Monday, April 28, 2008

A Quest

So, we have been spring cleaning, and one thing my hubby asked about was my doll house. It has gotten into pretty bad shape, this is not mine, just a picture of what it SHOULD look like. I told Mike i can't just get rid of it, i need to think about it first.
See, this toy is the one thing i have that can actually SEE my grandpa Varnadore in. I vividly remember the Christmas he gave it to me on. I remember how many hours i spent playing with it. How amazed i was with the whole thing, the lights that really worked, the tiny beautiful pieces of furniture, the details of the little house. I loved it to death really LOL.
So, i went searching online for a replacement, and low and behold, it's a collectors item that you CAN buy new stuff for, even a new house. SO, my new quest is to get a new one, for me, and Sammy :) To replace the peices that i have lost over the years and put my originals in the newer house that will be in usable condition. Cool huh?
If anyone ever sees one for sale online or anywhere really please send me an email! I have a bid on a large lot of accessories, but we will see if i actually win it. I can't seem to locate the fireplace set though, i think it had a log bunch that lit up and little lights on either side of the mantle, it was pretty neat!
Heehehe I am pretty excited.
anywho, lunch time. :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dern you Arachnids!!

Sunday morning we wake and get ready for church, and i spend most of my time studying the intriguing rash that is starting to break out all over my daughter's body. We decide to keep her out of nursery in case it's something contagious. We went over to my parents for the afternoon, and My mom and I studied her under the microscope, and both came to the conclusion that she has chicken pox.
So, Monday morning i call and get a doctor appointment, thinking about what a pain iy was gonna be to have two ithcing crying kids for a week or longer, and the pink lotion, and oatmeal baths and UGH.
Good news! NO chicken Pox! But it's whaaaaaat? SCABIES? EWWWW ewwewewewew! If ever you want to feel dirty, pick up a case of scabies. GAH! Nasty stuff. but give me two sick itching kids any day!
Yesterday i spent all day removing anything soft out of the rooms, pillows, blakets towels, stuffed animals, baby blankies, dollies clothes, baby dolls, even My little ponies. Wash the washables, and the rest gets bagged up for two weeks to make sure the mites die a slow death :P Every stich of bedding and clothing, any pillow, and chair, carpet, coat , carseat, anything you can think of, down in the laundry room, waiting to be washed :P The whole time i have a mental image of the dern things jumping off the items im washing onto me in an effort to save their species.
Last night we bathed them both in the hottest water possible, poor things, then caked Sammy in special prescription lotin and bound her in long jammies and socks like a mummy. We put her to bed on a clean bed, room with no toys, one blankie, and Mike walked out of the room backwards, spraying lysol on anything and everything as he went. LOL.
Today we tackle Grant's rooom, keep washing laundry, keep washing my hands and lotioning them, and praying i don't get the rash GAH!
well, im just about done with coffee, so i need to get going. oh, and DON'T Scratch!!
Oh, and the Scabies, are Arachnids, of COURSE they ARE!! My favorite kind of creepy thing there is, why not make them microscopic and put them under skin, UGH. I do not like them! I do not like them Sam i Am. :P

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008

So, My hubby and brother started an online Radio show a year or two back, just them in the basement broadcasting online. They brought in a friend of ours, along with myself, and we had "The Friday Night Meltdown" for quite a while.
Well, our local Christian station, that is broadcast from our church building, agreed to give us air time, REAL air time!
Now, we four have become "FEEDBACK" as in our subject matter is subject to change according to what kind of Feedback we get from our Listeners. We ask people what they talk about, what they enjoy, what kind of stories they like, and what they think about the stuff we bring up on the air.
every Friday night on 90.5 in Rutland Vermont, Feedback runs for two hours. I know alot of your are out of range LOL, BUT on sunday nights, when we record the shows, you can listen! LIVE uncut, unedited! so check us out!!


Listen tonight!! 9pm-11pm ish ... :)

and if you tune in, give us some feedback!!

ahhhh spring ....... wait WHAT?!?!

uuuummmmmm well hey, i guess summer was fun while it lasted? Does this mean im behind starting my Christmas shopping??
OI to the VEY!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

What exactly IS in meatloaf?

So, tonight we sit down to a classic Atkins style meal. Meatloaf, Mashed potatoes and veggies. It never ceases to amaze me how much guys truly LIKE meatloaf. My Daughter has an inherited fear of anything resembling anything close to red meat. Grant is skiddish, but when faced with nutter butters or nothing, he persevered through and got his reward.
Sammy, on the other hand, not so easy! SHe loves the mashed potatoes, and gobbles up her tomatoes, but meatloaf? Forget it dad! I even got her to eat ketchup, but on the tomatoes, LOL.
Finally Mike decides to put his foot down, Samantha, you need to eat your meat honey.

"NO! I don't like it daddy, i don't need it"
We are trying very hard not to laugh because her face is SOO cute!
So we proceed to try to put ketchup on it, cut it smaller fly the plane in for landing. ALl of which gets the evil eye stare, and the mouth shut tight.
Finally, mommy gets a bright idea.

"Sammy! You gotta eat your meat, it's good for princess' they will stay healthy if they eat it!"
daddy adds ....
"Yes, c'mon honey, it's princess meatloaf ..... have a bite!"
to which Grant adds in a crooning coaxing voice ......
"C'mon Mantha, It's made of PRINCESS' ! "

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"Soooomedaaaay, my maid will come....."

isn't he cute? His name is Frodo, and he vacuumed my living room while i slept last night, isn't that nice of him? :)
My hubby says he bought it for me, LOL but he is the one who was nearly giggling opening the box! It is very fun to watch, and it's even more fun to watch Sammy run away from while Grant tried to sneak up on it from behind.
anywho, floors done, we are going out to play now :)

Friday, April 04, 2008

Marketing to the ill of conscience....

I just have to vent, it's been bugging me!
There are several commercials on TV that drive me batty, and shine a rather unattractive light on the thought processes of a nation that is vastly blessed and by a large percent, sadly spoiled.
These commercials throw around phrases like,
"No woman should have to suffer" ( selling electrolysis)
"you don't need to suffer any longer" (selling a temurpedic mattress )
"You deserve it" "Only the best is good enough for you"
"start thinking about you for once" "Indulge yourself"
They are selling THINGS! Things that aren't even that important. I mean, think about the mattress thing. Sure, we'd all love to sleep on sweedish foam, but isn't it amazing how quickly we can forget what a blessing it is to even have a decent bed to sleep on in the first place? How bout the fact that is really wasn't all that long ago that people slept on corncob mattress, feeling like kings. Now we are apparently suffering terrible on these plush double top king size mattress' we are forced to sleep on.
And that electrolysis ad just burns my toast! SUFFER? It's true no woman should suffer, but from domestic abuse, or prejudice, aids, starvation, improper medical care. But suffer from unwanted facial hair?! Seriously???? Have we stooped so low that THAT is what we Americans consider to be suffering?
OI! Maybe im reading into too deeply, but man, that kind of advertising is making me ill, every time i see it i yell at the TV or shut it off. I just can't listen. ANywho, just had to vent, if anyone has anything to ad, please do so!