm sure ill have pictures and stories for THAT tomorrow.:)
Oh! One more thing *Lol* I was dropping off Grant, and one of the little girls came over to me. SHe is maybe 4, tiny little thing with long blonde hair. She said, "Hey, Grant's mommy, WHy did you get a haircut?"
( i recently chopped my locks if you haven't seen, and it's Fab) :)
So i said, "I wanted a new haircut, so i just cut it, so i could have it different."
She says to me, "Oh i know what you mean! I am ALWAYS trying to cut mine, and i cut it, and get it all nice and cut, and it just grows and grows and grows no matter WHAT I do!"

*ROFL*! I thought his teacher was gonna faint, the look on her face was priceless!

so thats life for today. Cookie making pics to come soon :)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Snowstorm cookies, and Samantha's day

So, monday we woke to the first big snowstorm of the season. Looks like we could get a bunch! For once i planned ahead! We have hats gloves coats AND even sleds for the kiddos. Yay me :)

Of course, per Atkins' tradition, with the first snowstorm comes the first Christmas cookies. :) Now i have to tell you! Last year i tried to make these things with Mom Doenges' OLD cookie press. It had been passed down a few times, with the recipie, through her family, and no one likes to make them, because the press nearly breaks your hand. WELL! This year, i cracked open the Pampered Chef one my muddah gave me, and OH my GOODness! These were the easiest cookies i ever made! *lol*

and last but certainly not least, A day in the life of Samantha, as told in pictures. Tempermental? Moody? Adorable? You decide!