Tuesday, January 30, 2007

200 Things About Me.... .. part #2

okie ... My friend SANDRA got me to do this, then my friend Brenda Dared me that i couldnt find 300 things ...:o well, lets go 100 at a time shall we? *lol* ...... 1-30 .. today we go to 200 i will hit 300 before i turn 30 ...... thats 10 things for every year, although im sure it doesn't pan out that neatly .. but anyway ....... here we go again :)

101. I dislike change
102. I'm always up for an adventure
103. I will always reach a point where i wanna turn and run home again
104. When i was in my early teens, my room was ALWAYS, EVER, PINK and GREEN ..sorry amy :P
105. My cousin and I at one time had Matching solid Cherry beds painted blue
106. Those same beds were later painted .... GREEN ... and used by my sister and I with PINK comforters of course!
107. I miss penny candy
108. I'm patriotic .... a tad overboard sometimes but you can NEVER go overboard with RW+B
109. I miss Soda Pop sneakers with pink pompomed bobby socks
110. I once could quote Anne of Green Gables front to back .. i probably still could :)
111. My best friend growing up was Cara Thompson
112. Cara and I played Anne of Green Gables, Grandma's attic, and Mandie .... ALL the time :P
113. My first pet was a white kitty named Snowball.
114. My Favorite pet was a BIG fat tiger cat named Tigger, combined with our sweet dog Scout
115. I am an expert at skating through corn husk stubs in ice. :)
116. I have this "thing" for strawberry lemon aid Snapple
117. At age 11 i completed a Hunters Safety Course
118. I have forged Government Documents ... well just one ..... heehehehee
119. I have one stamp in my passport ... isn't it romantic?
120. my favoitre time of day is 12:34
121. I have seen an Angel with my own two eyes
122. My Father was born on July 4th --independence day--
123. My Mother was born on Nov. 11th -- veterans day--
124. i love brand new notebooks
125. I have an odd affection for Rubber duckies
126. My Favorite bird is a Penguin
127. I have a Penguin named Wilson, after the volleyball on "Castaway"
128. I would sleep on Flannel sheets year round if mike would let me :)
129. I have been on and in LOTS of Tanks :)
130. I like Hummers, Real ones, Army issue ones with Camo Paint and no fluffy add ons.
131. I have cracked my knee cap on my right knee ..... and never went to the doctor DUMB :P
132. I have smoked
133. I have been under the influence of Alcohol
134. I can fake a fabulous Southern accent
135. I Cannot fake an English accent ... apparently .. it's dodgey ... whatever THAT means
136. I have filmed a movie about a Lemon in the wilderness
137. I used to listen to the "free Willy" cassette tape nonstop for hours on end.
138. We listened to John Denver and Muppet's on my Nana's 8 track stereo as youngster's
139. My Nana taught me to notice and appreciate the nature around me
140. COKE ...... i dont drink pepsi, thanks but NO
141. i once owned a beanbag, it was an 8" circle in purple plaid, with googly eyes on it. We all had them ... my uncle got the somewhere ..... random!
142. I had Cheer Bear and Friendship bear
143. I remember my first trip to Toys R Us, My parents had some extra money, and took us three to pick out some new toys, FUN FUN!
144. I used to watch "pinwheel" and "Gumby" on nickelodeon
145. I've been to Epcot Center in Florida.
146. I've been to the Corvette factory in Bowling Green Ohio
147. I've seen snow in Pigeon Forge Tn.
148. My brother went deep sea fishing on the Mississippi River
149. I love brand new crayons
150. I'm deathly afraid of Spiders
151. I'm fascinated by snakes
152. I HATE turkeys ...... long story
153. I have gone star gazing in a field while listening to the critters eating Mr' Hubbard's peppers
154. I too eat violets .. :)
155. I detest FAKE syrup
156. I found out Crisco DOES have an expiration date *shivers*
157. I have lived near haunted buildings
158. i HEARD the ghost in the water tower ..... crazy story :P
159. I used to kill grasshoppers with my bike on hot august days in the country
160. We used to eat rock salt out of the back of my uncles van ...... BLECH!
161. I know how to make a mango into juice without even cutting the mango up :)
162. I think my love of Yellow may come from the big Yellow suitcase my grandfather traveled with
163. i watch Gilmore girls and ER religously
164. Survivor and the Amazing race are my Reality shortfalls
165. "The Ring" Scared the crap out of me
167. so did "signs" so there im a baby okay?
168. Knowing how a movie ends doesnt always relieve the stress for me LOL
169. I HATE math!
170. My Memaw taught me how to make biscuits
171. My dad taught me to make coffee
173. My Memaw taught me how to add Dad's coffee to the biscuit gravy ..... Its all a cycle :)
174. Memaw used to make us bowls of bllackberries still wet with dew, in milk and sugar for breakfast
175. I have gotten flowers and chocolate every valentines day as far back as i can remember. the Atkins girls will get them from Dad until they are married. then the guys gotta keep it up! =D
176. I have a LARGE variety of old odd movies locked in my memory vault.
177. I have seen all the Charlie Chan Movies
178. I stuck my tongue to an icy metal pole on the playground in winter Yes, I did yes, just like the movie ...... now shush!
179. I met Mike on St Patty's day 2001, was engaged new years 01/02, Married Sept 14th 2002, mother Sept 14th 2003. o.o
180. I'm not the most patient person, **see #179**
181. All i need to know in Life i learned from "The Searchers"
182. i spent a weekend in Kennebunk Maine in a cottage ON the beach, and watched from our rafts President George Bush Sr. came into town.
183. I've been in the Newspaper more than once.
184. I was neighbor and friends with the Cabot Family ..... as in Cabot Cheese, even though there were the lesser known cousins .... still, same last name, same family :)
185. I know who bought Mom's Kennedy Rocker15 years ago, and she still does NOT KNOW :D
186. My least favorite parts of doing reports are the outline, and the bibliography.
187. I babysat Kris Dobie for 6 years ish LOL
188. Kris Dobie is one of the top Nordic skiers in the northeast. Go Krispy!!
189. I have taught LOTS of different aged sunday school classes. From toddlers all the way to college aged.
190. I have seen calves born in cow pastures next to several houses.
191. We had a couple cows loose in our yard once or twice. =D
192. I used to swim in a crik' that we dammed up in the summer to make a waterhole. ifwe were feeling more daring,we would go to the old railroad tressel and swim in the DEEP cold water that ran through the 8 feet wide culverts.
193. My Grandparents had a game, and all i remember is pigs, little pigs you put in a cup and rolled LOL but i dont know what the game was called.
194. I've ridden on a Street car in San Fransisco
195. I got Sea Sick on an antique whaling ship
196. I am NOT happy to go to the dentist
197. i have four nephews and 3 neices
198. i went down a double black diamond the very day i learned to ski.
199. My Christmas stocking is Hand Crocheted by my Memaw
200. My brother and spent a whole summer creating a river in our driveway.


1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences in your blog.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it. Just pick up whatever is closest

"There is Healing in Understanding.
the greek word for 'understand' is suniemi which means 'assembling individual facts
into an organized whole, as collecting peices to a puzzleand putting them together'"

from "When Godly People do Ungodly things" by Beth Moore :)

the next closest book was The Sim city4 strategy guide o.-

Friday, January 19, 2007

"Put that thing back where it came from..."

" Or so help me... bum bum bum ......"
So,i was sitting here plotting out my first post in a week, and while thinking about this dang stroller story i was gonna share, all i got was the song ..... from Monster's inc. "Put that thing back where it came from..... "
Which could almost sum up the week really. Mostly because i spent alot of time with my younger siblings which doesnt happen as much as it should, but also re affirms the foregone conclusion, that im ... DOOOOMED to be WEIRD and STRANGE and oddball, and off the wall, and the funny one ... for the rest of my life. My family is so weird LOL not so much bad or insane ... okay well .. anyway ... not TOO insane ..okay well.... not everyone is, just a few people maybe .... heehehee
My cousin put it well...
" I love this crazy, tragic, Sometimes almost magic, Awful, beautful life"
so,now im just gonna finish my sorbet,served in a real carved out lemon, which seeing as how my sister was the one to pick it, is odd ,our familt tries to shy away from eating to many lemons, never know when it'll be one of lester's family :P Wow he looks young there =D i must sleep, Ill post some sense tomorrow. .... o.-

Saturday, January 13, 2007

100 Things About Me....

okie ... My friend SANDRA got me to do this, then my friend Brenda Dared me that i couldnt find 300 things ...:o well, lets go 100 at a time shall we? *lol*

1. I was born in Derby Ct. Feb 18th 1977
2. I am Irish .... no really! i AM!
3. I am a collector and lover of Socks :)
4. I hoard Coca-Cola memorabilia
5. I was Homeschooled for Grades 2-12
6. 90% of my life is lived in Blue Jeans
7. I can Play the Piano, I used to play it ALOT better then i do now. :P
8. I Crave Peanut butter and chocolate
9. I am admittedly addicted to Caffine
10. I almost died twice. (nearly drowned at 3 and nearly died during childbirth, Sammy is fine :)...)
11. My right lung is smaller than my left ..... i think .. maybe the other way around o.-
12. I play Neopets Daily ... gah!
13. My favorite sport is Ice Skating
14. I can sing Nearly every old school "Hootie and the Blowfish" or "BoyzIIMen" song by heart.
15. I'm a brunette ..... (possibly greying ...but no one would know! :) .... )
16. I will be 30 this february
17. I am a mother of Two children whom I Love dearly
18. I am the 3rd child in a line of 7. The oldest girl
19. I grew up in rural New Hampshire in a farming town.
20. I watched the Challenger Explosion Live on TV.
21. I have only one remaining Grandparent. I knew them all well :)
22. I am an Internet Radio DJ.
23. I can Quote the movie "The Princess Bride" from begining to end.
24. I am a Web designer
25. I am a certified Cake decorator.
26. I speak Pig Latin Fluently
27. I have been schooled in the art of puppetry. Scarry!
28. I am an actress ..... small time of course LOL
29. I Have an odd sense of humor
30. I do not like my dumbo ears
31. I like to write
32. I am crosseyed horizontally 0.@
33. I wrote this list on paper first with a flashing pen
34. I have been in several Car accidents
35. I live in Vermont
36. I am going to Heaven when i die
37. I Do not like beans
38. I dressed in costume and waited in line for hours for The new Star wars movies, and also for the 3 LOTR movies.
39. I Used a Military Issue Hummer as a limmo for my wedding
40. I have athsma
41. I love Rollerblading
42. I enjoy doing laundry ...within reason! :D
43. i HATE cleaning the bathroom, but ... i hate a dirty bathroom XP
44. We are related to Davey Crockett
45. I Love SnowStorms
46. I own 2 "American Dolls" Kirsten and Addy
47. I'd rather be camping
48. I want to Skydive one day
49. I'm afraid of heights AND flying
50. We will hopefully be debt free by 2009
51. Im a big holly hobbie fan
52. My favorite color is purple
53. When i was 3 i wanted to be a construction worker
54. I believe in Faries
55. I believe in Santa Clause
56. I belive Lady bugs are good luck
57. I wear Chuck Taylor high tops
58. i HATE feet(except baby feet of course), they are nasty .... see #3
59. Chocolate Chip Cookies
60. I type with two fingers
61. Bananas are only edible for 2 days IF they are slightly green, and on Cheerios with sugar
62. I never attended college
63. I attended a college bible study for 5+ years
64. I've been to Guatemala for a missions trip
65. I tilled, hoed, and planted a feild on the side of a mountain in guatemala with handtools
66. I eat peanut butter on pancakes, sometimes :)
67. I've watched a volcano erupt
68. I've walked on black sand beach
69. I've gone through the everglades on an Air Boat
70. I am an Army brat (My dad got to E8 master sargeant. he now teaches people to use state of the art tank simulators.
71. My cousin Katie has always been and remains my closest friend
72. I married the LOVE of mylife.
73. I barely swim
74. I love sailing
75. My favorite place to see the ocean is on a NewEngland Beach.
76. Wet socks are evil
77. I rent my home
78. In the 80's i was obsessed with Care bears, My little pony, Strawberry shortcake,transformers,and LEGOS.
79. I've played video games on the Atari, c64, MANY years of DELL, OLD Apples NEW MAc's and even cell phones
80. I love chenille blankets
81. My son was 10lbs 10oz. and born via c-section after 12 hours of labor :P
82. My Daughter was 7lbs 10oz, born via c-section,nearly killed me ..... no really!
83. Both my children have my odd witt
84. My Aunt Toni served as Mayor of San Diego CA for a short time.
85. I'm a yankees fan
86. My cousin Graduated from UT with a Vet Degree. He is a vet in NH now.
87. I used to attend re-enactment type thanksgiving dinners in pilgrim or indian garb.
88. Prefers country living to city living
89. I've seen a live, wild, cougar walking across my yard.
90. My cat Steph had kittens under moms couch
91. I use my phone to text more often than calling people
92. I'm petrified of spiders
93. I'm afraid of the dark
94. My favorite verse is Joshua 1:9
95. I try to live FREE in Christ
96. I love my family above everything else.
97. I love God above my family
98. Christmas is my favorite season
99. Easter is my favorite holiday
100. I was Saved by Grace at age 5 on Palm Sunday.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Determine your "Star Wars" name ..... or else!

Taken from: Sandra from "My Day"
To determine your Star Wars honorific name and title:
For your new first name: Take the first 3 letters of your first name and add the first 2 letters of your last name

For your new last name: Take the first 2 letters of your mother's maiden name and add the first 3 letters of the city where you were born

For your title: Take the last three letters of your last name and reverse them, then add the name of the first car you drove/owned

Next insert the word "of"

Now tack on the name of the last medication you took.

Sincerely Yours

Segchevy of Amox

Friday, January 05, 2007

In my next 30 years

Yes Yes it is ...:) So, it's 5 days into the new year, and I'm already feeling like its going to fast. Yesterday i found out that my son LOVES LIFE cereal. That makes me feel old. I think this year everything may make me feel old. No, lets rephrase that .... I don't feel OLD, i feel my age ... which is really young, BUT i keep thinking I'm barely 21 jut starting life, .... but um ..... in 2 short months .... that big #30 ticks over for me! UGH. thirty years! I guess, like my younger brother, i should be happy i made it this far , after surviving my 20's i think i could live a long life LOL.
So, this New Years im looking back and forward ..... thinking about what 30 means. I feel young, which is a good thing, i dont plan on ACTING older anytime soon, but ... i do think i have mellowed some :) that is a good thing!
My sister turned 21 this year, They are talking about Brett Farve retiring, Michael Jordan has retired 17 times, i don't know ANY basketbell players names anymore, (it used to be the game i followed religiously ... mostly the Bulls) ... kids i taught sunday school to are in college or iraq! My BABY brother is playing highschool football, i need glasses, i need a treadmill, i need Lipo LOL!!
TOY STORY is 10 years old!! Where did THOSE years go?? I've seen two presidents buried, two space shuttle disasters, 2 wars, several terroist strikes on America, lived in .... 4 states, visited every state on the eastern seacoast, along with, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennesee, California, Texas and Guatemala. I have seen star trek in the theater, star wars, The fox and the hound, 101 dalmations, and still have NOT seen "the Breakfast Club" :D
Now, i look ahead, at raising kids, improving myself health wise, getting smaller, smarter, and more COmputer savvy. I will be debt free in less than 2 years, hopefully a homeowner in 5 ... i want to get into the Cake decorating business, and web design for a profession, i want to teach my kids to skate, sled, run laugh, hike, ride bikes, make stuffed animals come alive, write stories, live out dreams, be proud of thier quirky sense of humor, and to LOVE thier family feircely. To KNOW and love and respect GOD, to Honor the flag, to cherish freedom.
I want to look younger in 10 year LOL.... we can always dream LOL. I want 1 or two more kids by 40 ..... heehee .... i want to become proficient at the piano again .... need one to play on first :P I want to skate again, and to own a decent bike that gets ridden regularly. Also, a pair of ROller blades.
I want my hair to STOP graying ..... (wishing again)

I think thats it for now, since my kids are getting loud, and my laundry isnt washing itself :P dern things wont learn!

This thread will be continued throughout this year i think :)