Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bare-feet at Twilight .... leave footprints in the dew.

       Once in a while, a child is conceived who is so frail, and innocent, and heavenly perfect, God cannot let it be exposed to the evil of this world.

        It is in these precious, tiny miracles that we see glimpses of heaven. It is in these dark, soul searching times of grief, that we taste God's mercy. In the veil of tears, as we ask the "why", we know, this child will be loved, sitting atop the very lap of God. Our questions turn from, "Why this pain?" to, "Why does He love us so much that He would give us this glimpse of Heaven?" "Why does He even care about my soul?"
      He is the giver, He is the time keeper, He is the great Physician.
     With these facts in place, we can gaze into the still face of this child, whom we wanted so badly, we weep, and we can say..
"Thank you for this moment"


***This was written from a real place of pain, from a moment in time that took me many years to come to terms with, a time that, to be perfectly honest, I don't fully understand still. It was also written in a moment of great faith. I do not in any way claim to have this kind of faith on a regular basis. I am human, and grow more skeptical the older I get, and the more of Life that i see. I think this little nugget of writing I found in a notebook today shows what I am capable of. What faith can do for one's soul. I know I have many friends and family who KNOW the type of moment this prose was written about, and so I share it. To possibly help, or heal, or just maybe give another perspective. ***

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