Sunday, July 30, 2006

I survived Family Camp for one more year! :) This year we took 2 kiddos, it was crazy and stressfull, but fun .... and the kids were really good!

It rained alot :( Pretty much every day it rained, except today, but this morning when we needed to dry all the towels and drenched clothes .... it was warm and sunny, but time to pack *lol* Matt looked like he was having a Tag Sale on the beach this afternoon, he had so many clohes laying out to dry.

We had campfires, and s'mores, made new friends, re-connected with old ones ...... had LAUGHS, a few tears, LOTS of life lessons, just like always :) Today we were able to swin and enjoy sunshine, so that was nice, then we all drove home tired and burnt, and ready for sleep in our own beds!

Here are a few pics i snapped this weekend ... im waiting to see Matt's! XD

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Samantha's Story

A year ago this July my daughter was born. She wanted be born on her cousins birthday, NOT on the next day (as scheduled).... it was messy, i nearly died from rapid blood loss, thankfully she was healthy as a horse, but for me it was a long tedius recovery, including over 4 blood transfusions, but i'm not sure on the number.
2 Weeks later, i had an infection and woke up one morning in so much pain i litterally had to be picked up out of bed. i spent 2 weeks in the hospital, one pre-surgery, and one post-surgery. Yes, two abdominal surgeries in one month >_< href=""> SEE IT HERE
Now, Her name is Sammi, her and i have gotten to know each other well, very well. She is a Christian, more recently converted than I, is a mom, single, trying her best to make life as good as possible for her son. I have to say that I'm proud of her. She has been through so much, and sees life now from an eternal perspective, which i think really gets her through the days.
I find myself thinking of her alot as the anniversary draws closer. The thought that sticks with me whenever i tell "my Story" about daughter, my friend is in the back of my mind, and it reminds me, no matter how bad it is, God is watching, God is in controll, and you cant wallow in sorrow over 'how hard you have it' there is ALWAYS someone in that same moment going through WAY worse than you! God can help us, God helps us heal, GOD is our ROCK!.
Oh and BTW how cool is it that i named my Daughter Samantha ..... and this frind of mine's name is Samantha!? How can you not say that's God? :) **huggles my Sammy's ** Yup, I like being HIS Kid. and someday .... I hope i get to meet Tracy :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Married McGyver

Well yeah Okay .. so its been WARM to say the least here in VT .... and of course being good mommy and daddy, we gave our kids the fans, Grants is in his window, Sam has the standing one ... leaving us with the ceiling fan that isnt too helpful when the house is cooking and the outside air is 15 degrees cooler, and your windows are too small and high to bring in the air .... and we have dedicated ourselves to a strict tight budget ...... soo .. my hubby .... who was REALLY hot one night ... 'McGyvered' a solution to our problem ... and now, we have a fan in the window, drawing enough cool night air to hit the ceiling fan .. and thereby cool off the room ..... :D
he's soo smart ..

umm BTW , thats the top to our Cool Air Humidifier! XD

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Mikey

Well that was fun :) yesterday was Mike's 26th b-day. We had a free dinner at a friends restauant where they make CRAZY yummy super exspensive food. :) I still wanted to make a little celebration for the kids, so i decided Grant and i would make a cake for daddy, just a little one, so he could make it, and see daddy blow out candles and give him a little present. Well, i got into it, and realized, we have NO eggs :P so i used a substitue ..... but ... well, eggs do add alot to a cake ya know, like they make it moist and cause it to rise nicely, with out them, you get a stunted, crumby cake *lol* sooo yuh, thats what we got, i actually Press formed it into a square then used the frosting to glue it all together .... LOL it was fun, hysterical, and a little too sweet :)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Summer Days

I often feel inferior to sophisticated people, for no good reason i might add. My Mother did a very good job teaching me social graces, and proper english and dress, and on and on .... so i can operate fine in that situation, i just DONT LIKE IT. :) I feel untrue to myself which is silly, because I am always me, sometimes free and flaily, sometimes dressed up and counting the minutes. o.-

Today I remembered why i LOVED our farm house in NH, and why we moved back to the hills of Vermont. Its sunny today, Bright and sunny and hot, and you would be REALLY dense not to venture out at some point today. So i took Grant out, before the noon heat and humidity hits, and we frolicked in the grass kicking a soccer ball, we checked out the landlords garden to see how things are growing. He was most impressed with peas, and pea pods and eating the peas out of them. *lol* better watch him or they wont get any of their peas! Then we played with dirt, which quickly became mud, whch quickly became water fight with hose and bucket :) Now we are in the AC again, well toasted, cooled off and still slightly damp.

THATS what summer is .... this day goes on the short list of "Perfect Summer Days of 06" :)

And now .... for PB&J triangles with milk, followed by homemade chocolate chip cookies. XD Utopian isn't it? Thank God for days like today few and far between as they may be!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Heeheheheee I stole this Pic of my Nephew so i could show off how much he looks like my mini-whisk. I've named the Whisk Aiden, and it sits on my counter, gets cleaned regularly, and watches over my kitchen ..... cute ey? Thats all just wanted to post that :)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

These are my Babies :) Grant will be 3 Sept 14th Samantha will be 1 July 18th :)

ok here's my first attempt :) this is the invitations i made for my samantha's 1st b-day party, we are combining it with her cousin Aiden ... he's 3

Rain Rain

OI with the poodles already! it's raining AGAIN ... meh ahh well.
I started a blog because it seemed fun, and because Im a lemming *lol* and i tend to follow others. I also have a Live Journal account because My sister has one, and i like to read her writting, and i have also connected to some old friends on there. However, i am finding less and less in common with them lately. I'm not a snob, i try hard not to judge people too quickly, but because of my "follower" tendency, i am picky about who "hang" with. I dont like crudeness, exsessive swearing, esspecially people who are christian, and i KNOW them, and how they used to be, and how they say they are like this but then act like that ... and ... well you get it *lol* This is a pre-coffee rant :)

So ... basically, i prefer this forum, as im speaking to ... noone, but everyone :D and i know of a couple people who read this, and they are pretty cool. :) One is my Bro aka hazmatt-chronistupid, i HAVE to like him *lol* the other is Sammi aka Dysfnktynl, who i met online, through NeoPets of all things and got to know through various chat rooms in mIRC, and now, we are good buds, and MUST meet SOON! :D

Today i am going to master picture posting, cause Matt and Sammi have nice pics up, and i want some *lol* sooo i'll figure that out, after coffee :)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4th of July
:) Yay one more thing checked off the summer checklist :D. The 4th was a success, i think. The weather of course prohibited lots of outside playing, and eating, but my house was decked in Red White and BLue like you can't imagine. There was lots of yummy food, cake, strawberries :) Yahtzee, and extreme badminton whatever the heck THAT is *lol* I didnt get all the pics i wanted, but i got some good ones, and posted them on the web already. :) Have a looky here .... 4th at Yubbys
My best friend and I went to Old Navy at the start of Summer, and bought matching Tees for our families. The guys had navy, we were red, Grant and baby jake were white, and sammy had pink. WE thought it was adorable, but apparently the guys weren't listening well, so when they realized they both had the same shirt on. ..... well .... we were belly laughing, and they were talking revenge XD.
Kids loved fireworks, no crying or screaming, yay! of course we went to a pittiful display LOL but hey, we had little kids gotta take it slow :)
Anywho, now i hurt from badminton, not that i played well,,,,,,, just hurt myself playing too long *lol* im sitting inside in AC all day, and trying not to move too much :)