Thursday, June 15, 2006


Today My little brother Graduated from 8th grade. He is going to be in highschool next year. I was sitting there thinking about how much he looked like my oldest brother, and they played this video of the kids, and their baby pictures, and i started thinking. That wasnt so long ago, those pictures of those kids, weren't that old to me. I remember when Dave's was taken, he was 2 he had gotten a new outfit from someone, and look VERY dapper in it, so i took pictures, and he posed like a little studly man... LOL soo cute ... and NOT that long ago!!
Then i started thinking, wow, i have pictures like that of MY kids. The pictures i take of Grant and samantha in the next few months ... will be the ones i give a student council for yearbooks and videos in a few short years. Time seemed very fleeting tonight. I feel old, and i feel like i can't stand the thought of watching my kids graduate some day. :P
Oh and one more thing *lol* He got the first public school diploma in our family :) All 4 of the previous highschool diplomas have been from a homeschool, with Dads sig on them along with a certified teacher. David's is official public school quality, doesn't look all that different :)