Monday, April 18, 2011

You Nork Mow Lawners

Today was my first "fast food Monday" My new schedule looks like this .... Volunteering at the church office in the am, while Sam is at school, Stop at store to get Ricotta cheese, to finish a lasagna dinner I am making for a neighbor with a new baby. It seems that ricotta cheese is not as common a thing as one might think, you can't stop at a quick IGA gas station, or even United Dairy Farmer, or even my discount grocer. That is what I get for trying to save time and money, next time, I will go all the way to Kroger, and pay whatever. :P
So, no cheese, must rush home to meet the bus, then throw pizza at Sam, and go out to find cheese, which you can see wasn't as simple as I had planned, but I got it, I now have 45 minutes to start cooking pasta, and assembling, and baking the cookie brownie bars, then I have to get in the car again, and go pick up Jessie (babysitter being babysat by me) from the Jr. High school by 2:15. We get home, and I go into frenzy mode. I throw brownies in oven, and finish assembling lasagna. Too bad I put 2x the amount of butter it said on the box, oh well, that's why I'm not a baker .... oh wait .... fail .:P
Now, did I mention the fascinating convo I had with my daughter while hunting the illusive cheese? She sat in the back, with two windows open, and music playing, and proceeded to tell me a story, about some play at school about Peter Rabbit, I couldn't hear her, because she was mumbling, and I said as much, to which she answered.
"Mom, I am not mumbling, I am just talking, there is something wrong with your ears!"
I did catch something about Peter Rabbit being from "You Nork" I was trying to get out of her, how she came to that conclusion, and she explained,
"Well, I think he lived there, and I think PROBALLY, his first house, when he was really really little, was in You Nork, so that means he is from You Nork."
I said why?
"WHY? There is no WHY about it! He is just from You Nork!"
Yes, she said every single time, and I would have been rolling laughing if I hadn't been driving, I was trying to memorize it all, so I would remember it when I went to record it all.
Let's see, oh yes, I finish making the dinner, in time to make a wrap for me to eat, since I havent, ALL DAY, I did consume 3 thermoses of coffee, but nothing better. SO I sit, to eat, and sort coupons, for 30 minutes tops, I get half of the wrap down, and don't feel very relaxed as I get up to go kibitz with the neighbors while waiting for Grant's bus.
Now it's 4:15, we need to leave by 4:30 to drop off the meal, and tale Jessie to Gymnastics, then come back to the other side of town for Grant's soccer practice, the timing is perfect, it takes about 30-40 minutes to go through the McD's and get nuggets for kids and salad for me, then drive back to the soccer fields, where Mommy can SIT, and eat salad, and relax. We notice that the fields have been freshly cut, but "Mow Lawners" according to my son, much to his own amusement.
Grant gets dressed in the car, and I look at his clothes, and ask ..
"Grant, did you get a napkin with your meal?"
"Then WHY do you have crumbs ALL OVER your shirt?" (this is our current Pet peeve, children using clothes for napkins) UGH!
he quips back at me ...
"Man, I can't wait to grow up and be a scientist, then I am going to make shirts out of napkins!"

I am feeling on top of it all, like I actually made it through the first Fast Food Monday, when something flashes in my brain.
Have you seen the commercial where one soccer mom says to the other .. "Does my kid look a little sluggish today?"
And you see a giant box of french fries in soccer cleats out on the feild .... something about healthy kids eating real food, and being better in sports ....... and yeah ..... I just threw my kid out on the field with those french fries in his belly .... fail ....
heh .. oh well, the lasagna was good! :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Java ... no Hutt!

Yuh, you can pretty much find anything on the internet.
I got a piece of artwork, the first piece I've bought for the new house. It was on clearance, (of course) and it says JAVA. It's really nice, in the colors I'm aiming at, it fits perfect in it's little nook, and my kids ..... are very confused.
I expect in most houses, you would have to explain to the 5 yr old and the 7yr old, What exactly Java means ...... but in our house, not so much.
I had to explain, Java is NOT a Hutt! Java is coffee, the Hutt is Jabba.
They didn't quite get it, and they think it's pretty funny that I have a hutt coffee cup on my wall.
I have to say though, I am quite proud. :)

Picture ...not so Perfect .. :P

SO, Yesterday was loads of fun .... BTW ..(that means By The Way for any non-texties out there) I re-started writing, inspired by something my lovely Sister said ... well my sis-in-law, but she would be another sister to me even if she wasn't "married in" :) Anyway, she said once, she felt like she lost some of her creativity, and used a little less brain muscle when sticking primarialy to FaceBook. The blog offers more space, and requires more thinking to write something remotely entertaining, so I have started back at it, since writing is something I do fairly well, and I like to tell stories, and apparently, my life is sort of funny, or at least when I tell it that way. ;)
SO, back to yesterday. Super fun day! :P I have been on ice and rest for most of the week, due to my back, and so I have had alot of things in the house pile up. Yesterday I decided I would stay home, and work on the things that needed to be done. I finished the paint in the bathroom, no more tarps for bath mats, and paint buckets to trip over in the middle of the night, no more blue tape! Then I cleaned off the bar in the kitchen, (it's an Island type thing, but actually a big oak bar, brass rail and all, it's great for putting out appetizers and drinks for parties, but not so practical for real life, and a FABULOUS paper catcher) so i cleaned it off. Do you have ANY clue how many papers two little kids can bring home in one school week? It's astronomical! UGH! Anyway ..i got some stuff done, and I sat out on the deck in the sun and had girl time with Sammy, we painted our nails. Something I only do in Summer, and only my feet so the look less hideous in my new LLBean flippies. Sam of course got the full mani-pedi, and was exclaiming all day long how she couldn't believe how beautiful they looked, and how dazzled everyone would be when they saw, and oooh and ahhh, and that is NOT my kid! :D It was nice to see that 30 minutes of my time made such an impact, I must do it more often, and maybe a little less girly.
Normal stuff, then my babysitter got here, and I sent her, Samantha and the pooch out in the sun with the intent of finally folding all that clean laundry, and catching up on Gilrmore Girls (LOVE my dvr!) Well, the first thing I did, was pull out soccer uniforms, we had team pictures last night, so i needed uniforms, I found everything but ONE black sock. >_< I then spent the time searching hi and low for the dern thing, finally finding it in time to go out and catch Grant's bus, then I sat out front with neighbors while all the kids played and biked and ran.
I also checked my email, and saw that the email said Sam's pictures were at 5:15, and Grant's were at 6:15 so, I left with half dressed kids, a bag full of snacky picnic type foods to feed children between shoeing and hair fixing and picture taking.
I get there, and NO one from Sam's team was there yet, excpt one mom, whom I actually introduced myself to (of which I was very proud, until I said WHOA! about her having 5 kids under 7 and I think she took it wrong dern!)
Anyway, so I'm too early, no big, lets sit and eat, and put on cleats and fix hair and Mommy can fill out the order forms, except, OMG! No check book, at least no the right one. :P ok ok, we figure that out, but no coaches here, so I don't know my team name, or group number, and OMG! I brought cheddar jack cheeze-it's, and my neatly made up children are now covered in orange cheese powder from the top of their head to their knee socks!. >_< Way to go mommy.:P
Pack up! Walking back to the car, cause smart mommy has baby wipes in the glove box, as I walk I pass many other children, and neat ones too, and lots and lots of girls with bows in their parfect hair that perfectly match their jersey, and 30 minutes ago, it made me feel a little sub-par, but now, I think , Their "perfect hair and bow kid" is my "Clean face and shirt kid". It all evens out.
I finally find teams, and people I recognize, and get a team name, and group number, and proceed to fill out BOTH forms most efficiently, which would have been really good, if both kids were on the same team, which their NOT! OI with the Poodles! Now I am bouncing between two teams, looking like I'm there, and I care, and trying to get order forms filled out, and my daughter decides she is picking wildflowers like it or not mom, so I may be walking, but she is meandering, amongst probably hundreds of kids and parents in soccer uniforms, being most likely the shortest one there.
Did I mention how much fun I had? So much flippin' fun that I put children to bed ASAP, no bath, although, how on earth they got THAT dirty by waiting to get their picture taken I'll never know! No real dinner, not more then the granola bars and the cheeze-its that disappeared out of the blue unbeknown to them.
Yeah, it was something else, and made my glass of wine with dinner QUITE deserved!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

REALLY? I mean c'mon! You have the ENTIRE first floor of a giant saltbox house, and the ONLY place in the entire house you can find to chew on your new bone is ON the LEG of my Office chair? SERIOUSLY?
That's the only spot? Oh, well apart from ON TOP of my feet while I wash dishes, I'm thinking you need to think a little bigger dude, this house is Big enough for the two of us!

OI with the poodles already!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How was your day? Or really? Well want to hear about mine? Too bad, you showed up, now you have to read. ;)
I woke unable to move for the most part, I have a recurring lower back injury, a disk that gets irritated and today, it's feeling like a pinched nerve. So, I am slow, and pretty useless.
I am happy for two reasons, I have clean outfits for both kids for school, and I remembered it was Samantha's picture day. Too bad it's only 45 degrees this morning with 30mph winds, the denim dress for Sam, and shorts for Grant look somewhat lacking, oh well! WE ARE VERMONTERS! WE can handle it!
oooor not :P
I was proud of myself for doing Samantha's hair in a cute way that should last till pictures with no great damage. Until we went out side and the wind about knocked us over. :P I was proud of me, till right before she got on the bus, whipping, windblown hair in face, i realize she does not have the photo ordering sheet in her backpack. fail .
New plan, now, instead of going shopping, (today is my first attempt at "couponing" as guided by my sis-in-law I had plans to shower, get dressed and meet the challenge looking my best) I need to run out to her school right after Grant gets on the bus, so I can get the order sheet to her before her session.
I come inside, to get Grant ready for the bus, which comes in 15 minutes, and he is standing just inside the door, holding the blue rope that our new puppy was tethered to outside, except now it's inside, well, half of it is, dangling off the end of the smug pug's collar. Faaabulous. He gets his coat on, and walks out to the bus stop, freezing, literally, in the wind, and starts a tirade on how much I must not love him, to send him, the only child in OHIO who has to wear shorts today, to school on this cold cold day. Why didn't I have clothes ready for him? Well son, I did have clothes ready, and since it was 85 on Sunday, 75 on Monday, I figured shorts were the correct attire for today. Too bad i don't read the future!
Kids off to school, I (wearing an old 'Friday night meltdown' tee shirt, jeans, a hoodie and a hat) jump in the car and book to Sam's school. I do have the wherewithal to grab enough coupons and my list for my first "hunt" and accomplish that while I'm out.
I get to come home for a shower and change, and head out fully ready to shop, which goes well, except for the HOT HOT cup of Sttarbucks coffee that starts oozing out the side seam of the cup, wow, the girl DID say it was very strong coffee, but really, that's a little bit overkill!
All shopping went well, very very well. I started a nice stockpile, and felt like I was really on a road to saving serious money, then of course, there are the children coming home from school. All three of them, yeah, three, that'd be mine, Sam = 5 Grant = 8 and also Jessie = 13 ...( she is my babysitter, who stays here while her mom works) they all filter in throughout the day, with varying levels of loudness and character.
That topped with the new puppy, a one year old puggle, makes for quite an exciting, loud, crazy, chaotic, exhausting day.
Well, as the evening is winding down, after dinner, Jessie goes home, Daddy comes home, oh I don't know, why don't Samantha and I go drive to the mall, the one I have never driven to myself, and go get the flower girl dress Samantha is wearing this summer for my best friends wedding, I mean, why not? It's not like anything is going on tonight right? Well, not since they postponed the soccer team pictures due to cold and wind and wet ground ... oh it's cold out? Who knew?
Did I mention my back? OH and that I'm on Atkins? So, I'm starving, no fast food, and in PAAAAIN! When i get home, and throw them into bed, make a wrap with the meat i got today, and sit, on a bag of ice, with my feet up. Apparently rest is helpful for these things, hmmm nice thought ..... now big pain meds, THAT I can do!

Is it bedtime yet?

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Florida ... part two......

So, this is the second half of a post I wrote almost a two years ago exactly ........ Now i have time to finish, hopefully the memory too. :)

So, we made it down south, in the hot car, with no AC and probably too many kids is what my mom and at were thinking by the time we got there. The house was small, not the best of accommodations, but we really didn't notice, what we did notice was the nature around us. The geckos that were everywhere, the odd fact that it rained EVERY day, just a little in the morning. The GIGANTIC waves, we had never seen such surf. Our idea of "the beach" is a very New England one. Cold wet sand, a chance of sun, IF you go in August, IF your lucky, and maybe even water almost warm enough to enjoy swimming in. Oh my friends the awe! A beach, with white sand, and gigantic blue waves, that were WARM! Sun, bright, hot sun all day long, every day .... oh, and SUNBURN! Yeah, another New England mis-fire. We are not used to getting enough sun to actually worry about burning much. Well, we learned THAT lesson quick, and had to miss a couple days swimming because of it. Oh well!
We went to the Everglades national park, where we walked to boardwalk all over the swamps, looking for alligators and lizards, pelicans and all manner of wild plant life. It was absolutely fascinating to us.
One day we took a tour of the Everglades on Airboats, pictured above. Giant flat bottom boats with huge fans on the back of them, one of the best and fastses way to glide across the endless miles of swamp. The guy who took us out was "cousin Butch" I don't know his real relation to us, or do I officially know why in the world the guy own a homestead of types on an island in the middle of swamp no-where, but I do know, that on that day, after it had started raining, and we were soaked, and cold, and ready for comfort, that hut in the middle of who knows where, with warmth, and KFC brought with us, we like heaven. The first time I had KFC, I shall never forget the feeling of being so very far away from normal, and feeling so very comfy. Of course there were snakes too, one of which decided to travel in the cargo hold of a boat. Too bad the small Matt, (who Uncle Butch was afraid of loosing from a fast turn, and him flying off the boat) he had to travel in the cargo hold too, good thing we didn't know about the snake till we got back. :P
I remember eating catfish and hush-puppies. I remember Aunt Pearl, she was a sweetheart, she would rock baby amy to sleep on hot muggy nights, out on the screened in porch, singing southern Lullabies in her ear. I remember my some distant cousin of mine, being loud, and remembering one line each from dozens of songs, cause he would watch the record ads on TV and that's all he knew. He would walk around singing .... "Please help me I'm Faaalliiing!"
I remember being tired, and thinking that Mom and Aunty must be about "tuckered out from this VERY long trip and were not looking forward to the three days of return trip.
I remember a restaurant we stopped at on the way home called "Lizard's Thicket". It was done in Southwestern decor, and there were lizards everywhere, not real ones, stone ones, carved on the pottery, the walls, everywhere. The food was distinctly southern, and yummy, and it was the first time I ate Apple jelly, from a little packet on the table, it felt like Rich livin'. :) When we left, My grandpa gave us a gift. Tickets to go to Epcot Center! That was most certainly a highlight of our trip. It don't remember alot of the visit, a few rides, like the boat that went through all different cities, some space ride, seeing all the different countries, and of course the gift shop, where we got all kinds of mementos, mostly with rainbows on them, it WAS the 90's after all. :)
One of the hotels we stayed in, think the last one before home, was a REAL hotel. We had been staying in motels, the little one story things with sketchy pools, and no free anything, cheap and easy. The last one however, was a big Holiday inn, with food, and an elevator, and an INDOOR pool! It was the high life, it really was. :)
Yeah so that's our super exciting long trip down to Florida. It was our biggest adventure so far. When I think about it now, I am in awe, of our Mom's taking on this trip. I don't know that I would do it, with just my two kids. They did a great job, making it fun, managing to let us do so much stuff, with a baby, and sunburn, and family stress, to us, it was just one big fun trip. Job well done Mom! :D