Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The BIG pool

So, yesterday we signed up for a swim pass to Northwood pool. This also gives us free swim lessons for the kids all summer. YAY! See, mommy here is really quite petrified of kids in deep water, mainly because i nearly drowned twice in lake rescue, and once in a public pool UNDER the lifguard chair. :P Soooo, i have a small huge fear of water. I also have never been a big fan of public pools. The one we had in Walpole was pretty clean, but just in general, walking around on cement all afternoon, tons of other kids in the same water, just not my cup of tea :P
I much preferred the water hole in our nearby creek. Or the bigger one deep in the woods, or even maybe the nighbors private pool, i could handle that :)
So, any who, i got all prepared, even packed a picnic lunch so we could eat there, and swim in free swim, decided we would go to Walmart in the am to get floaties, and Grant a second suit and Sammy and cover up.

Last night however, we had a rather nasty revelation. The fridge downstairs had died, nobig deal, not much in it, but, oh wait, there was that one thing ....... the TURKEY ..... that was in the freezer, the freezer that died a week or so ago. :o OOOH NASTYNESS like you have never known! The reek was insaaaaaane!
So, my hubby spends the evening adressing that while i ready the swim stuff and make lunches, and i go down to put a candle on the floor where the appliance stood, and turn to go upstairs, and 'viola! I trip, over, NOTHING, and SLAM my knee, (the good one) into the staircase, into the corner where the steps meet the landing, and my ankle, into the corner of the bottom step..... oh it was NOT fun, Yubby's language was NOT fun, Yubby cried, Mike practically carried me upstairs, which, (if you've seen my basement stairs, you are now totally amazed) i iced it, and slept with TWO giant pillows under one leg, and a quilt over the rest of me, since the weight of the comforter hurt my knee. :P

So, we hobbled into walmart today, got what we needed, hobble to the pool, had two kids who would NOT go into the big pool. Sammy got in with me, but wouldn't let go, Grant got in and eventually let go, but didn't find it as exciting as the baby pool. OI! I didn't bother with the picnic, didn't want to hobble all day, and of course today will probably be the warmest sunniest one of the week. GAH dumb weather!

so there ya go, my Monday night and Tuesday morning, how long will THIS week be?? ROFL ... oi to the VEY already!