Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Soon it will be Christmas day.....

In reading my past posts, i am so sad to see how old my kids have gotten!

On a lighter note, Twelve days of Christmas by john Denver and the Muppets is playing as i type :)

Christmas is coming, winter is commin'. Our life has taken a startling turn, it simplified my Christmas to-do list significantly  which is good, because i always try to do too much to make the Holiday super special and different every year. It's funny how easy it is to not worry so much about a dead string of lights, or how soon i get presents, or how many cookies i make. Just to sit, and look at the advent calendar  listen to the kids talk about what Santa is bringing, have cocoa with the first snow, and remember what is really important.

My daughter is set on getting an Easy Bake oven, it's all she talks about, i asked yesterday, "what if you don't get it?"
she looked at me like I just stabbed her stuffed animal ... eek ... then this morning she is sitting quietly on the stairs as I'm rushing Grant out to the bus, she says ..."Mommy, do you really think Santa wouldn't give me the Easy Bake oven? I just don't know what I would do, it would be very very hard  to be happy."
Don't hurt yourself kid, I am pretty sure Santa has your back, but scheech, the older they get, they actually care about what is coming. I'm thinking all this as my son is ambushing us with his dart gun, that only has one dart currently, and wondering, what my coffee walk will be like next month, as I'm pummeled with rapid fire Nerf Discs, (I'm pretty sure Santa got THAT request too ) and I'm thinking maybe Santa needs to remember what it's like to have kids around, we wouldn't be subjected to such things ..... I think. maybe ...
So, yeah, Christmas this year is going to be simpler, and smaller, and nice and full of family, and friends. The good stuff. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Soo ... remember this? ...http://hagriddapig.blogspot.com/2011/11/whos-life-did-i-wake-up-in.html ?

Well, here we are in the middle of football season and I have a son playing, and a daughter cheering. Yup, me, Yubby, or Zubby ( my tiniest nieces new version of my name) I am a cheer mom. I even have two shirts that say so. My kids are LOVING it, my siblings are loving it, me being a cheer mom that it. Brats :P

that's my mantle, my kiddos, aren't they cute? I have been pushed out of my comfort zone, and reside there comfortably :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today, as every year, we remember, and I don't even pretend anymore, I don't even try to shake the feeling, like shaking the dust off of you if you had been there. Even the dust itself is sacred. This past year I was at Ground Zero for the first time, and I am glad I saw it this way. I remember in my early 20's I visited the very spot with a group of my co-workers from a camp in northern NH. We had driven through the night to visit one girls family outside NYC, and to spend our Saturday off in the city, walking. We were poor Camp workers, not enough money to take a cab, or eat at a nice place, or even sight-see like some might. But, we had good walking shoes, time to kill, youth, and a spirit of adventure, so we walked the city, ate from food carts, one Chinese place, and even took pictures with the NYPD. We saw the towers, how big they were, and marveled at their presence, we came into the subway station under them, never imagining someday, they would be decimated. This year was the first time I had been there since, it is erie, and quiet, and peaceful, and sad all at once. It is an oasis if solitude and a fitting memorial in the middle of a city that doesn't sleep.
The feelings, sights and thoughts of that day are etched in my mind, like the names on the reflecting pools, and the benches at the pentagon, and in a field in Rural Pennsylvania. 11 years later, not one bit diminished, not one bit. God Bless the U.S.A.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

a peek inside the genius....

internal Dialog while picking up after the morning pre-bus chaos...... 
"Where the heck is the cap to the Milk? Who on earth looses that kind of thing?"
"Oh, yeah ...that would be me ..."
"wait ...... why haven't I lost one before?! That's sort of amazing ...."
"Yay me for never loosing a milk jug cap till now!"
welcome to my brain .....

Monday, May 07, 2012


A rare look at them sharing oxygen in a friendly manner....
and then they once again proved they are indeed of my flesh and blood. :D 

Confucius has nothing on the minions ......

Sometimes ........ everyone once in a while ... I wonder, how do they go from peppering me with questions 24-7 like I'm the encyclopedia Britannica ...... ( which I believe is now obsolete..) and then the minute I tell them a fact, or issue and order .... they question my very existence, and start talking down to me like I'm a teenager that just shoplifted.
Why is it that the mornings I'm hopping out of bed ..... ( ok I NEVER HOP...but me chipper pre-10am, IS hopping ) I'm singing them out of bed, and they can't be woken even with the promise of ice cream for breakfast ...( no, we don't eat ice cream for breakfast..) I am ready to make Pancakes and muffins and bacon, and they can't even make it to the table in time to eat a bite of anything, not that they are hungry anyway. Then the days I'm barely alive and kicking, they are up, out of bed, in outfits that don't match and are inside out, inside down and backwards. Not to mention very weather inappropriate, and these are the ONLY clothes they can be convinced to wear. And they are HUNGRY, and I have nothing but oatmeal, and only enough to make a normal kid sized serving. These are the mornings we have that one sheet of homework left, that's due that day. These are the days that Sam's hair will have toothpaste in it .... from LAST NIGHT. Grant will cut his leg while putting the dog out on the run ...and I will be out of coffee.
Why do they want nothing but bikes and baseball when it's pouring rain and cold, but then when it's 80 and sunny and perfect, they want TV and DS.

Why is it that when my floor is clean, dishes done, house vacuumed, and no where to go, I can't focus on a single thing to do .... besides laundry. I think it's gonna take a while to get myself out of ..... the "baby years" mode of house-working, maybe i should get some coffee and think about a solution for that ... hmm .... yeah.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Sometimes I wonder about the things My mom overheard ....

overheard this week .... Grant and his buddy .... 
Grant ... "Mom, I need one of those strength bracelets, you know, Like Uncle Dominic has."
Barrett ... "Special? How? Does it give you powers? Super strength? I want one!"
Grant ...."Well, no, it doesn't GIVE you powers, it's just what they say so you buy them, it does look cool though .... and looking cool makes you cool, and strong, and gives you powers."

**editor's note** o.0 .... that's either very deep, or very worrisome ..... or both?